Kesang Lhendup replaces RKD in DNC


Kesang Lhendup was unanimously elected  as new President of the Druk National Congress (DNC) following an “extraordinary” convention held in Kathmandu on Sunday.

New President Lhendup

48-year-old Lhendup was born in Mongar district and joined the party in 1994, serving as party in the post of General Secretary and Vice-President, according to a press statement issued by the party, Monday.

Addressing the party leaders and cadres, President Lhendup said, “My predecessor, Late Rongthong Kunley Dorji had served his life and was instrumental in ushering Bhutan from an absolute monarchy, to a constitutional democracy under the constitutional monarchy.”

He further said, “I am hopeful that the people of Bhutan and the well-wisher will continue to extend their support to my endeavor in establishing inclusive and vibrant democracy in Bhutan.”

According to his claim, people of Bhutan owe him (RKD) a deepest respect and gratitude, saying, “His untimely demise was great loss and setback to the Bhutanese democratic movement.”

He also mentioned that he valued and cherished his political legacy. “I will continue his good works so that every Bhutanese irrespective of race, sex, religion, politics or other status could enjoy the fruits of genuine democracy.”

The election of the president was necessitated after the founding president, Rongthong Kunley Dorji passed away on 19th October 2011 in India.

The news DNC includes Gedun Choephel and Pema Tendzin as Vice-Presidents, Karma Duptho and Sangay Dorji as General Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Chewang Rixin has been appointed as the President of Druk National Youth Congress.


  1. Tashi Delek to Mr. Kesang Lhendup.

    The People of Bhutan are happy to witness that the younger leaders are filling up the vacant post and shouldering the huge responsibility.

    Best of luck and once again Tashi delek.

  2. I like to extend my congrats to Mr.Kesang Lhendup, newly elected leader of DNC. I hope the new leadership will play decisive role to establish the vibrant democracy in Bhutan. My congrats to all the newly elected leaders of DNC.

  3. some politicians become more inspiring when imprisioned than if they were free and some are more influential at death than when they were alive.

    neither the imprisioned come to our doors and convince us to be the part of struggle nor the dead can tell us any tale. but the imprisioned ones inspire us for the agitation and the dead ones set a legend to follow. late RK Dorji has been the both to us.

    despite being bereaved, we are proud to have Mr. Kesang Lhendup as DNC’s new president. as a true leader late Dorji carved leadership in Mr. Lhendup who shall work at the larger interest of the Bhutanese people according to the legacy left behind by the founding party president.

    i congratulate Mr. Lhendup on being elected as the Party’s president and wish him continued success in his service to the country and Bhutanese people.

    with thanks,
    Tejman Rayaka
    Munich, Germany

  4. Congratulation to the new president of Dnc, Mr Lhendup and all other new members.I strongly believe that your new leadership will take the democratic movements in a proper direction. I aslo believe that you will be able to co-ordinate with other political parities and human rights organations to accelerate democratic movements.All the best wishes for your future endeavour.

    Thank you!

    Raghu Osti
    Atlantic Canada.

  5. Our nepali particularly Bahun/Chettri is no match with Durkpa leaders. Do you know British ruled India (Big country) for more than 200 years and dominated almost all the Asian countries.

    But..failed to capture Bhutan..they fought more than dozen wars..finally managed to win the heart of Bhutanese leadr Sir Ugyen Wangchuk through peace and friendship formula.They speak one thing today and do another thing tomorrow.

    Therefore, these handful of Drukpas in the refugee camops may be deployed by Royal Govt, to replace RKD, who was also Govt. agent.

    I know most of these Drukpa people in the camp personally, I doubt that..these people may not win even the Village election in Bhutan. I can not imagine how they dare to become leaders.

  6. congratulations to the new leaders
    i was attracted by Mr Bardevas comments as well -interesting
    bottomline is deep in heart we all want bhutan to do well with democracy and peace -whoever rules may not matter as everyone is the son of the soil

  7. Congratulation to Mr Kezang Lhendup on being elected as the new leader of DNC.Late leader RK Dorjee has left a profound image of DNC and I am sure the new team shall keep it up.
    Best wishes to the DNC team in shouldering the party responsibility.Tashi Delek.
    Durga Giri, Manchester,UK.

  8. Bhutan PM is just another Indian puppet after Jigme Singye who has no shame in calling genuine Bhutanese citizens as illegal immigrants. He is simply following the foot steps of Jigme Singye who is a cruel dictator.