High school graduates honored in NH


The Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) has honored Bhutanese high school students graduated from different schools the state in 2011 amidst a special function in Concord, New Hampshire on Friday.

According to BCNH, a two-hour long program was organized in Oasis Christian Church in Concord, NH. A sizeable number of American guests including from the resettlement agency, teachers from Concord High School, representatives from different colleges, officials from different non-profit organizations, volunteers and resettled Bhutanese folks in the state attended the function.

Students after receiving the honor. Photo Courtesy/Rajesh Koirala.

BCNH further stated that Megan Brecy from United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) was the keynote speaker of the function. During the program, Megan congratulated the grads and suggested that no matter what they want to do with their life but need an education.

Speaking about the function, Bhagirath Khatiwada, Deputy Executive Director of BCNH stressed students on taking responsibility in their studies. Emphasizing education as biggest asset, Khatiwada called on each of the students to set their goals for their education and do everything they can to meet their goals.

BCNH Executive Director, Tika Acharya motivated students to use their intelect to be successful in their life. Do not let your family down or your community down, he added.

Another speaker, Annamarie Dipasquale, School Liaison from Lutheran Social Services stressed on involvement of parents in successful outcome of children. Congratulating the graduates, Dipasquale highlighted on difference of earning between high school diploma and college degree for the same job.

Linda Banks, Program Director, ELL Teacher, Concord High School stated that it is important for students to work hard in college to be successful.

Addressing the function, Jesica Santos, State Grant Coordinator, Department of Health & Human Services motivated students to be serious in their studies and put their best effort into everything they do.

Dawn Higgins, Director of Cross-Cultural Education and ESOL from New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI) congratulated and extended warm welcome to the students at NHTI. Similarly, John Doucette, Admission Counselor & Transfer Students Coordinator from New England College said that he was happy to have Bhutanese students in his college. He further said that the college door for Bhutanese students is always open.

Parents’ representative Parsu Nepal encouraged students to excel in their studies through research and hard work. We need every single student to develop their talents and skills to challenge hardship in their life, he added.

Speaking in the program, students’ representatives from three cities requested school administration to properly evaluate their transcripts from Nepal. They also thanked their supportive parents and caring community members.

During the function, Devika Bhandari offered vote of thanks to the audience and guests presented at the program.


  1. congrats all my friend. you are the guys who gonna write the history of Untold.

    you guys are the future for tried communities……. be wake up and changes this world.

    congrats million million times on behalf of Bhutanese

  2. Praiseworthy move!! Positively intentioned!! Let this be continued since this serves as awesome precedence that helps embolden every individual’s confidence, and direct our newer generation navigate well through odds of life.