Interest towards games and sports is fading away: Sherpa


Neeku Sherpa, President of Young Guys Sporting Club, has opined that sportsmanship in the Bhutanese community is decreasing gradually. According to her, lack of trained players and sports facilities are the main causes. Sherpa is of the opinion that some major steps are a must to uplift and enhance games and sports in the Bhutanese refugee community. Tilak Niroula has talked to Sherpa and tried to dig out the real scenario.

How do you analyze the status of sports inside camp?
Indeed, I am sad to mention that general interest towards games and sports are decreasing gradually. The community lacks senior and trained players. The resettlement has driven them away from the camps. We have very limited facilities for sports and games. The sports prevailing in our community is being declining these days. Also, emerging players have no opportunity for exposure and professional trainings.


Your club’s achievements?
Formed in 2002, our team is the one and only sport club that reveals and promotes sports talents, both inside and out the camp. Our team won the football tournament that was organized in Sikhar Kateri, Morang where 32 teams of various places participated. Several from our club represented the Bhutanese team during the Eastern Regional Football Tournament. Indeed, we are always leaping forward. I am proud to mention here that we have achieved a lot. Every member in our team is a serious player to promote and represent the exiled community. The community should be very proud of this. Who else constitute the Young Guys Sporting Club? We are a Bhutanese club. Thus, our players are refugees dwelling in various camps. However, based on our strategy we sometime decide to hire local players. However, the hiring would be limited for one game or two.

What is the response from the community?
I must thank the entire refugee community for their inspiration. The community has always extended helping hands. In all tournaments, we have received applauds and hooting from our people for which we always feel to be highly encouraged. Indeed, the community loves our club. This has been proved through several instances already.

What are your challenges?
Resettlement has brought transformation even in our team. We suffer frequent change of players. Seniors and skilled players have already resettled in various places in the west. The young and emerging ones are showing some interests towards soccer and other games and sports. However, we lack resources and trained manpower to instruct these emerging players. Some of our players have even become frustrated as they have realised that making a career in this field is really challenging for them.

How many teams does your club own?
Our club has two teams. One is under 14 and another is Young Guys Sporting Team consisting players above 14 years.

Courtesy : The Refugee Herald, December 2012