Irony of being young but without missing to study hard


Congratulations in advance to our young King!

In last November, when King Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck visited Jakar Higher Secondary School, he had played a lot of funs with students in their teens, some in their viable-diable age.  As he spoke to them, one of his sentences was notable for many who availed a chance to listen at him.

He lucidly told them that every college student must enjoy his life of being young and unmarried, but should never miss to study hard. By that time, he was 30.

The future queeen Pema/BBS

On contrary to his advice, as he turned 31 on February 21 this year, the King started preparing to disclose his relationship with one 21-year-old college girl, Jetsun Pema, as if the citizens are unaware of his relationship.

His long-time attachment with Pema was a matter of discussion among the significant population inside Bhutan. However, the nature of relations remained unascertained until the King disclosed in the seventh session of the Parliament, Friday.

Prior to this declaration, some foreign media also attempted to report on this confirming that Pema has been accompanying the monarch in most of his visits abroad. Even the state-owned Bhutan Broadcasting Service has said, “she accompanied His Majesty on royal tours around the country.”

Khesar, who decided to discontinue his Oxford-based education after his graduation to become the fifth King when his father, the fourth King, “voluntarily stepped down”, was also connected in various news reports of being so charming to Thai girls when he visited Thailand’s Honeymoon Island – Phuket twice in 2006.

Also, it has remained undisclosed if he visited the Honeymoon Island with Pema or alone.

Taking his own versa, the hottest head of state as claimed by some powerful blogs, Khesar, informed the Parliament that he decided to wed, probably during this October, but did not disclose the exact date of the royal wedding. The announcement appeared just two weeks after the renowned British royal function completed in the United Kingdom.

Khesar in the Honeymoon Island/Thai media

“As king, it is now time for me to marry. After much thought I have decided that the wedding shall be later this year,” the King told the Parliament adding, “While she is young, she is warm and kind in heart and character.”

There is little information disclosed to the public about the future queen, a commoner to be respected in the highest position.

Born on June 4, 1990, Pema was born to her father Dhondup Gyaltshen and mother Sonam Chuki of Tashigang.Being the second eldest daughter in her family, Pema has two sisters and two brothers.

If the King decides to opt all Pema’s sisters as his wives, like what his father did, he would be at least sad for not wining his father in housing multiple wives.

The next suspicion is whether Pema has already become a mother or still enjoys “being so young”.

She is said to be currently a student at the Regents College in London. However, considering the time she has been spending with the King, one can easily guess that she is not a regular student, and probably has been missing to “study hard”.

But, the King is committed. He said that Pema is uniquely beautiful, intelligent and graceful.

Khesar, who might have seen the British wedding on recently introduced television, internet or someone might have briefed him about the grand function, has asked the government not to plan for similar “grand celebrations” saying that the happiness of his beloved father and the blessings of the people would give him the greatest joy.

How the young King’s wedding function would take place, despite how so ever calculated now, is yet to be seen. But a majority of Bhutanese citizens, including their well-wishers across the world, might have been wishing that the king would not head down the way his father, former King, paved: marrying ‘multiple’ wives?


  1. I wish him a happy marriage. Is the girl a Sharchop? If so, let this fusion give a better way to reduce hatred practiced on other ethnic groups in the country. even if not, let this marriage help them reduce it!

    By the way, how far did he go to Oxford? I wonder when journalists call him ´Oxford-educated´ and at the same time call him ´Oxford discontinued´. Could someone throw some light on it?

  2. “If the King decides to opt all Pema’s sisters as his wives, like what his father did, he would be at least sad for not wining his father in housing multiple wives.”…….


  3. Congratulations to the King.

    Marriage is a sacred knot that comes only once in life. It is an inescapable phase of life just as birth and death. In essence, marriage is a highly private affair, but for a king, things will be different. The beauty that the king has seen in the eyes of his beloved will also be screened through the public lenses.

    In any case, it is better for the Bhutanese people to have a married king rather than an unmarried one. A married man in any society holds more social esteem than an unmarried one; because the trust that marriage brings to people in the eastern society is simply great. The ‘family’ is the basic unit of any society and all responsibilities begin from the family. An unmarried bachelor who has not known this basic responsibility cannot command much trust in the society, irrespective of his position. Instead, it always leaves grounds for public suspicion and skepticism. By anouncing his intention for marriage the king has sent the signal that he is breaking away from that social barrier; that he is ready to shoulder bigger responsibilites.

    A married King will have more responsibilities but he shall also command more trust among the people. This marriage is in the interest of both the public and the King, of Bhutan.

  4. The tone of this article somehow did not sit well. There is an implication that what Khesar did is not sincere at best and hypocritical at worst.

    No matter what his politics, it looks like he is trying his best to be as normal a human being as possible in his current position as King.

    I don’t condone monarchy and the fact that some people get positions just because they happen to be born to a particular set of parents, he and (especially) his wife-to-be deserve some privacy(commensurate with their position) and respect.

    May be there is no intended criticism in the article, but the tone seems to convey that. Mishra-ji is a respected journalist in our community and I hope what I have perceived is not meant.

  5. With the news of Royal wedding in air, I want to reflect back some memories of royal wedding in 1988, while I was a student in Samchi High School.The party was to take place in civil groud, infront of the Dzong and it was an old doctor minister, Lyonpo T. Tobgyal who addressed the gathering of public in his good tone of Nepali(Lhotshamkha) language. Nepali as well as dzongkha dances were performed by the students of then Samchi Primary School and Samchi High School. But if the present king doesnot want to have such nation-wide celeberation of his wedding,would it mean that he doesnot want his long-time fiancee to go public? I believe, King Khesar has no intention to have polygamous family and no extra-marital children.
    May God bless the wedding.

  6. Mr. TP Mishra is a respected journalist, and I think, he needs not to worry if the King would marry multiple women. Even if the King decides to marry multiple women, nothing and nobody would stop the King because in Bhutan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the majority of the countries in the world, currently, allow multiple wives.

    Many cultures and religions do not allow a man to marry his wife’s sister, as long as his wife is still alive, and still legally married to him but I do not know for sure if that is acceptable in Buddha religion, and in current society and culture of Bhutan.

    Moghal King of United India (Or Muslim India),”Akbar, The Great” was a devoted Muslim king, but he married many Hindu women, knowing his religion would not allow a marriage between a Muslim man and a Hindu woman. (Muslim religion encourages a Muslim man to convince a non-Muslim woman to convert to his religion before marrying her).

    I read an article somewhere, a long ago that somewhere in a small country in Europe, people felt proud giving their young daughters to the King, even for only one night because they love their King. People have to wait in a long lines, with their young daughters, they want to leave at the Royal Palace for the King’s pleasure and fun for one night.

    Here in America, a very well known and wealthy 82-year old man named, Hugh Hefner, the owner of Play Boy, openly claimed to have two girlfriends, both 17-year olds twin sisters. These two sisters lived in his house for many years. No one said a word criticizing that old man.

    I guess powerful men do not have to follow society’s norms and values and cultures, even in today’s civilized world.

    Shahid M. Pasha, Massachusetts, USA.

  7. Let us be fair. The reason he is saying not to be extravagant could mean not to spend so much of tax payer´s money! When he announces his marriage openly in the parliament, it seems he is hiding nothing from the public.

  8. Marriage is a very personal matter but in case of the king it is a public matter as well because the queen in for the country not only for the wangchuk family.Here we should be very happy to have a future queen of Bhutan from the community always looked down by the Ngalong group.But make sure that she is not from Tawang.

  9. What is the matter with T P Mishra? You have lost any ounce of credibility that I may have attached to your writings thus far. Are you jealous or mad or stupid? Perhaps, your true colours. I honestly think you should get a second opinion before posting something like this, be it substance or language including grammar.

  10. Naren Jee:

    Control yourself please. I understand you did not like what T P Mishra has written in his article, but you do not have to insult or personally attack him to make a point. You probably are using a fake ID (Not your real name), and you are sitting behind your computer, thinking you are completely safe and it is totally allowed to throw mud, stones or whatever you want to throw at TP Mishra, because you know the fact TP Mishra will never strike back and he will never use the kind of language you have used in his reply to your comments, and that he will never bring himself down to your level when dealing with you.

    And I think you are right, because I know TP Mishra personally. He is such a gentleman that even if he ever finds out who you are and he ever meets you on street, he will never express his anger over insulting him and calling him a stupid. As a matter of fact, I am sure he will thank you for criticizing him.
    So, please try to be polite and respectful to each other here.

    Now, let me be frank. I think TP Mishra seems confused, in his article. I tried my best to find out what was the main idea or subject matter of his article, but I was failed to find out. Only TP Mishra can tell us what he really wants? Why he wrote that article? What was the purpose? Why TP Mishra is so afraid that the King will marry more women? It seems like TP Mishra tried his best to find faults in King and to criticize the King’s actions but he was failed to criticize the King. Politically, many people may find the King wrong, but declaring his intentions to marry his love, nobody, even TP Mishra can find faults in the King because love and marriage always are beautiful things.

    Let us all put politics away, and wish the King good luck, and let us hope, the King’s new life-partner will convince him to become more friendly and kind towards his own people and towards Bhutanese refugees living in the camps for almost 20 years. Let us hope the King’s new wife, will bring new and better changes to the politics of Bhutan and Nepal.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Massachusetts, USA

  11. Congratulation to King Khesar and would be queen Jetsun Pema!!!

    It is a momentous time for Bhutan and Bhutanese to cherish this announcement. It is also right and bold on the part of the King to announce this relationship to the public and let people know about it. Marriage is a personal matter but for high public officials and celebrities it also becomes a public event and we have to be cognizant of that fact, balancing the two aspects carefully in our writing and thinking. Certain things that do not affect the public negatively should be accepted as facts and not necessarily try to debate and argue thinking what we think and say is the only right thing.

    It is King Khesar’s life and what he did was to inform the public about his changed family situation. Whoever he marries, commoner or Royal is going to be the queen of Bhutan and our discussion will not change the equation. What is important of course for the public is how the political equation changes after the marriage. Perhaps it is for the King to think and steer through.

    I agree with many people above that marriage is a sacred bond and that needs to be respected either it is the King or common men/women. We deserve to be respected as human beings no matter what we are in the social hierarchy. Lets all join hands to congratulate the Royal couple and wish that things would change for all Bhutanese in the near future. I am positive about it.

  12. Dear Author,
    This part has me confused..
    “discontinue his Oxford-based education after his graduation “.
    Does everyone else continue their education after they have graduated? Perhaps I need to go back to my college and seek a clarification on why I was required to leave after almost immediately after my graduation ceremony.