K5 graces India Republic day


The celebration of 64th republic day of India has special friend as chief guest, King Jigme Khesar Namgyal  Wangchuk for this year.

The royals with Indian leaders

King Khesar was escorted to the R-day parade by president of India, Pranav Mukherjee who was very close to Bhutan during his tenure as Foreign Minister of India. The young king of Bhutan was received in the parade by vice-president Mohammad Ansari, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, UPA chair Sonia Gandhi, leadersof opposition party, military officials, ministers and media professionals.

The full color of the parade glowed to mighty Indian prowess on military, science, astronomy and nuclear energy with the 21 gun salute thundered in honor of the Dragon King as Chief guest.

Later in the evening, their majesties graced the reception hosted by president Pranav Mukherjee along with other officials at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

His Majesty also met with Shivshankar Menon,  the national security advisor,  Gen. Bikram Singh, chief of army staff and Bhutanese Student Association in Delhi.

Minister in-charge of foreign affairs, Khandu Wangchuk who accompanied the royal entourage remarked the visit as  “bolstering of Indo-Bhutan relations.”

His Majesty expressed his gratitude to the President of India for the honor owed to him and the country by inviting as the chief guest of R-day parade.

“The journey to modern Bhutan is not walked by Bhutan alone but India and Bhutan walked together to make it success”, said the king.


  1. Why are we wasting our taxes from our people to this dynasty of Wangchucks. Rather then spending millions for their travels and luxuries, why not we construct more roads, schools, hospitals and support our poor people in far North, South, and Eastern part.

    I am tired with this generational power in our country.

  2. sangay ngedup, first of all get the facts right rather than blabbing….His Majesty was invited by the GoI so the expenses of the trip is paid by the GoI. so where did the tax money go when the trip was paid by the GoI….

    if you are not very aware of the facts then dont just go on spreading….first thing is for you to get the facts right then try writing….

    if not then dont just put up unwanted post for the sake of posting….

    and yes regarding the constructions you mentioned, thats the duty of the government and fyi, its a democracy and thats what the MPs are here to do….