Inter-apartment football tournament concludes


Seven teams of young footballers played a friendly tournament for two days here in Louisville that concluded today at Bardstown forest Church ground. The soccer loving younger folks teamed up representing each location of the apartment where they are living.

The initial rounds of the game were played on 13th October, Saturday, whereas the semifinals and final match played on the 14th October, Sunday. According to the organizers of the match, the purpose of the tournament is to foster a sense of sportsmanship among younger generation of camp-raised kids and love for the popular football game played in the east.

The trophy is won by the team of players from Eleven Oaks while Partridge Point apartment bagged the runner up cup.

The two day match gets cheered up by the second and third generation crowd of Bhutanese population who remain exuberant outside the field. On the second day, few cultural dances and songs intermittently fed the potion of entertainment to the spectators.
‘The football tournament helps keep up the spirit of potential players who can join the interstate soccer tournament to be organized by OBCA later’ the organizers hoped.

The tournament also served as meeting opportunity for the community members to mark the beginning of great Hindu festival, Vijaya Dashami, which starts from 15th October.


  1. I would expect to read more intelligent news in this website. Are the reporters publishing “none sense” news just because there is nothing to fill here? If it was inter city or inter state competition, then that would have made a sense. Reporting Inter apartment football competition is just a joke. Such happening are in every nook and corner of the U.S. in our community.

  2. Inter-apartment football tournament concludes…too cheap news!! Lots of events like Dashai programs are unfolding in different states: there was a huge concert in GA a couple week ago,A big Dashai celebration was done in CA a couple days ago, Texas Bhutanese had a big Dashai gathering past weekend…these event didn’t get space here but an inter apt football tournament did. This is Bcoz the editor lives in Kentuky so he just locally collected that event and posted here. …lets not emphasis on such petty events. We log into BNS not to see who from which apt got married or played football among themselves. BNS pls don’t be too cheap!! TP’s absence is not being felt here.