HUROB felicitates King


Thursday, October 13, in Bhutan, is going to be a day of significance—it is the wedding day of the world’s youngest King, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk. The King will tie nuptial knot with a commoner, Jetsum Pema amidst a special function in Punakha.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Organization of Bhutan (HUROB) has extended warm felicitation to the King on the occasion.

In a statement sent to BNS, the HUROB said “although it is sad to miss to join the rest of the Bhutanese in rejoicing Your Majesty’s nuptial knot with Royal bride Jetsum Pema, who is going to make perfect queen compatible in knowledge and grace to fulfill the royal role in complementing Your Majesty’s task of leading the country ahead matching with the change of time and demand of the 21stcentury.  Perhaps the historic occasion would have been more significant; pomp and joyous if complete Bhutanese community without a part of the subjects having to live in exile were there to celebrate.”

The portrait of the royal couple is fixed to the street lamps on the highway leading to Thimphu last evening in preparation for October 13 royal wedding in Punakha. Photo courtesy/Kuensel.

The statement further added that the Bhutanese in exile feel at least an opportunity to express their dedication and loyalty though living under different circumstances and to Wish Your Majesty and the queen very long, peaceful and prosperous life and leave behind time eternal legacy of best rule of the Wangchuk dynasty.

“This is our prayer and wish to Your Majesty and the Queen that we are firm in our conviction that Your Majesty the king and the queen would accept it without prejudice,” added HUROB.

Further taking the opportunity, the HUROB has cautioned that the Majesty’s responsibility has added up to take care of the family and as well as the state affairs.

“As Your Majesty had said on announcing the marriage in the National Assembly that marriage would not deter in day to day responsibility and not mean to stay away from the public affairs that further strengthen the confidence of the people that Your Majesty’s commitment to the welfare of the people to protect as a parent, care for as a brother and serve as a son. However, Your Majesty, such a philanthropic spirit is not befitting with the present situation when more than one hundred thousand Lhotsampas who are as good Bhutanese as any other northern Bhutanese who served the Wangchuk dynasty with sincerity and dedication and stood always by the side at the time of crisis which history is witness, are banish in exile and the rest who are still living in Bhutan and are Your Majesty’s loyal subjects are not fairly treated with equity and just,” added the statement.

The HUROB has stated that the Majesty need a soul searching in the greater interest of the people and the integrity of the country and resolve the southern Bhutanese problem, particularly the festering refugee problem without dilly dally.

Wishing the Majesty and the Queen very happy, prosperous and long live, the HUROB further said that it firmly believed that the farsighted and sagacious Majesty would genuinely take cognizance of the prolong southern Bhutanese problem, especially the refugees problem and taking into view against the political backdrop around the world and the future consequences that may plague the country.

“Your Majesty should take appropriate step to avoid any such calamity to emerge and demonstrate sincere political and good will to resolve the protracted southern Bhutanese problem including the refugees problem through rapprochement and national reconciliation,” added the statement released by SB Subba, the chairman of HUROB.


  1. If wse have big hope and respects to the King and Queen to solve the refugee problem, then why we failed to celebrate Royal wedding in the Refugee camps in abroad and Nepal, like other Bhutanese living in every part of Bhutan and abroad
    celebrated in their respective places with joy and pride.