High Court stops issuing marriage certificates


Citing lack of proper guidelines, the High Court of Bhutan stopped issuing marriage certificates for couples if one partner is non-Bhutanese from last week.

The High Court of Bhutan

The Court officials, who refused to elaborate how they used to legalize such nuptials in the past, however, told media-persons that they expected a solution about the complexity within this year.

The Bhutan News Service has learnt that dozens of couples, who were called to collect their certificates, returned empty-handed last week following the Court’s decision to give a temporary pause for issuing marriage certificates.

The government-mouth piece reported Sunday that over 200 couples, mostly with Indian women married to Bhutanese, have been victimized from the decision.

Some of the comment posts that appeared in a few websites following the decision accused the Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley’s government of playing another tactics to bar Nepali-speaking citizens from exercising their basic rights including rights to citizenship, education, travel and employment.

They claimed that majority of couples, who have been denied of marriage certificates, are Lhotshampas.


  1. Black and white,
    This is another tactics of anti national elements to UN-necessarily drag peace loving sharshops community into their group, just to win the heart and mind of sharshops.. In fact , sharshops has 50% population of Bhutan, holding majority high posts in government,business and other activities. They are happy in Bhutan,coz they are no where to go as Nepali went to Nepal.
    Regarding marriage certificate, this rule applies to every citizen of Bhutan not only Nepali and Sharshops as you have mentioned.

  2. @ Bardewa, Do you know what a marriage and family values are? Please don’t play on sentiments of victims. What type of rule are you talking about? Yesterday it was okay and today not? Did the so called Supreme Court issued standing order on the issue of Marriage Certificate? While, do you know what the meaning of standing order is and how a democratic government function? By the way are you Nepal origin. I know Bardewas are one set of people of nepali origin who based their lives on tailoring professionals as traditional occupation. Is your origin same? Aren’t you the same? Shame on you, when one is in pain you feel you have a gain. Any way people of GNH should be Happy, and those happy are like you.

  3. Rekha ji,
    I am allergic with so called Adhikari/chhetri/Bahun etc. They keep distance and look down to our caste. Clever people you are…regarding non issue of M/c it applies to every citizen of bhutan,I mean not to depopulate Lotshampa and sharshop community as black and white mentioned.
    So what should I feel shame..it is fact.
    Lets stop bullying each other.. time has changed..no body will lesson to false and baseless allegation. Such allegation will generate more distrust to Nepali community in the international community in long run.

  4. Hey dear, Ram Bahadur Bardewa! Do you live in Bhutan? I think you are deployed by Wangchucks to propagate their goodies. Remember my friend if you are inside Bhutan, you would know the real situation of our Sharshop community.

    I doubt, you might be Nepali from Nepal, or a fake Wangchuck at Thimphu square. By way Mr. Black and White, you don’t need to explain, we all know our peoples’ situation today. Not only Sharshop, Lhotshampa, but many Nhalungs in far North are still out of basic needs. But this Wangchucks seems to be happy with the mantra of GNH.


  5. We are happy in Bhutan,we are equally treated by our,Government,our drukpa brother & sisters irrespective of caste,creed and religion in Bhutan.

    But fellow nepali people like Bawan/chettri still keep distance with low caste,they down look us,they do not allow to enter us in their house,they even do not drink water from our hand.

    Therefore,so called black & white parsad Bhandari, Rekha Adhikari, Sonam Budathoki,fake pope sharma etc have no any rights talking about human rights and basic needs of Bhutanese citizens .

  6. Dear editor could you please track and filter to block the MAC and IP address of this fake so called- Ram Bahadur Bardewa. He is no other than one of the WANGCHUCK from Thimphu, who is creating a dirty water for fishing.

    We need to be cautious with these bunch of social vandalist and bureaucrat deployed by Jigme, who are commenting with poisonous intention.

  7. We are fighting for the human rights/fundamental rights and democracy in Bhutan.Therefore,every body has right to express his/her feelings.
    Therefore, question of tracking/blocking the MAC/IP address is against the rule of Democracy /
    freedom of expression. So we should not step into TALIBAN breed.

  8. its almost 2 years the article was published. has bhutan news services followed up on this article?

    news has it that non-national married to bhutanese are still kept in limbo and tha system has begun to harass the non-national by restricting their travel to be with their families.

    the immigration ministry do not allow the non-national spouse to live in bhutan with their family n children more than 4weeks, and once the spouse exit the country they are not allowed to be united with the loved once for an extended period of 1 month (termed by bhutanese as “cooling period”), soon i believe the extended period is going to be 3 months. IS THE GOVERNMENT OF BHUTAN TRYING TO INDIRECTLY TO TELL THE UNFORTUNATE COUPLE TO SPLIT? the process seems so.

    if this is the case, then the same kind of law should be applied to bhutanese living outside their country.

    in india bhutanese are free to live, work, do business etc but when it comes to bhutan, its forbidden.

    poor souls, who are bound in love and marriage with no objections from family and friends but the government of bhutan.

    i think its high time the government of bhutan amended the marriage law and respect the couples lives.

    the land of GNH (gross national happiness) do not seem to really care about the feeling of every individual citizens. ITS A VERY SAD STORY, GNH (gone non-national happiness).

    hope someone is listening.