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Irony of being young but without missing to study hard

Congratulations in advance to our young King!

In last November, when King Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck visited Jakar Higher Secondary School, he had played a lot of funs with students in their teens, some in their viable-diable age.  As he spoke to them, one of his sentences was notable for many who availed a chance to listen at him.

He lucidly told them that every college student must enjoy his life of being young and unmarried, but should never miss to study hard. By that time, he was 30.

The future queeen Pema/BBS

On contrary to his advice, as he turned 31 on February 21 this year, the King started preparing to disclose his relationship with one 21-year-old college girl, Jetsun Pema, as if the citizens are unaware of his relationship.

His long-time attachment with Pema was a matter of discussion among the significant population inside Bhutan. However, the nature of relations remained unascertained until the King disclosed in the seventh session of the Parliament, Friday.

Prior to this declaration, some foreign media also attempted to report on this confirming that Pema has been accompanying the monarch in most of his visits abroad. Even the state-owned Bhutan Broadcasting Service has said, “she accompanied His Majesty on royal tours around the country.”

Khesar, who decided to discontinue his Oxford-based education after his graduation to become the fifth King when his father, the fourth King, “voluntarily stepped down”, was also connected in various news reports of being so charming to Thai girls when he visited Thailand’s Honeymoon Island – Phuket twice in 2006.

Also, it has remained undisclosed if he visited the Honeymoon Island with Pema or alone.

Taking his own versa, the hottest head of state as claimed by some powerful blogs, Khesar, informed the Parliament that he decided to wed, probably during this October, but did not disclose the exact date of the royal wedding. The announcement appeared just two weeks after the renowned British royal function completed in the United Kingdom.

Khesar in the Honeymoon Island/Thai media

“As king, it is now time for me to marry. After much thought I have decided that the wedding shall be later this year,” the King told the Parliament adding, “While she is young, she is warm and kind in heart and character.”

There is little information disclosed to the public about the future queen, a commoner to be respected in the highest position.

Born on June 4, 1990, Pema was born to her father Dhondup Gyaltshen and mother Sonam Chuki of Tashigang.Being the second eldest daughter in her family, Pema has two sisters and two brothers.

If the King decides to opt all Pema’s sisters as his wives, like what his father did, he would be at least sad for not wining his father in housing multiple wives.

The next suspicion is whether Pema has already become a mother or still enjoys “being so young”.

She is said to be currently a student at the Regents College in London. However, considering the time she has been spending with the King, one can easily guess that she is not a regular student, and probably has been missing to “study hard”.

But, the King is committed. He said that Pema is uniquely beautiful, intelligent and graceful.

Khesar, who might have seen the British wedding on recently introduced television, internet or someone might have briefed him about the grand function, has asked the government not to plan for similar “grand celebrations” saying that the happiness of his beloved father and the blessings of the people would give him the greatest joy.

How the young King’s wedding function would take place, despite how so ever calculated now, is yet to be seen. But a majority of Bhutanese citizens, including their well-wishers across the world, might have been wishing that the king would not head down the way his father, former King, paved: marrying ‘multiple’ wives?

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