Khudunabari sees no health service


Except emergency, all health services in Khudunabari camp have come to a complete halt for the last one week following the death of Ganga Tiwari, 17.

Relatives and family of late Tiwari have claimed that she died due to negligence of the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA) in refereeing her to Bhadrapur on time.

In a query of BNS, source at the AMDA said that she died on the way to hospital. Though refugees have refuted it, AMDA claimed that their staff Puja Thapa was manhandled by refugees in the camp following the incidence.

Meanwhile, 40 volunteers associated with AMDA in Beldangi-I camp had decided to submit resignation en mass a couple of days back. However, a joint meeting assured prompt supply of medicines to camp and they had agreed to work.

It is reported that some of the staffs were told of submitting thier resignation by the AMDA since they demanded ‘regular supply ‘ of medicines to the camps. Refugee volunteers say that AMDA has a good stock of medicines in the pharmacy but supply is delayed citing various reasons.

“It is sad but the fact is people are forced to purchase medicines from pharmacies,” said TB Gurung, camp secretary of Beldangi-I camp.

By Arjun Pradhan/BNS