‘India never wants Bhutan to resolve refugee crisis’


An expert on Bhutanese refugee issue, Dr Tulsi Bhattarai, has claimed that the Government of India is not in favour of resolving the long-standing crisis by its Bhutanese counterpart on various grounds.

Dr Bhattarai

Dr Bhattarai claimed so while presenting a paper in a discussion program organized by the Literary Council of Bhutan (LCB) in Kathmandu on Saturday.

“Not only the Bhutanese regime, even Indian doesn’t want Bhutan to resolve the refugee issue,” he said.

Indians, who have already brought major rivers of Bhutan under their control in the name of power generation, want to capture the Bhutanese sovereignty one day, according to his claim.

He also sternly accused the western communities of simply accepting refugees for resettlement instead of pressing the Bhutanese regime for dignified return of citizens in exile.

In another context, he also blamed his own government for not discussing to grant citizens to just 100,000 Bhutanese when it distributed citizenship cards to some 1.5 Biharis of India.

Meanwhile, Norway-based Ramesh Gautam, who edits Bhutaneseliterature.com, asked the Nepalese writers to recognize ‘separate existence of Bhutanese-Nepali literature’.

Guests and participants of the discussion program (Picture : Vidhyapati Mishra/BNS)

According to him, Nepalese writers have been ignoring identity of the Bhutanese-Nepali literature.

“We speak Nepali. We write in Nepali. But, we are Bhutanese citizens of Nepali origin, and want you all to acknowledge our existence,” Gautam said.

Chaired by Vice-Chair of the Council, Shiva Lal Dahal, the program saw presentation of other two papers by Dahal himself and Dr Govinda Raj Bhattarai, professor at Tribhuwan University and author of well-read novel – Muglan.

Presenting a major paper on past and present status of Nepali literature in Bhutan, Dahal highlighted the issues from immigration of Nepali speakers from Gorkha in 1616 to their third country resettlement.

He claimed that, among many other immigrant groups, Nepali speakers are only the group settled in Bhutan after signing an official agreement between the two Governments.

Over two dozens of literary figures were a part of the discussion program. Dr Dhruva Chandra Gautam, Dr Kumar Prasad Koirala, Dr Laxman Gautam and Dr Gyanu Pande were among them.


  1. How many doCtors were left behind for research program, dan petti program and arranging meeting in Kathmandu.
    Bhutanese refugees lives in Jhapa and morang in very critical condition but netas and doc in kathmandu researching and showing fake hope to his fellow bhutanese in refugee camp. Doc. do complete ur research fast, otherwise there ‘ll b no one left in the camp after 2- 3 years.

  2. I think Dr. Bhattarai is trying to get attention from Bhutanese refugee now because this statement has been said earlier by even the Bhutanese leaders. Also, is the Nepalese govt. by the people? If so why not questioning about distributing Nepali citizenship to Bhutanese by himself to his government and come with answer to the mass? If Dr. Bhattarai is in favor of granting Nepalese citizen to Bhutanese refugees then his logic of expertise is fake and futile. Why should Nepal grant Nepali citizen to Bhutanese? If Dr. Bhattarai is a true expert in Bhutanese refugee issue, he should not have talked on granting N/citizen to Bhutanese.
    Mr. Gautam, you are true. We have our own existence. In my opinion i think you can explore your ideas on Bhutanese literature to Bhutanese in diaspora. Also, we should not beg our existence to any Nepali because we are Bhutanese by existence.

  3. Dr Bhattarai…first place you are blaming India, and second you are blaming Nepali goverment for not granting nepali citizenship to Bhutanese refugees…..this clearly indicates you TRULY lack intellectual maturity in terms of policy and research!! Your opinion is sucidal to Bhutanse refugee cause!

  4. I am just amazed of seeing all these dramas! Who wrote the statement read by Ramesh Gautam? He himself? What a ridiculous write up he presented! Is he presenting the grief and pain of those resettled folks? Is he presenting his own feelings? Is he presenting literary thoughts? ” खाउ भने दिनभरिको सिकार नखाउ भने कान्छा बाबुको अनुहार भनेय्को के ?
    I like to tell you guys a few things:
    Many dreams of Bhutanese have come true. Many felt that they are protected. Many people got a new life. Many children and mothers saved their lives. Forget it about Saitiya and Srijana. Let those have roof over their heads, let those have rags in their shoulder, let those have bread to keep them alive and healthy and let those sufferings be addressed first. They will not only type keyboards but they will make the keyboards, they will not write poems and stories, they will write their books. Having lived for 20 years on the dust, over the sand, now they just started their new lives in the western developed world, that doesn’t mean that they should be expert in webs and computer. It takes time to move towards literature their own. Conducting Literature Gosty in Kathmandu on behalf Bhutanese would not help at this time. I am so frustrated knowing a handful of people who are behind those resettled people, doing their research? Or research on dollars? Our Bhutanese wolves and foxes are behind them.

  5. Dear Ram,
    I am totally disagree with u r opinion. What made u to think this way: the true answer is the materialistic gratification.
    I would like to suggest u to know about u r existence and the present existence will be fruitless without preserving our language and culture.
    Happy to debate on the topic if u come up with real name and different existence.
    H P Sharma

  6. Ram ,

    Firstly correct your Nepali old saying goes like this ………”NA..KHOW BHANEY DHIN..VARI KO SHIKAR, KHOW BHANEY KANCHA BABU TO AN..WAR”. the people like you not only bad for Bhutanese refugee community but shame and dangerous to whole Nepali community in the world.

  7. It is my first time to explore bhutaneseliterature.com after reading this news, and yes it looks wonderful platform for all Bhutanese to connect each other.

    In fact, literature is the only weapon to fight before darkness, to bring changes, to eradicate dictators, and to measure society’s level of civilization.

    I would like to salute Ramesh Gautam Bhai and all other folks Bhutanese who devoted their time and energy to establish this great platform. Keep up your great work, history will remember you.

    Peace on all!