Khanal to participate in resettlement consultations


Arizona, June 3: Manorath Khanal, who chairs the Bhutanese Community in Arizona (BCA), has been selected to participate in Refugees Resettlement Consultations to be held on June 7 and 8 this month in Washington D.C.

The consultation program of Office of Refugee Resettlement marks its 30th anniversary this year garnering community refugee leaders and other stakeholders from various States of America.

It is reportedly learnt that some other resettled exiled Bhutanese are also being selected from different parts of United States, however, BNS is yet to receive their names.   

”It is a matter of pride that International Rescue Committee (IRC) which has been looking after resettled refugees here selected me along with six others from various countries for this program,” Khanal told Bhutan News Service over telephone.”The IRC is sponsoring all participants from Arizona”, he added.

“The selection was made based on my contributions to our community members through BCA,” he  responded to a BNS query.

From his involvement with the community works since two years, Khanal has felt that America has old immigration policies due to which refugees resettling there do not get sufficient benefits prior to becoming self-reliant economically.

“The aid basket for resettling refugees has been getting smaller each year,” Khanal said promising to raise these issues during the consultations in Washington D.C.

Back in Nepal, Khanal served his community as a  secretary of Beldangi-II Extension Camp. He reached Arizona two years ago through the third country resettlement program.


  1. It is a kind of pride for the Bhutanese community that u are selected to attend the National convention. I am sure u have aspiring agenda to discuss on the table with the other refugee leaders.On top of this I like you to speak about the dire need of cultural centres and these centres can serve us on many fronts ,like it can be a mandir and learning places where we can teach nepali basics for the new american bhutanese.We can celebrate Dashain,Tihar etc in the very centre.I wish you good luck and safe journey.
    Thank you
    DB Adhikari

  2. It is proud to read the news of mr.Monarath Khanal that going to participate in refugee resettlement consultation.This is my advice to khanal that donot extend your corrupted hand towards innocent bhutanese [….].Money is nothing it never keeps your dignity and honour high. please donot practice the same culture in America.Any way wish you all the best of sound life.

  3. The eye that looks self looks the same on other,the mind that brings the negative thoughts and the hands that indulge on bad activities always does the same, the person who himself is corrupt thinks the rest are corrupt. I think Pelden, Khagen and Nabin are the people who must have been deeply indulged in the corrupt activities in their past days thus; the corruption scam is blamed to Manarath. I think he should go and represent the Bhutanese community with the pious mind so that he can deliver something concert to the people. I wish Khadal good luck and safe journey back to Arizona.
    It is a matter of pride for the Bhutanese community that he is selected to represent by the resettlement agencies to high lights our cause in the ORR session. Give him a chance; he will prove worthy of it.

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