Heart attack takes life in Kansas


Reports received late confirmed the death of Gore Rai, 33, in Kansas City, Kansas of United States.

According to family sources, the death was due to heart attack on October 3 in his apartment.

Following the death, the funeral procedure was performed on October 6 in Highland Park Cemetery in Kansas with the presence of resettled Bhutanese, Catholic Charities, Bhutanese Community of Kansas and other local organizations. In a condolence exchange program organized by the Bhutanese Community of Kansas, Jesika Jig, representative of Catholic Charities, appealed and requested bereaved family and the community members to perform funeral rites of late Rai in accordance with their traditional values.

Rai, born in Denchuka block of Samchi District was a member of Bhutanese Community of Kansas and was resettled in USA in March 2010. He is survived by his wife, Santa Rai and a daughter.

This is the first death case of resettled Bhutanese in Kansas.

Reported by Bholanath Siwakoti.