IBFS content with end of trial against Dorji


April 26, 2010: Indo-Bhutan Friendship Society has expressed deep satisfaction about the end of an unfortunately long trial against RK Dorji, the President of Delhi-based Druk National Congress.

Logo of IBFS
Logo of IBFS

In a press statement sent to Bhutan News Service, the Society also congratulated Dorji and his supporters for their courage of conviction, as well as success in their resistance to injustice by patiently cooperating with the Indian courts for 13 long years.

“The decision to withdraw the case against Dorji will prove to be a great step forward for creating a stronger bond of friendship between the people of India and Bhutan,” reads the statement, adding- “But it has to be furthered by complementary steps so that there is a strengthening of democracy in Bhutan and the return of several thousands refugees to their mother land.”


  1. this angouthachap(fingerprint) man who failed to run his business and failed to fight his own case living inside mother land , may not be able to run the govt.in this mordern world.
    I fear that,if he happen to be leader in the Govt. in Bhutan, he will fail to run the Govt. and run away again to Nepal with huge amount of money.So he will be able to continue play cards in the rest of his life..He lost money in gambling.If he happen to form Govt. in bhutan, he will become Sikkim’s Lhendup Kazi(1st noglop of sikkim)followed by Rizal and team like Bhandari and group in the sikkims political history and finally they will sale Bhutan to India .