In the Country of GNH


The fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuk conceptualized the philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) following eviction of tens of thousands of Nepali speaking Bhutanese.  This hollow philosophy has been now adopted as government policy by his son. The government is campaigning to sell the abstract philosophy to the gullible westerners who have been silent observers for years.  The Prime Minister of Bhutan Jigme Y Thinley says even dogs smile in Bhutan. In a sense, he might be right because in Bhutan only the dogs have freedom, and they freely bark.

It would be relevant to put forth few instances that may be interesting to the readers to read the real situation inside Bhutan. A Minister’s son goes to the government office, threatens life of a lady and batter for not processing the transfer of his girl friend. Then, he gets away compensating the lady with an amount of just Rs. 10,000.

Next, the Police officer goes to the remote village and beats up mother and son and further justifies his misdeed.

In contrast, a monk gets three years imprisonment for carrying few packets of tobacco ignorantly and for personal consumption with no ill intention of making profit or causing any health hazard to others.
Interestingly, a murderer get three year bailable sentence but non-bailable of three years imprisonment if one is caught carrying a packet of tobacco.

Not only the human rights organizations, even the women organizations that are supposed to protect the rights and safe guard the honor of women are turning deaf ear to the silents sufferings of the people. Bhutan government as its dual Character, befittingly maintains dual interpretation of law in Dzongkha and in English and apply whichever is suitable and convenient to punish the victims rather than using ingenuity of jurisprudence.

The Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley speaks of equity and just in his every addresses. But, his ruthless treatment with injustice and unfair social welfare to the laborers who are in fact the back bone of the infrastructural developments could be easily interpreted. When the salary of the government employees and the MPs were revised two times in the span of three years, the wage of the laborers remained stagnant to Rs. 100 per day with hard labour from 7 am till 5pm. Although the labour Act 2007 enacted probably sans economic welfare as if the escalating price does not affect the poor. And soon Bhutan is going to become the member of the International Labor organization (ILO) which the ILO should allow unless the wage, security and social welfare of the laborers are compatible to International standard. The apathetic attitude towards the poor has been in fact boon for the rich.

The constitution says that Bhutan is a secular country and the king is the custodian of all the religions. The Buddhist philosophy and principles of respect, tolerance and co-existence is the fundamental guiding factor and pivot that GNH revolves on. In contrary to its secularism, Bhutan has not been respecting other religions. On 28th February 2011, 16 Christians, including three female while conducting prayer in Christian house in the remote village under Sarbhang district were arrested. They were set free after three days with a condition that they would not commit such offense of conducting Christian prayer.

Another Christian faith holder Prem Singh Gurung was arrested following documentary film show of Jesus Christ in Sarbhang district. He was convicted by the Galephu court for trying to create unrest, and not taking prior permission from the concerned authorities. He has been serving three years imprisonment. Ironically, although the Bhutanese government dislikes the Christian religion, it wholeheartedly welcomes the flow of millions dollar from the Christian hands.

Although the PM says they treat everyone equally, but in practical the actions are inhuman especially towards the southern Bhutanese who are perpetually subjected to discrimination and injustice.

One more example speaks of this reality. Despite his repeated attempt, a person could not get the name transferred to his own for the land that was inherited to him by his father. He went to the extent that he even approached the PM and even the king. He ended up getting arrested along with his land buyer for plucking own betel nuts and selling.

Some Drukpas who have some soft corner to the Nepalese have to risk their lives. Ms Dechen Wangmo, the owner of the Phajuding School in Phuntsholing who was sympathetic to the southern Bhutanese was alleged to have connived with the refugees and is jailed for 15 years.

Since 1990, the southern Bhutanese are expiated for no fault and are victims of biased justice, indifference and inequality. After 1990, there is no single recruitment of southern Bhutanese in the Royal Bhutan army, Royal Bhutan Police and Bhutan Arm Force. There is no single southern Bhutanese in civil administration. In foreign Ministry, the is even not a peon. There are about 80,000 relatives of the refugees who still are living in Bhutan but are people of neither there nor here. Their citizenship is in question and they have been deprived from every government opportunity. They have no right to cast vote.

It is mandatory to produce security clearance certificate from the police even for admission of children in the school. The relatives of refugees could not be issued security clearance. These people are categorized in seven categories in the census record and the stigma is the trade mark of non-entity. These people are not allowed to mend the land left by their kith and kin. Moreover, the lands are being distributed to northern Bhutanese creating complication in the event of repatriation. The government has changed the names of the blocks, villages and the land registration number in order to annihilate the southern Bhutanese and wipe off history and all the evidences of southern Bhutanese living there. The International Communities acting bystander has further supported the Druk dictators.

The core countries of aid for Bhutanese refugees, especially the United States of America, so called the champion of Human rights and democracy in the world is responsible for what is happening in Bhutan.

Unless the International communities work towards studying the real situation inside Bhutan, the government will always smother up the real facts with humility. Bombarding Libya in the name of protection of civilians to dethrone Gadaffi who is antagonist to western countries especially America may be praise worthy. Contrarily, praising and protecting king Jigme Singye Wangchuk and his predecessors who ruled the country with iron hand for 100 years could be harassment to the innocent Bhutanese. His successor, king Jigme Khesar Wangchuk who inherited the throne in 2007 has further aggravated the people’s sufferings.

GNH has been the privilege to the native-Drukpas only and it may be little appealing to the outsiders who do not know the real situation inside. It has a little flavor in the country which is overwhelmed by agony of tragedies, unhappiness, unemployment, poverty, injustice, suppression, nepotism and favoritism. In a real sense, the southern Bhutanese are the victims of Gross National Happiness.

The author is Chairman of the Human Rights Organization of Bhutan.


  1. thanks SB daju for the inforation and updates here.You havebeen doing very challenging job for so many years and you do not seem to stop.

    I am sure over the years even a visionary person like you have matured and learnt much from the experiences .

    thanks for your serice to the commmunity .

    I am sure you are feeling the enthusiastic younger generation comming up and are not making the presence felt .I think leaders like you are definitely appreciating the fact that the new generation of youths are more knowledgeable and have seen wider world .I am also sure that you are making plans to take their views or even involve them in our mission .

  2. Big applause to SB dai. I read your opinion and I don’t consider opinion but it is a factual narration. Yes Bhutan is talking big about GNH, but virtually nothing in it. It is a shallow cry to appease the international community. It has been stealing and extortion the southerners and exposing itself as a great liar.
    I think this article will expose the interior motives of the regime. And at this point of time the international communities should be well aware of the facts that Bhutan is playing lethal role to undermine and down play with the sentiments of the southern Bhutanese to strengthen its political gambit.
    I have been closely watching the Libya war and the involvement of US as a major ally to weaken the Gadhafi regime. I understand that US is fighting tactically to oust the Gadhafi and to facilitate the pro people govt. in Libya. Since US is importing around 6% of the total gas, thinks not an obligation to be the custodian of the no fly zone and hence it has declined to lead the mission. The people of this great nation are very aware of the fact that fighting in Libya is the waste of tax payer money. Therefore, they urged the govt. to use the freeze money of Gaddafi to liberate Libya.
    In this scenario US has no interest in Bhutan except strategic location. She could not penetrate into the Himalayan kingdom due to china and India factor. In the event of Bhutan’s request US could have been able to nest its net in the kingdom to pursue Bhutan to respect the Human Rights and expedite the democratic process in the Druk land. Bhutan offers nothing attractive to the US so it is the obvious reason why US maintain low profile in the repatriation issue. But it is resettling major chunk of refugee populace to end this long festering refugee imbroglio once and for all.
    Thank you

  3. Hats off Subba sir for projecting the silent sufferings of the people.
    I am of the opinion that one who seeks Human Rights must first learn to respect the rights. As shakspear puts it “It is easy to preach 20 good little things but equally difficult to follow one of them”. I say the You rightly deserve the saying! sounds hollow and may be even bitter to taste.But the reality never fades.
    As for the Policies of the government nothing changed so far. I remember one of my cousin stating that he got his NOC after 20 odd years of penance.Still his wife and children are stateless. He reacted in a way to equate things Mathematically.
    GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS = NOC after 20 Years!!!
    In reality Gross National Happiness really is for the king,council of ministers and few Wangchucks and Dorjis who use,misuse and abuse the loyal Taxpayer’s money. Jigme Thinley might have heard few stray dogs howling around chamlingthang and tashichodzong and he is very proud to say that in Bhutan even dogs are happy. Should Jigme thinley make his statement true he must visit and walk with the footsteps of ordinary lot in villages where the local authorities harash and punish them.
    In order to fully implement the concept of GNH,as head of the Government can JIgme Y Thinley book His mentor JSW as traitor????????????
    So is the state of the nation and no one knows how long it goes along. The constitution guarantees religious freedom. It is there in the paper showcase. Very few of the articles are followed others are just odd man out.
    As a ordinary refugee I suggest subba sir to rethink of expanding HUROB to every gewogs inside Bhutan.Else HUROB remains in Damak and making hue and cry over the human rights voilations inside Bhutan multiplies.
    Over the past 20 years many of you have been indulged in mushroming organizations only now it is high time these humanrights and political group start working in true sprits of the organizations preamble.
    My suggestions to various political groups and human rights entity the following.
    Stop playing cheap games and start a true spirit campaign and develop strong support base in Bhutan.
    Work for it I am ready to support you in whatever best possible ways that I can.But I strongly oppose the concept of collecting $5 as some organizations doing in the name of Democratic Struggle in Bhutan.
    This is ridiculous ain’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks to SB’s narrative and bringing the fact to the readers. This gives a real insight of what is the reality in Bhutan and what is the real GNH. The outside world especially the countries like the US should be realistic in terms of human rights and rights to freedom of speech, religion and equality across the globe whether or not she benefits from them. Why are the western countries not speaking for the Nepalese of Bhutan? Is it because of India and China or they do not see any resources of their interest?

  5. LebeLabeling Westerners as Gullible and connecting GNH with refugee expulsion is your ignorance Mr. SB Subba . Please do more research on progress made in Bhutan till date? Where are you these days? No opportunity for resettlement? I have my relatives in Bhutan who are enjoying all rights enjoyed by northern Bhutanese!
    A country should be governed by rule of laws and no miscreants should be entertained! I am surprise people like Prakash Subedi from UK and Db Adhikari from US supporting SB Subba opinion. Judge what is rational what is not?
    Resettled Bhutanese in USA, Former Refugee in Nepal, Younger Generation, a true Bhutanese and believer of democracy

  6. In reference to Mr. DB Adhikari´s comment: I am not sure if it is China or India factor that is barring the US to enter Bhutan. Had it had a strong reason, it would not mind whose factors are playing on Bhutan. The fact is that America has so many problems and so many countries to settle scores with, Bhutan does not at all catch their smallest attention beside the refugees’ resettlement. And, I think Bhutan would never ask the US to facilitate them their human rights and democratic process for the very simple reason that their downright violation of democracy and human rights are being covered by the magnanimity of the US in the form of resettlement. What the Bhutanese Government at best doing is look as if butter would not melt in its mouth.


  7. In the country of GNH there is no place for disgraceful people like SB Subba. Mr. Subba makes baseless statements in the name of human rights. His assertions resonate Maoist propaganda that his Guru, Prachanda, used in Nepal few years ago that left more than 13, 000 people killed and many missing.

    The issues he raised about not having any ethic Nepalese in the civil service administration and the citizenship is gross. It is amazing to know how a person who proudly identifies himself as the chairman of a Human Rights organization can lie to the international observers. Perhaps, this is how funds his organization.

    Peace be with you!

  8. This is a small suggestion for Mr. Rahul who is now enjoying freedom and pursuit of happiness in USA. Mr. Rahul, it is good to know that u r relatives are enjoying freedom and liberty in Bhutan. But I and hundreds like us are not enjoying anything in Bhutan. I and my 12 family members were boycotted during the democratic election in 2008.It seems that u r the only the person who always believe in the saying “the farthest valleys are always greener”.Though u people are dreaming about ur bright future there in America we the same people who have been toiled in blood and tears till date have not yet started to go to school. So feel a bit pain about us if u wish to…… if not u r enjoying everything and we r named as a citizen of a country of gross national happiness….simply the wearer only knows where the shoes are pinching….
    Jay from Kalimpong

  9. Hi Jay,
    It is heartening that your 12 member family were not given a chance to vote during election in 2008. If that was the case, there is election commission where you can register your grievances. Ranting in a forum like this will not help. There may be various reason, though. Your parents might have chosen not to vote; their offspring might have been too young to vote. Remember, Bhutan’s law on adult franchise or suffrage requires a person to be at least eight to be able to participate to vote? If you were below eighteen, that could have been a reason why you were unable to vote. Have patience. If you have citizen, you are eighteen and if you register to vote, I think you will be able to vote in 2013.

    However, if you too believe that farthest valleys are greener, I think the UNHCR’s door in Nepal is not closed. Heard that several Nepalese sneaked to the US through the process.

    Peace be with you!

  10. I do not want to comment or criticize any one here. What i want to express is: the very concept of Gross National Happiness has been evolved from the concept of racism. When Bhutan Government could successfully evict its fellow citizens and distribute their legal land to Northern Bhutanese, Government became overconfident of its success and and started advocating on GHN which in fact, is advantageous to people of Tibetan Origin in Bhutan.Look! Are those more than 60 thousand Lhotsampas whose citizenships are snatched by Bhutan Government in 1990 happy with the GHN concept.If International communities approve and appreciate GHN concept of Bhutan government, then sooner or latter, further eviction will take place.Placing southern Bhutanese in fragile situation and disintegrating them from main society Bhutan government has been advocating its success history.

  11. I am not sure what kind of rights the relatives of Rahul are enjoying in Bhutan. But my kith and kins that were left behind in Bhutan are deprived of their basic rights as the citizens. Not only that thousands of people are still branded as non-nationals and they are deprived of the citizenship rights.
    RGOB was so cruel that it used to asked permit for the southern Bhutanese even to take 2 kgs of salt to Chirang, after the introduction of NOC (No Objection Certificate) in Bhutan. There are lots of penalties orchestrated against the Southerners in all the sectors including education, employment and health fields.
    Such is the situation in Bhutan and Lotus flower and Rahul are always soliciting and supporting the RGOB’s stand. The govt. act is deplorable, come Lotus, come Rahul let us join hands together to petition the RGOB for establishing true democracy there, which should ensures the rights of all people be it southerner , easterners or northerners alike.

  12. Dear Lotus flower… based on ur comment u r not as smart as u r name… lotus is a flower of love and affection but u seem full of hatred and cruelty.The western world where u r enjoying freedom is for short period of time … ur world is encircled with concrete jungle of modernism and materialistic gratification…where the soul of like urs doesnot understand human feeling and sentiments….though we are under oppression and suppression we are atleast inside the country. But u r the dark moon in the name of humanity through whose deeds we are facing trouble now….regarding the rule it is unwise to suggest me coz u r far and i think u not known bhutan till date…do enjoy u r life but never let us read such terrible comment again…
    Jay, Tshirang now in kalimpong

  13. I appreciate Jay for putting the issues forward ,real and no fake,and feel for jay and family for the trauma they are undergoung now in bhutan.I said earlier about my cousin getting NOC after 20 years and his mathematical equality.So is the equation for many of our kith and kins in Bhutan.
    Lotus flower mentioned about the farthest valley are greener good feeling though.Lotusflower definetly say such thing coz he truely belongs to the family of nobles who abuse taxpayers money. Should he have a human heart he should spend some time and feel the pinch of GNH among rural innocent villagers in Bhutan.Southern Bhutanese have been experiencing this for over 2 decades,easterners for little less than 2 decades and now the westeners are getting the pinch of it and soon all the villages in Bhutan will see the same affect.

    People like Lotus flower are paid puppets by the JYT and his government.They know what is going on inside rural bhutan but dont speak about it coz these guys are bought or sold in terms of 3 Cs. CASH, CAR AND COMISSION.
    Jay you need to understand the reality at this point.These guys enjoy on the pain and trouble of others and they never think what is going to happen when the same boomarangs on them.

  14. Dear Birodhi, u r comment is absolutely reality based. Yea, the people in the the country are under the extreme pain and agony of being departed from u all.In this context I have nothing to say but something to extract from Robert Frost poem “woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep”. Tighten ur belt and fold u r sleeves, go ahead to secure the sense of freedom …sense of equality. One day Manas river will give birth to Mahasur, Changbari will give birth to Dil bdr. Thousands of Saili mogars will again spring from the mass graves. lamidara will still under the blood of those innocents lives. Oneday, the sisne dada will announce the equality among the people, oneday the tunnel of Haa will raise the voice of liberty in the country.. one day the voice will be raise from the birth place of Lincoln to the land of Kangaroos.
    Time sleeps gently in the lap of nature resulting everything in the in this regard Bhutan has to Practice pure democracy defined by Linclon By the prople for the people and to the people…. no doubt the world will aside the wimple of pompous drama being performed in the name of GNH on the stage of humanity downplaying all the sentiments of the common innocent people.
    Birodhi, my ashes will salute ur talent…
    Jay from Tshirang

  15. Bhai Rahul,
    If you are against SB Subba I have nothing to say . But the issue you are talking about………. May be you need to research.
    In my viewYour way of thinking is so narrow.
    Please be sure what you are writing,where you are writing. The media BNS has its national and international reader.
    Your immature writing will make the problem to those people who are finghting for the issue and we are the needy people because I am still in the camp and my other family are still in bhutan
    Bhai, enjoy Americian life but don’t forget that you were in the camp for 16-17 yrs.
    Hope you will not take it nagitive. Please be learn that when you are not aware bout the national issue so, please stop your finger in keyboard.

    And BNS friends please do not accept antimovement writing.
    I am Kusum Bhandari,Beldanig 1 sector b hut no. 66

  16. Bhai Rahul,
    If you are against SB Subba I have nothing to say . But the issue you are talking about………. May be you need to research.
    In my viewYour way of thinking is so narrow.
    Please be sure what you are writing,where you are writing. The media BNS has its national and international reader.
    Your immature writing will make the problem to those people who are finghting for the issue and we are the needy people because I am still in the camp and my other family are still in bhutan
    Bhai, enjoy Americian life but don’t forget that you were in the camp for 16-17 yrs.
    Hope you will not take it nagitive. Please be learn that when you are not aware bout the national issue so, please stop your finger in keyboard.

    And BNS friends please do not accept antimovement writing.
    I am Kusum Bhandari,Beldanig 1 sector b hut no. 66

  17. Dear Rahul,
    I do not support any leader as a person .I am fed up with leaders .But i support the cause as one off thing.If you read my comments I have mentioned the need to involve the new generation .
    I do believe in unified mission led by the new generation
    we need change in bhutan .That does not mean king has to go or nepali come in to power .For me it simply means a commoner in the country can enjoy basics freedom of life

  18. After reading the comment of especially Rahul and Lotus flower on S.B.Subba’s write up, it reminds me of Nepali saying ” kukurko puchar 12 barsa dungroma rakhe pani bangai huncha”. It was my opinion that people after resettling in developed countries in the west would change everything, way of life, living style, narrow to broad mind and thinking and learning in consonent with befittingly called developed nations. Alas!! it is so sad that this people have not been able to caste off their typical narrow Nepalism although in America, the country where it teaches only positive thinking and respect of others opinion. The more gortesgue of their comment is in support of the tyrant who made them refugee and now are labour of the Americans and eking out their living by licking the goreys boot and without slightest odd saying resettled refugee as if achieved something great which no one could do.Perhaps, Rahul who says that his relatives are enjoying every rights like any northern Bhutanese will look with disbelieve that his little bit of CHAMCHA GIRI to bhutan government did not help when his relatives are thrown out of the country in near future. Subba’s articles so far I read are based on facts which no body can dispute and will be of help if Lotus flower and Rahul preserve it as testimonies to their progenies of what had happened and how they were banished from the country. A good human should learn to accept the facts even of a bitter enemy, then only it qualifies of human being with conscience. So Lotus flower and Rahul think positive and live positive. Do not be so cynic.

  19. After reading 21 comments on my article by the observers, I felt personally that I should thank all. So, “ THANK YOU ALL” to those who looked positively of my write up which are factual and as well as to those who did not appreciate my write up because to some it is difficult to accept the realities. In fact, my article was long narratives but for reason unknown the editor has truncated it which otherwise would have irked more to those pessimists and given more insight to those optimists. The optimists have encouraged me to write and bring out more facts which I will be doing of perpetrations and atrocities of the tyrant to us and inflicting perpetual silent sufferings to our relatives living inside Bhutan except few exceptionals like the relatives of Rahul who among thousands of Lhotsampas suffering are enjoying all opportunities like any other northern Bhutanese. Only God knows, how?. Equally not discouraged by the negative feelings of few readers which in fact given me insight that there are such people who are obnoxious of others work and should be wary of such elements in our society. Spew any venom on me but it’s my request that do not state misgiving of the facts of sufferings of the Lhotsampas that provides opportunity to Bhutan government to distort more facts and figure that we all are bearing, bore, undergoing and underwent. We are victims of systematic ethnic cleansing on racial prejudice of being Nepali speaking, arbitrarily deprived of nationality and citizenship and forceful eviction. Perhaps, Rahul and Lotus flower were innocent child when they were evicted and lack real knowledge of the actual facts and whatever, knowledge of being refugee they acquired is from tit bits of stories from their parents and others which sound incredible to surmise that how benevolent king committed such a heinous crimes against humanity. Perhaps, they would realize if they delve deep into the history, origin and causes of becoming refugees and unbecoming Bhutanese citizen. Then, sure they will be speaking in wildest voice than any other against the Druk regime and acquiesce that their betenoire S.B.Subba and others were right.
    It should not be misconstrue that by writing, I am seeking support. Support for what? I am not contesting any election that I need vote or begging for any favour. Only I am trying to educate our future generations the prevailing circumstances inside Bhutan and how the ruling elites are suppressing the people and particularly the southern Bhutanese of Nepali speaking and eye washing the International Community in the name of pseudo democracy. How the southern Bhutanese who played equal role of shouldering the responsibility of developing the country that stands today are being despised and no any reason expiated to suffer as refugees. How our properties were looted and our ancestral land being distributed to the northern Bhutanese and inculcated hatred towards southern Bhutanese who lived in spirit of brother hood and harmony for time immemorial. Women were raped, kept in the army camps as comfort girls and men were tortured, imprisoned and few were killed. Inmates were forced to perform shameful sodomy and self abuse. There are endless lists of inhuman treatment of southern Bhutanese and humiliation. Rahul and Lotus flower seriously need sincere and honest soul searching before straight away imputing someone else. I have no any hard feelings because have come across so many of such absurdities and as long as I work with conscience and for the greater cause of our movement and betterment of our people, such pity minds not going to deter me from what I do. When even people like Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated? Who am I? Instead it inspires me to do more hard work and hone my knowledge of our sufferings. Yes, only concern is that by reading such a baleful opinion on genuine facts that we have raising in the International forums and many reports of International organizations and individuals research have subsantiated what would other get the impression? How it reflects on the personality of Rahul and Lotus flower? My fear is that this sort of meanness which of course might relishes with delight Rahul and Lotus flower would pollute whole of the society as a rotten potato spoils the whole sack by giving negative impression of our society’s image to outsiders or observers leading to infer different opinion of Lhotsampas and how egoistic some are. If I wanted to escape from the reality, perhaps I would have been one of the first Bhutanese to be in USA or elsewhere long, long ago before the resettlement programme and making a good salesman in a big mall. I came out with a purpose to fight against injustice, so I continue. Nevertheless, in times to come, I would like to see Rahul and Lotus flower a loving human being, constructive to our society and exemplary to the future generation. Once again “THANK YOU ALL” specially Rahul and Lotus flower.

  20. All these national slogans:
    Gross National Happiness
    Land of Peaceful Dragon
    Kingdom in the Clouds
    The Shangri La

    were true perhaps, 20-30 years ago and before.

    Now they have become like the “dust covering the mirror” to hide the inhumane acts of injustice carried out by the Bhutanese Government and its Arm Forces against a particular ethnic group. If you are a True Bhutanese, open your heart and see it for yourself, “what have you done with your life”? and what is your KARMA, and where is it taking you?

    On 17th December 1987 the PM Jigme Thinley (who was a Zonal Adm, Eastern Bhutan then) came to Sherubtse college, Kanglung and delivered a message from Hims majesty the King. It said, ” Bhutan is a bird of two wings soaring into the sky” refering the wings to Buddhist and Hindu citizens, as always it had been especially after the establishment of monarchy.

    May I ask you the critical critiques, where is the “bird of two wings” today?
    Perhaps the wounded wing knows the pain and the unkind acts of terror that cut the wing. No matter how much you camaoflage and cover up your acts, the trail of blood falling from the wounded wing may one day drip on your face. The prayer flags on the hills may trun red and no lies can cover the sins anymore.

    Don’t run away from the Truth. Face it. Correct it. Otherwise, I am afraid the future generation of Bhutanese have to bear the brunt of your sins. If you are a true Buddhist you know it. So don’t pretend it.

    Thank you

    Dick Chhetri