‘I have developed an affair with flute’

Aash Man Rai

Despite being physically challenged with low vision in his both eyes, Aash Man Rai of Khudunabari camp has been playing a number of musical instruments since two decades. Among others, he says he has developed an affair with flute and regards that he is more attached to playing flute than other instruments.

The whole camp residents call him ‘Bubu’, which according to him, means ‘brother’ in Rai language. A man of amazing quality, 37-year-old Bubu spends most of his time in the camp-based elderly care center daily, although the center is without any senior citizen. Vidhyapati Mishra of Bhutan News Service talked to him last Friday in Khudunabari camp in the premises of elderly care center. He claims that he has chosen this place to play his flute since his mother is against his attachment to music and musical instruments.


  1. Very touching and heart rendering interview. If the creator has cheated at one aspect he who has given other inborn gift and Mr. Rai has been naturally gifted with such arts. In the ups and downs of life, his struggle to quest his thirst for music would blossom.
    Let’s take the example of Ms. Jhamak Kumari, in the utmost physical disabilities and other complexities; she could become such a laureate. She is extraordinary. Likewise, our Mr. Rai has all such qualities for a professional musician. Only thing he requires is our support. The evolution of a society is judged by the support to the physically challenged people. So why can’t we all join our hands to bring this gentleman in the limelight.
    Good Luck!