HUROB asks Indian PM to discuss refugee issue with Tobgay


The Human Rights Organization of Bhutan (HUROB) has asked Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to discuss the Bhutanese refugee imbroglio with his Bhutan counterpart, Tshering Tobgay, who is in India on his 6-day-long official visit since Friday.

HUROB Chairman SB Subba
HUROB Chairman SB Subba

In an open letter to Dr Singh, HUROB asked him to hold ‘serious parleys’ with PM Tobgay and explore means to repatriate refugees, who have been desperately awaiting dignified repatriation.

The right body also pointed out that the ongoing resettlement has sidelined issue of repatriation, and urged the Singh’s government to understand and respect rights of exiled Bhutanese.

“India being largest democracy in the world and stand by the democratic values and individual rights should exercise its power to convince Bhutan to repatriate the Bhutanese refugees at the earliest,” said HUROB Chairperson, SB Subba, in his letter to the Indian Prime Minister.

He further said, “India should mediate dialogue with the dissident leaders and the Bhutan government for peaceful resolution of the problem through national reconciliation as 15 rounds of bilateral talk between the governments of Nepal and Bhutan were completely a failure and yielded no positive outcome.”


  1. The exiled leaders are still doing their best to live up to the expectations of the Bhutanese people who are desperately trying to go back to Bhutan, where they rightly belonged.
    The Indian leaders are so stubborn that they never hear the plea of people, but they can play the crooked roles to change and dismantle the system in place to fulfill their vested interest.
    I applaud Mr. SB Subba, Dr. Rai and Dr. DNS Dhakal for their commitment for change in Bhutan.
    DB Adikari