Indian militants relocating in Bhutan, report says


Battered by Indian military operations, Assamese insurgents are relocating to Bhutan.

Following major Indian military offensives, the United Liberation Front of Assam Paresh Barua-led faction is relocating its base of operations to the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan’s southern regions, where densely forested region obscures activities, reported the online edition of United Press International (UPI), Tuesday.

The region’s dense vegetation cover provides geographical contiguity and proximity to the insurgents to the jungles of India’s eastern Assam province. Since 2003 the Indian military has operated in conjunction with the Bhutanese army in pressing ULFA guerrillas, beginning with Operation “All Clear”.

The operation was launched because of military reports that ULFA, along with several other insurgent groups from northeastern India, established up to 30 guerrilla camps in southern Bhutan’s Samdrup Jongkhar district, capable of sustaining nearly 3,500 insurgents.

ULFA’s leadership is split with Arabinda Rajkhowa leading a faction negotiating with the Indian government, while Paresh Barua heads a faction that remains steadfastly opposed to talks with New Delhi unless sovereignty for Assam is also discussed, according to the report.

Indian intelligence agencies report that that Barua controls hundreds of heavily armed fighters ULFA and divides his time between ULFA camps on the China-Myanmar border and in Myanmar’s Sagaing province, while he reportedly also has close connections to China’s intelligence agencies.


  1. In this world why people split into different faction and fight to each other.Why not join hands,mind and souls together and live harmoniously creating a better world for self and others???????!!!!!!!!!! I wonder after all how long we are going to live in a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. I don’t think Southern Bhutan bordering Indian State of Assam is dominated by Nepali speaking people. Ganapathiji, it is truth that during 1980s to 1990s there were only Nepali populations, but now BTC (Bodo Territorial Council) has dominated. Except for Saralpara (used to call Muday), other places are not good for Nepali speaking people. There is cold war going on between native Assamese, Bodo, and Nepali.
    @ Universalji — It is the human way of life. People are born to do something politically….

  3. Bhutan as one of the states of india, or truly indian subcontinent. Bhutan is nothing more than that.foreign policy in the hand of india, border security in the hand of india, trade and commerce depends on india.southern part of Bhutan annexed to india.n what happened to the northern part of our country?

  4. Bhutan is a wonderful tiny nation on this globe who had been having such great leaders throughout its history,perhaps it was the only Nation That wasnt colonized by the british raj when it was trying to expand its territory all over the continents.Many leaders of this modern time can learn a lot of knowlege from from examples of this tiny nation’s leaders.
    Southern bhutan’s problems is nothing but a tiny ripple created by a few disgruntled sharmas and chettris.It happens any part of the world but it the goverment who has to check and stablize such insurgents.

  5. Mr. Universal
    you are right, Bhutan is a wonderful tiny nation, but why it is getting smaller and smaller in size.when you read this , will you give me the answer, why ? What happened to nlorthern part of our country? why it is annexed to china.?what those so called great leaders did to protect our borders?You said that” Bhutan wasn’t colonized by British raj” .It is true but when you go through the history you will know that almost the size of our clountry’s land is in India now.what kind of Knowledge should other nations can get ? Knowledges like inabilities to protect the nations border, how to be a bias, how evect the Citizen of one ethnicity, no man other nation can get nothing from those leaders.
    Regarding the southern Bhutan’s problem of 1990. This prolem occured when gorernment was bias to nepali origin.This was the problem created by so called you wonderful leaders so the they can clean nepali origin from southern bhutan.How can you say” the government had no any other alternative then to act as a law of the land ” when there was no constitution and law comes from the mouth of that dictator.Best of luck.