India, Bhutan pledge for joint fight


Sept 12: India and Bhutan have pledged for a joint fight in securing their borders by deploying more guards at the frontiers.

The two governments made the pledge at a time when the alleged nexus between Maoist groups of Bhutan and militants in northeast India are reported to have been coming to the fore.

The decision follows the sixth Indo-Bhutan Border Meeting where Bhutanese Home Secretary Penden Wangchuk had expressed concern over reports that insurgents groups are being trained in the northeastern states of Nagaland and Manipur.

Wangchuk further warned that the rise in trainings of militants could be a threat to Bhutan.

“The insurgents are linked to Maoists and militants of eastern Nepal and they can pose a threat to security,” said Wangchuk.

Meanwhile, a member of the Indian delegation of the meeting said there were links between the Communist Party of Bhutan and northeast rebel groups like ULFA, NDFB and KLO.

Wangchuk also said the Bhutanese government would expedite the extensive patrolling to safeguard the border areas.

Disclosing that the India has given training support to Bhutanese police to strengthen and develop their capacity, Wangchuk further said that Bhutan was not in a position to give any opportunity to infiltrate the border.

The two governments also agreed that they would share any information regarding security and anti-government activities.