JVT disqualifies 174 genuine Bhutanese : Gautam


Coordinator of a group formed by 174 disqualified asylum seekers, Purna Gautam, has claimed that including himself all 174 persons are genuine Bhutanese.

Purna Gautam (Picture courtesy : Dikesh Lama)

In a special telephonic interview with the Bhutan News Service after his release from 11-day custody, Gautam claimed that he possessed sufficient documents to prove him as a Bhutanese citizen.

“I have every document as required by the Government of Nepal and the United Nations for High Commissioner for Refugees,” Coordinator Gautam clarified.

According to him, he has a separate hut in his name, official census slip provided by the Refugee Coordination Unit (RCU) under the Ministry of Home Affairs, land ownership paper from Bhutan and academic certificates showing his schooling in the camp.

“My three sisters have already been resettled. We four brothers have been left at limbo,” he added, claiming he attended both interviews conducted by the Joint Verification Team (JVT) in 2008 and 2012.

Eighteen Bhutanese asylum seekers including Gautam were released on bail of Rs 500 by the Chief District Officer of Jhapa, Narendra Sharma, on Thursday.

The CDO has sternly warned them of not to involve in any kind of protests in the camps, and asked them to approach the Ministry of Home Affairs to press the ministry for their refugee identity cards, according to Gautam.

“We have been told that we are genuine Bhutanese by the Chief District Officer and must qualify for obtaining the refugee identity cards.”


  1. My Dear friends what happened and where were you when refugees census took place many times before resettlement took place? I personally feel very very sorry for you and for your children . Can you speak from core of your heart that if resettlement of Bhutanese refugees to different developed countries was not taken place would you claim as Bhutanese?

  2. In my opinion this guy is a real Bhutanese. I don’t know why he did not appear for census, photo id registration and so on. He seemed he is speaking by heart. His tone is a tone of genuine Bhutanese. This is his right to claim his identity as a Bhutanese refugee. I bet he is a Bhutanese by origin.

  3. Xing Yuk,
    Your idea is ridiculous because refugees are themselves vulnerable and victimized. Does not mean that every refugee should be in the refugee camp. In my opinion, these people were progressive and hardworking . They were not like us who stayed in the camps doing nothing only getting food form UNHCR. They did not want to show any one that they are not capable of food and shelter. It is the right time for them to get resettle in the developed countries so that they can flourish their ideas and creativeness. They are welcome soon to the whole world!