Husband hacks his wife to death


An exiled Bhutanese Tuesday night hacked his spouse to death following a family dispute between the couple.

The camp-based Armed Police Force (APF) informed Bhutan News Service that Prem Bahadur Mongar registered at sector D-4 hut number 344, killed his wife, Ran Maya Mongar during a serious quarrel between them. Police informed, Mongar used sharp weapons to kill his wife.

APF arrested the killer while the dead body is taken to Bhadrapur of Jhapa district for postmortem, informed Camp Secretary TB Gurung.

Monger’s neighbours suspected that Ran Maya was fully drunk as her husband returned from Damak.

Reported by Lok Mahara for BNS from Beldangi-I


  1. Hello BNS,
    Are they from Bel-1? Very sad news. Camp authorities need to apply a serious legal standard upon the consumption of alcohols during Dashain and Tihar.
    On this auspicious occasion let our people have a joyous moment than such a disaster.
    Best Wishes

  2. It does ot matter in what camp this incident took place. It is a great human trgedy. An innocent life has been taken away by a drunk man. I feel sorry and prey to God for the victim (Mrs. Ran Maya Monar)’s family.
    Drinking is mother of all the evils in the world. A drunk man can anything bad to his own family. He can sell his own young daughter or can rape her. Here in America, it was a crime to buy, sell or drink beer anywhere even in homes, about 50 years ago because so many wives were complaining to the Government that their husbands came home drunk and started beating them. Drinking beer is still a crime in America even a person drinks beer in public, openly on street.
    Unfortunately somany of men drink beer under the impression that it is good for their health, when in fact, it is not.It does a great harm to brain, and brain loses senses and stops working.