Incident affects nat’l day, local sends wishes (UPDATE)

Sita Baniya. Photo/family
Sita Baniya. Photo/family

Coinciding their national day, May 17, the Norwegian locals in Alta Kummune have extended their “wishes” for the earliest recovery of three Bhutanese children drowned in the beach on Sunday. 

The incident had occurred on Sunday at a time when locals were busy preparing for the celebration of national day on Monday.

Devi Chhetri. Photo/family
Devi Chhetri. Photo/family

As the celebration for National Day kicks-off, the Norwegians normally come out for an organized peaceful rally.  Alta-based 74 Bhutanese individuals, a majority of who had shown participation last year, didn’t participate this year. 

The locals sent their messages wishing for the improvement in health situation of the children.  “We send warm thoughts to the three children and their families. We hope it goes well with them,” said Alta’s AUF leader, Ådne Hindenes, in his message. “It is important to show compassion to the children and their families. In particular, these are refugees and it is important to take care of them,” reported quoting Hindenes.

“You feel completely powerless, completely put off. There is not much I’ve been thinking about, other than how they are. It is terrible, but it is good that they got help quickly,” Mari-Ann Pettersen, said Head Master of the children’s school, adding- “Many of the Bhutanese live as a family. They come from the same refugee camp. None of them was in 17th May celebration this year but everyone was present last year. This clearly shows how difficult it has been for the families.”

Diwas Chhetri. Photo/family
Diwas Chhetri. Photo/family

It is reportedly known that Sita Baniya, one of the three victims is scheduled to get back home to Alta this evening while Diwas continues to receive treatment in ICU in Tromsø. Alta has declared school free days from elderly education center to all the Baniya families and Chhetri family until the children return home.

Late report obtained from Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden says that the condition of Devi Chhetri, admitted to the hospital yesterday evening, has greatly improved. “I am glad that the doctors are hopeful with her situation,” said Deepak Chhetri, father of the girl, over telephone.

According to Ram B. Baniya, maternal uncle of the victim, she tried to move her head and open her eyes and mouth.
Three Bhutanese children were found drowned in swimming beach in Lahori in Alta, Northern Norway late afternoon Sunday. They were immediately rushed to University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) in Tromsø after they were peddled out from water by a Norwegian passerby- Arne Hauge. The parents and relatives knew about the accident only after the children were admitted in the hospital in Tromsø.    

By Ramesh Gautam/BNS


  1. This is a sudden, unexpected and a heart-lamenting accident in our family.We all were shocked and extremely dishearted by hearing the news initially. But it says- AFTER A STORM COMES A CALM, similiarly every bit of horror and terror have been vanishing away alongwith a dexterous relief and a mazical progress in health condition of our children.To have come up with this recovery, there are certainly the hands of some specified individuals,like Inhabitants of Alta Kommune,Rescue operaters, Health Experts,Friends, Relatives, Neighbours and known and unknown WELL-WISHERS.So I sincerely thank all of them for contributing a lot to us in such a horrible situation. I pray for the fast recovery of our children and Worship the Almighty for sound health and happiness,peace and prosperity in the respective families of all those helping hands.Once again, THANK YOU ALL.

  2. I pray for the god to overcome your health and happiness soon.Devi dedi and Diwas dada,you will be well soon,all of us are praying together for your fast recovery.GOD bless a small boy of nine years old, so god will grant my voice and prayer to make both of you well soon.