Indian Prez lauds Bhutan’s dev. efforts

Indian President Mukherjee

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday lauded the efforts of neighbouring Bhutan in maintaining a balance between environment and development.

Indian President Mukherjee

During his meeting with probationers of the Indian Forest Service (2011-13 batch) which comprised two Bhutanese students as well, the President asked the officers to contribute their services through commitment and dedication, Press Trust of India (PTI) reports.

Mukherjee extended a special welcome to the two officers from Bhutan and lauded the efforts of the neighbouring country in maintaining a balance between environment and development, President’s Press Secretary Venu Rajamony said in a statement.

The new Constitution in 1950 retained it as a State subject and subsequently through an amendment it was brought into the concurrent list, the President said.


  1. Pranav Mukurji president of India is always behind the Bhutanese Regime. Once he said there would be ecological imbalance should the refugees be repatriated.Now tomorrow India is celebrating Independence day, and he may be a special guest for the celebration. He will speak a lot about the sacrifices made by his forefathers for freeing India from the yoke of the British rule. He should be ashamed of his own words when thousands of his neighbours are struggling inside Bhutan trying to be free from the tyranny of the Jigme regime. Honestly how much Jigme paid you to speak that. I guess Pranav got a big share of the money recieved from China when Jigme and his mentors sold various parts of Bhutan, thereby changing geographical structure of Bhutan. And the Yes LA members of the Parlament remained mum in a democratic Bhutan. My countrymen especiallty the respected Members of Parlament WAke up and save the country from being sold out to China in the North and Indian Mukurjis in the South.

  2. Dear friends, don’t worry. Keep perz mukhuji aside, when time comes even thousand of bhudhas cannot protect the bhutan from turning into inclusive democratic country and that time is not so far now.

  3. Tony Brown Khatibada,

    We have already lost 20 years of valuable time..coz of false promise made by so called our cunning and corrupt Nepali leaders.
    It is nothing ..your comment is like MAN..KO LADOO..GHEE….
    SANGA ..KHOW .Nothing positive will happen to our refugee cause…till we believe and keep trusting corrupt and cunning
    people like you.

  4. Sonam,
    20 years passed, due to the mixing of rotten and unlucky people, like you and your friends with us. You people have no respect to the august, no friendly relation towards the peers and no action of love and mercy to the younger and subordinate. After 1997 Bhutan government has to changed into democratic name by launching general election from its strict monarchical feudalism, though it is pseudo only. now in the ear of international community bhutan is constitutional monarchy with democratic rule. We didn’t lost that 20 years but we spent 20 years to get the name DEMOCRATIC before the word bhutan, as democratic bhutan or democratic country. This was happened, due to the efforts of some of our leaders and bhutanese people. But at the same time i agree you, some leaders are misled us but some of our other leaders are always with their strong commitment, for them we should try to give our moral support rather than blaming them all, like u. Due to our lack of knowledge, moral support is the least we can contribute for our bhutanese, some are in jail, some in exile, some r under regime’s suppression and some are under their depression like you people. Don’t worry always try to be in positive mind and try to do something which is better than nothing.
    by Tony Brown

  5. Person like Mukherjee will never ubderstand the true meaning of democracy, freedom and human rights. He and his government are pro-Wangchucks so they will only praise the Wangchucks with least concern with human rights abuses next door. Shame on a person like him who was a mute spectator being next door neighbour when hundreds of thousands of people were forcibly thrown out from Bhutan.