IIF/IFACA Bhutan establishes fine arts school in Cambodia


The IFACAINS International Foundation (IIF/IFACA Bhutan) said it has established a fine arts school in rural province of Svay Rieng of Cambodia.

The Svay Rieng Fine Arts School is the Foundation’s fourth fine arts institute funded and operated outside Nepal. The Foundation currently runs three arts schools in the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal, informed its Co-Founder Pralhad Gurung.

“We generously started supporting the local artists and children, running an art class at a small home in rural Svay Rieng in Cambodia from December 25, 2012 as a new program of our 18th anniversary,” said Gurung.

According to Gurung, hardship the Bhutanese refugee artists underwent in refugee camps in Nepal has always inspired them to help poor and needy ones around the globe.

“The Foundation aims to help poor and needy children around the world to restart their new life through the medium of fine arts,” he clarified.

Svay Rieng is in the far east of Cambodia, near the border with Vietnam. During the Vietnam war, this area was carpet bombed heavily in secret by the US military in hopes that the North Vietnamese would not infiltrate the country.

Today, Svay Rieng province is one of the poorest provinces and is home to mostly subsistence rice farmers. Most children are required to work during the day in the rice fields and doing other agricultural tasks and have little or no time and money to afford their studies.

He further added, “Together with the Khmer Foundation inside the country, we spread the word about an arts class, which is free and open to all interested children for enrollment.”

“In last December each child took part the course designed by the Foundation that included sketching, drawing and coloring activities with crayons, markers, pens, and pencils on paper and coloring books. It was a great community activity and was fun for the children and adults alike.

“Upon leaving the event, each child was given a lined notebook, several coloring implements, a ball-point pen, and extra pages to color on later at home. This arts class was specially design for 18 year of age and below, mostly with poor and needy family background.”

The Foundation was established in 1994, and has over one hundred of artists associated with it.

Video courtesy : IIF/IFACA Bhutan


  1. Good to know that our Bhutanese refugee are getting involved to make a difference in the world. Hope your organization would be able to inform the world that there are some forgotten people- “Bhutanese Refugee” who were the result of ethnic prosecution.

    Hope your fine arts would able to show case our hidden story around the globe.

  2. Good to know about our Bhutanese artists are hand in hand supporting poor and needy interest artists around. Hope your all great works be bless and many more cum. Specially I would like to thank Pralahd Bhai and his entire team, I have seen you in camp not instructing young generation in the filed of arts but also for making them aware on education, sanitation & health, etc. I am sure brother, the day will come about your work will written in the history. keep continue.