Murderer says HUROB head also leads URFB


Timai, Oct 05: Most wanted murderer Yadav Gurung and his ally Pahal Man Rai, who were arrested by Armed Police Force (APF) from Timai camp on October 2, disclosed the involvement of S.B.Subba, chairperson of Human Rights Organization of Bhutan, with United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan, an underground outfit that stabbed Shantiram Nepal of Beldangi-I and K.B.Khadka of Beldangi-II Extension.

“Yadav has revealed that the underground armed group is operated by S.B.Subba, Ramesh Subba and Tara Mukarung,” said Jai Kumar Chaudhary, Timai-based APF In-charge.

Gurung, who gunshot Lal Bahadur Gurung of Beldangi-II Extension and Shantiram Nepal earlier, admitted that he and his sister-in-law Bhakta Gurung of Timai camp knifed Khadka last month.

Police hunted Bhakta is at large, while Yadav has not yet disclosed the reason of slaying Khadka.

Now the duo is being interrogated at Bhadrapur for further details, said Chaudhary. Earlier, Subba was arrested and released on bail after few days in connection to murder of Nepal.

Subba was not immediately available to comment on the news.


  1. Police should now arrest S.B.Subba and let him face the law. Also concrete efforts should be made to catch Ramesh Subba, Tara Mukarung and Bhakta Gurung. These criminals should be sent to jail as soon as possible for what they did to a good person like K.B.Kharga. No mercy, no politics, just punish the criminals. I wish R.C.Subedi and his accomplices who killed R.K.Budathoki and ran away from Nepal were also arrested in the same manner as the killer of K.B.Kharga was arrested.

  2. Hope this is the true news. If this is really and what the named person has done, we should be seeking safety for our people from these people and not from unknown ones.
    Please let the law play its role and criminals be punished accordingly and finish this mafia type of killing once and for all

  3. Rohit jee,
    Please don’t play the card on racist and discriminatory way. Your comment to name ethnic groups has no place in the modern world. Criminals are after all criminals not the ethnicity are criminals.

    This is a serious concern that you are playing in the name of race. Please do not generalise on the basis of ethnicity.. this will have very serious impact in our community and not acceptable.

    I suggest you to seek apology in the forum and ask the editors to withdraw your comment.

    We are looking into uniting as one community and human being, not dividing.
    I cannot tolerate dividing people on ethnicity. The topic here is criminal and murderers not race.

  4. Rohit jee,
    Yadav, S.B. and Tara can be Gurung, Subba and Rai but all Gurungs, Subbas and Rais can not be only Yadap, SB and Tara. While coming up with comment, please do atleast look at the roles played by these various ethnic groups on bringing social harmony and richness in our community, look at their sacrifice in the pro-democratic movement, their decades suffering as others in the same gettos and slums of refugee camps and do accept that these ethnic groups have the same feelings and aspirations as other do have in the same community.
    On the other hand, as pointed out by many, we all must condemn crime and criminal activities in whatever manner and form they appear in the society. Free and fair investigation must be initiated by the concerned authority. And eventually,all crime doers must be booked and punished as per the law. Money and muscle should not govern.