Hindu Dharma Samudaya elects new board members


Hindu Dharma Samudaya of Bhutan (HSDB) announced the formation of new board members coinciding with the festival of Mahashivaratri yesterday in Thimphu.

The new board members (Picture courtesy: Kuensel)

The former board consisting of 14 members handed their responsibility to new nine-member committee amid a function in the Hindu temple of Thimphu.

Elected to the board of HSDB are Dr. P L Nirola, Pt. Madhav Adhikari, Tulasi Ram Bhandari, DB Sichuri, BL Gurung, Geeta Sharma, Bedu Prashad Sharma, Hari Pradhan, Dr. Lok Nath Subedi and Ms Kaushila Pradhan.

HSDB formally came to being in May 2009, after registering with the commission of religious organization (chhodey lhentshog). The first board was formed in September 2009 comprising 14 members.

“With nine-member board it is expected to sit for the meeting easily and frequently as required since all of them reside in Thimphu” , said Dipendra Giri, the executive director of Samudaya.

Hindu Dharma Samudaya is the nodal organization for conducting and organizing the different Hindu festivals, organizing the religious discourses, the Puranas and observing the annual Hindu Fesitvals Durga puja and Deepawali.

It aims to promote the study of Sanskrit in Pathsala wherever deemed possible and facilitate the higher level of learning philosophical magnitudes of Sanatan Hindu Dharma and Buddhism.

Education Minister Thakur S Powdyel, Minister Nanda Lal Rai attended the puja in Durga Mandir on the occasion of announcing new board members.


  1. Why in Thimphu? It would have worth if they have stayed and promoted Hindu rituals and other things in Southern Bhutan. It is totally a propaganda from the government to eye wash an international community.

  2. Bed!! you know how to bark; you don’t understand the nature of other side of the coin. It is not a good thing; it was same before 1985 and govt. is doing the same to eye-wash the foolish like you. You are one of the idiots!!

  3. Bed you know well to bark. U r truly an honest servant of good master. Pls be careful when it comes to eating bone. Some kinds of ligament could make you sick to your stomach. Hey sorry to ask this but can’t wait, have u been vaccinated against rabies?

  4. Deepak & Namgyel
    It is worth better to be a “Head” of a Dog than to be a “Tail” of a Tiger. I know you are bad servant s of bad masters. It is always a threat if you take everything into pieces. If you really think on the composition of water, you may find it difficult or afraid to drink it. Don’t be skeptical. Things are made what they are supposed to look like. There are people from Bhutan govt. who got studies in good schools and universities around the world. They might be looking for better and constructive ideas to help common people in their country. I know you are in advanced countries but what have you done so far? Are you case workers, bilingual interpreters, working as job developers etc etc…? If it is so, I have nothing to say you guys. You can enjoy …..

  5. Yes I agree with all the authors for negative comments,yes it is human nature as old Nepali saying goes “maan naa paarnay man.chay ko luga pani gaw..now ..cha” so the Royal government…you all hate present system of governance and leadership…if government does good thing also .. you will say bad comments only.

  6. what a load of crap this is. hindu temple in thimphu while gombas & little chortens flood the southern districts. this P L Nirola is a fake & hardcore champa to the RGB.
    this whole affair is just RGB using Nirola to foll the southern bhutanese & the donor countries.

  7. I truly agree with darjee13. Who doesn’t know Dr. P L Nirola, Pt. Madhav Adhikari, Tulasi Ram Bhandari, BL Gurung, Bedu Prashad Sharma, Hari Pradhan, and Ms Kaushila Pradhan. They were no. 1 chamchas during peaceful demonstration, and also working same like 1990s to ruin our southern Bhutanese people. Why don’t they pressurize govt. to built a single temple in one of the cities of Southern Bhutan to uplift our poor and backward community?? It takes time to mature everybody including Mr. Bed!!!!!!!

  8. Dear Commenter,
    Diversity of views makes the article more beautiful than presented or worse than what it appears if we tilt away from the central axis. Groups with differing views appear struggling from two sides as at TUG OF WAR, opposing the other although without expressing religious views in this case. To my observation, the matter is more cultural than religious. As such, sentimental issues void of Salvation must be brushed aside to maintain cordial relation in the society.

    I consider RELIGIONs as OPIATE OF THE MASS and feel unmoved by them (Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam or any cult that grumbles with itself…). I can meddle as UMPIRE between the teams at conflict against each other in which victorious do not gain and looser do not lose anything beside the debate they are entangled with.

    Having a Hindu Temple in Thimphu conveys more sense to the citizenry at large. In Bhutan, capital plays important role of directing sense of the public, displaying the temperance of authorities towards certain issue in question. Hindu Temple is the issue in question here. As such, if Hinduism has any message of benefit to the public, temperance has been displayed towards it from governors in the capital permitting to disseminate any message to the general public or exemplifying the practice thereof.

    Regarding setting up of new Buddhist shrines in the Southern belt, it is done with the sense of fear among the rulers, seeking protection of the northern deities to enjoy same spiritual fervor in the territories declared as Buddhist precinct! At the end of the day people have to break down the wall of superstition that now helps the state to govern by its ideology to peep into the SPIRITUALITY. HUMANITY of Bhutanese souls should prevail thereafter establishing personal relationship between individual soul, his Creator, Sustainer, Savior and the neighbors for healthy existence. Lets watch each other with respect for good deeds feigned or fair without causing the offence.

  9. U all who comments in either side are asshole. Y u guys always petdicts a corrupted politics if either you don’t know how to acknowledge for something. Do u guys know what?, ” because of dickhead brain 1000s innocent citizens results to left the country. So, do something better but do not rule for future because politics is always fucking cyclone that anything could happen. Common bring the better solutions Mr, NAMGYLE, BED, DARJEE, and DIPAK.
    U guys sound’s like genius but never show ur compliment in better deed.

  10. to all of you crappies here……the truth is that the temple in thimphu serves only a few hundred bahuns who we all know are the root cause of disunity amongst the southern bhutanese. the majority (80%) of the southern bhutanese are tribals (gurungs, limbus, rais, mongars, tamangs, lepchas, sherpas etals…..) who practice a mix of budhism/animism & have no connections to hinduism.

    these bahuns want to promote NOT religion BUT their own foothold/survival in country. remember that bahuns have always been cunning in living off other people. the very holy books they chant to make their living is in fact stolen from the “kamis’ (biswakarma). indeed the education minister thakur singh kami (nee paudel) should lay claim to the thimphu temple while he has his puppet mater JYT in power.