IBFS to boost up its program in Bhutan


Oct 24: Indo Bhutan Friendship Society (IBFS) has decided to expedite its campaign for establishing ‘people to people relationship’ and to work actively for finding an outlet to the problem of southern Bhutanese. 

A conference held in New Delhi in India on Friday also decided that two delegations of IBFS will soon access the situation both in Bhutan and in camps.  

According to wrapping up of conference, IBFS will launch ‘Indo-Bhutan Friendship rally’ from Delhi to Thimphu coinciding December 17, the national day of Bhutan.

Newly elected chairperson of IBFS Dr. Professor Ananda Kumar has stressed on the need to boost-up ‘people to people relationship’ to ensure bilateral relations.  

Senior journalist Ananda Sworup Verma stated that discrimination system in Bhutan should be eliminated. Verma also cautioned that possibilities of violence were equally unavoidable if Bhutan government pays no heed to the problem.      

Historian cum analyst A.C. Sinha said that India has always failed to protect its interest in Bhutan.  

Meanwhile, Delhi-based exiled Bhutanese leader R. K. Dorji termed Bhutan’s democracy as fake one. “The real democracy in Bhutan is yet to be fostered,” added Dorji.  

Addressing the conference, chairperson of Human Rights Organization of Bhutan S. B. Subba said that the offer of third country resettlement was forcefully imposed to refugees.  

I. P. Adhikari, president of Association of Press Freedom Activists – Bhutan stressed on the need of establishing human rights mechanism in Bhutan. Four Bhutanese representatives including exiled journalist Vidhyapati Mishra also attended the program.


  1. This is a good start. The new president of IBFS, who has been an activist and not a politician, hopefully will begin the work in earnest. Unless Bhutan comes forward to find an amicable soultion of the political problem, peace and stability are in stake. It is upto our Indian friends to judge whether or not thier interest are protected in Bhutan. We at the receiving end believe that India could have taken a positive role to solve the political problem in Bhutan rather than giving a clean chit to Bhutan’s legal ethnic cleaning policy. We are a peace loving people and would appreciate that role.
    I congratualte the organizers and participants of the conference and hope that the plan they have agreed upon will be implemented.
    Dr Dhakal

  2. Great Job!!!!!!!!!.it was realized couple years before that agitation should launch from Indian Soil.it would be perfect if Indians and some Bhutanese leaders participate on the march rather calling Bhutanese Refugees from Nepal as a participants.this was also practiced by L.K.advani of BJP but not in Bhutan.this program will definitely garner international support drawing media.i will do as much as i can reporting and informing the media,human rights activists and organizations in Oregon,US.

  3. I agree this is a good start, the bigger challenge is keep this sort of conference all over the world regularly attended by our people, particularly young journalist.
    I feel there is a need to globally coordinate among the Bhutanese journalist from across variosu media sectors.
    Well done guys

  4. Personalities in the IBFS can do and I do believe. But the main factor is action rather than words. Unless work in true sense doesn’t begin there are areas for doubt. Lets hope this time words egg action and not imposition of 144 code .

    “Begin Action- bag salute”.

    R N Pokharel


  5. Its avery good start and the option of todays scenario. The conference held in right place and information shared to us is greate. I personally agree with the idea comes with. “Delhi to Thimphu”. I dont know how deplomatic it shall landed but
    As it mention in reports, Bhutan have no option rather to accept this peacefull offer to bridging the almost 20yrs gap to build the people to people relation with acceptence and love among the citizens.
    I wish and request all the friends around the globe to join hand to make grand success throught this means from our own capacity, As we are no more scuff. This is one of the chance to particepate openly with open heart for our own struggle.

  6. yes, it is a very good start. Thank you to those who have contributed for the conference.But iam equally sad to read those lines where S.B Subba has said the third country resettlement was imposed forcefully.Please be clear the third counrty resettlement is not imposed forcefully but is a personal interest. What Subba did for around two decades? i think his pocket is getting empty and started giving wrong message to the world.Be careful bhutanese!