Veteran politician JYT resigns from parliament


The news came as mere hearsay among the parliament members that Jigmi Y Thinley, mastermind behind the mass eviction of thousands of innocent citizens, would not take his seat in the parliament as member of opposition party.

JYT tendered his resignation before the sitting of the parliament which did not come out until he is seen absent from the opposition bench.

Jigmi Y Thinley
Jigmi Y Thinley

According to media reports from inside,  the former Prime Minister tendered his resignation even before the formation of new parliament was completed. Earlier, DPT party meeting in YDF hall decided to petition the king to consider the election result, alleging that PDP had used “unfair means” to get votes.

Having failed to get the K5’s decree to reconsider the election, Jigmi Y Thinley remained absent from the state functions taking place to start a new parliament.

The new Speaker of the House, Jigme Zangpo, who is just taking his position, said he was aware of the resignation but hesitated to elaborate.

“It has come as a shock to the voters especially from his constituency and the nation as whole that a leader with decades of experience in administration at different portfolios should not have done so. Nation is at loss,” said one of the former members of parliament from Thimphu, requesting anonymity with BNS.

“Person of his stature and capability is need of time in the opposition to strengthening the young democracy. It will be different criticizing and appreciating ruling party’s move from within the parliament and outside. This move of his shall decline the trust of people towards already downsized DPT in future”, the anonymous source opined.

According to the Election Commission, the vacancy created will be filled within 90 days by conducting election for which a writ filing is required.

It is not yet clear whether JYT addressed his resignation to the Speaker or Secretary of the parliament.

Yeshey Zimba is now the officiating party head of Thinley’s party while Dr. Pema Gyamtsho has been nominated as the Opposition Leader.


  1. It is disheartening to know that JYT was the mastermind behind mass eviction of thousands of innocent citizens carried out to seize their rights as state booty. Analytical thinking already knew the fact which could not be brought to the knowledge of the public. Yet the causes behind the troubles remain unknown to the mass although some speculative thinkers ascribed it as will of their own king befallen against them. The people were actually confused as the king personally looked after the welfare of his people that were building blind trust on the palace and Royalty. They never expected offense against them arising from the same source that first acknowledged their contributions to nation building and protected their rights and interests.
    Paldhan Dukpa exposes the following sensitive issue among others as insider going to source of the problem.
    1. The ruling party could use their power giving citizenships to illegal migrants which thus would need to be kept under control.
    2. Perhaps the end to the destiny of Bhutan to be ruled by hereditary monarchy is now coming to an end.
    The above comments are foments from the same source that first rose against a section of the people at a time, generally stamping them with the blunt condemnation of “ILLEGAL ECONOMIC IMMIGRANT”. It was done to destroy the trust between the king and his loyal subjects intending to weaken the position and authority of the king on one side and wiping out the presence of his insanely loyal subjects still standing by his side on the other. Such a mischievous project was carried out as part of the planned development activity at the very nose of the king during his absolute reign. The king first assured of support from people of cultural affinity seemed to buy the idea with great price, neglecting and denying the loyalty of the people he once served without making difference. The idea of culturally variant societies in a nation presented as a threat to the nation’s security and sovereignty was too tempting to resist against. But the hidden message in its dark side was ignored.
    It has become evident that the enemy of the kings’ subjects is breathing out open threats against the institution of monarchy after first prophesying its end through its agents. It is also obvious that in the absence of a section that does not believe in manipulative prophesies to keep in check; the prophecies will be carried out brutally by religious forces (Buddhism may look kind with profession of wishing well being to all sentient beings but not so when its subjects are driven by aim to enthrone their Maitreya…)
    Point no.1 above is HISTORICAL CRIME and subjecting of the mass to blunt bullies…
    Point no.2 is breathing of open threat the king cannot overcome without the presence of diversity objecting it with alternative views. Striving for religious, linguistic and cultural unity of the people as such will not help to strengthen the institution. Protecting the diversity and containing them in their own spheres does as the evil developed in one quarter cannot spread to the other due to communication barrier…
    It is time for the authorities to regret violent action perpetrated against the bewildered citizens and make amends. Bhutanese must be contained in their own ancestral regions to contain the spread of communal ambition. Let ambitious JYT disheartened by the loss of his party in 2013 election rule the east. Somebody chosen by the king will rule the south and the other elected or nominated does the west. Yet United Bhutan of all communities has hereditary kings in the capital for ever. I see the protection of the institution in the protection of the people from clever politicians making their ways maliciously.

  2. Poor man where u gonna go now ?? U might be very sad. Don’t you ??? The best place I could say is Tibet. It’s better you go there and take an asylum. I don’t think mother India is happy with you . I reckon she will not give you shelter there. And you can’t even imagine to take asylum in the west as they gonna take you to The Hague. You pretty much know the reason. Don’t you . Ooo what a life…..

  3. Hi Kishmat bhai,

    We need to thank him for sending us to a country which is like heaven on earth. Had we been in our Nepali ghar, we would have sweated with little income.

    We are going to have a healthy debate so that we can come out with some ideas to live peacefully and make our life more meaningful instead of blaming someone. Otherwise we would have never got the opportunities to fly in the air and reach in the countries which are like heaven on earth. Lo bha, abu kebab khanu jhung

  4. Kismat is wrong!
    He can actually fill the vacuum of the leadership dearth that have become so not by choice but by compulsion of the situation. Who ever so far represented the Bhutanese in diaspora so fairly?