Kentucky Bhutanese perform cultural program


Bhutanese Society of Kentucky, Inc. has organized a cultural program as a part of society’s activity to keep live the cultural values of Bhutanese community in a post resettlement period. 

Young Artist Yasodha Phuyel rocks floor with a single dance. Photo/Jiban Bista.
Young Artist Yasodha Phuyel rocks floor with a single dance. Photo/Jiban Bista.

The program was marked with Nepali dances and songs along with poems recitations by emerging talents. According to the Society, they organized the program amidst a huge gathering of Bhutanese and the Americans. Welcoming the gathering, Ram Adhikari expressed the need of hour to continue such cultural elements in a new environment. ‘The society is attempting to harmonize the values expressed by the cultural elements of each ethnic group of the Bhutanese society.”  

The participants of the program mainly consisted of the young students of county schools who attempted to harness their budding talents.  

Bishnu Pokhrel and Jiwan Bista, the board members of the society, highlighted on the various activities successfully completed by the society since 2009. They also expressed the concern for making the future programs realize and called for the larger participation of members of the community in future.   

By Buddhamani Dhakal/BNS


  1. Well done!
    This is what we need to keep doing but let’s not keep this things only to preserve our culture.We need to take it to next level by promoting too.
    It has to have a creative aspects that can take care of lots of Bhutanese community adversities.
    Definately our community,culture,and religion needs to reform in some aspects with respect to the environment but not the absolute replacement.This matters a lot if we are not aware early.
    So, lets try to design this types of program in a quite stratigical way.Which can be the source of contemplation of our community’s past and present that interprates peace,harmony and brotherhood in us. Which could be positive and promotive to our Bhutanese community.
    Thanks for Bishnu Pokhrel and Jivan Bista leading a community concern at apt time too.We are proud of you guys.
    Let me know Bishnu “G’ if you are from Bel-3.

    L.B Subba.

  2. First Contact Email

    My name is Jonathan Camacho and I am an intern with United Way of the Bluegrass. The refugee population in Central Kentucky includes Nepalese and Bhutan groups that United Way does not have as much information about regarding their experience in the community, assets, needs, barriers, and preferences. For this reason, there is the need for a volunteer that can help translating a survey into Nepalese language. Please let me know if you will be interesting in volunteering translating the survey or you know somebody that can do it.

    Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

    You can contact me at:
    [email protected].
    Phone 859.233.4461, ext. 300
    Cell phone: 817.271.9959