Kiran Gajmer wins the Voice of Nepal Season 3 title

Kiran with the Voice of Nepal trophy-

Kiran Gajmer from Missouri is declared the winner of the Voice of Nepal’s Season 3. With the win, Kiran is awarded Nepalese Rupees 2,500,000 (roughly equals 21,084 USD) along with the trophy.

Kiran Gajmer is a resettled former Bhutanese refugee currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri.

Gajmer’s win is celebrated by former Bhutanese refugees across the globe.

Born in a refugee camp in Khudunbari, Jhapa, Kiran has been singing from his childhood. His first song “Raat ko chandramalai” recorded in 2005, proved his singing skills at a very young age. Kiran has also recorded a few other hit songs for Nepali movies.

Kiran’s win has created a history for Nepali-speaking Bhutanese Community around the world since no other contestant has ever participated or won a reality show of this magnitude in the past.

The Voice of Nepal is the Nepalese format of the international TV singing reality show called “The Voice”.