India can do nothing for repatriation


Dec 11: Indian Ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood said his country can do nothing for repatriation of the exiled Bhutan to their homeland. 

Contrast to Indian foreign minister’s statement two years ago that Bhutanese refugees is an international issue, Sood told journalists in Jhapa on Wednesday that it is a bilateral issue between Nepal and Bhutan. 

He added, the two countries – Nepal and Bhutan – should resolve mutually and that India will not intervene in the matter.

Ambassador Sood said that the exiled Bhutanese problem is very much on the way of being resolved thanks to the third country resettlement option. “One-fourth of the total exiled Bhutanese have already been resettled in various countries including America. This is a positive development towards its durable solution,” he added.

“Did the Bhutanese refugees fly over to Nepal from Bhutan without flying over the Indian Sky”? Or did they-the Bhutanese nationals-made a record high jump?


  1. im very much surprised with statement of iandian ambassadar, Rakesh Sood. That means why his goverment brought severals obstackle for the peaceful movement of bhutanese people in indian soil .india being a fullfletch democracy country in the world showing cunning characters to the international community .this is the greatest weakness towards true decracy teller government of the world .

  2. What a fake Indian ambassador.In my point of view he must be learn more about politics.The main gate way to Bhutan is India, if India give the way to Bhutan automatically the Bhutanese Refugee problem will solve.It is not a bilateral issue but, it directly goes to India.If he could not accept that WHY INDIA STAND AT THE MIDDLE BEING OBSTACLE IN THE PEACEFUL MOVEMENT OF BHUTANESE?This big question goes to India government.

  3. Ah. India. Well, can’t say this is surprising. They’ve been out of the loop for at least twenty years. And why should they enter this political bee’s nest now? Of course they ‘can’t do anything’… Of course they in fact can do so much, like pressurizing the Bhutan government to start acting human. But there’s no interest. Bhutan is contained, it’s in India’s power. They don’t want to run the risk to see that changing…