Haryana plans to set up 2000 MW hydel in Bhutan


Investing around 20,000 crore Indian currency, Indian state of Haryana is eyeing to set up 2,000 MW hydroelectric project in Bhutan for meeting is mounting energy demands.

Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda

A high power delegation, let by Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, is set to visit Bhutan on December 14, to explore the possibility of setting up the plant in Bhutan, online edition of The Indian Express (TIE) reported, Tuesday.

Power Minister Captain Ajay Singh Yadav confirmed that the government was exploring the idea of setting up a hydroelectric plant outside the state, the report said.

“It is at a preliminary stage but it’s true that we want to rid the state of the power crisis. We are actually in talks with the Bhutanese government. Senior officers have already taken stock of the situation and soon a decision will be taken,” Yadav said.

The state government has informally informed the Ministry of External Affairs about its plan. Only after an agreement is reached with Bhutan, however, will the Haryana government formally seek the Centre’s permission for the hydro-electric project, added the report.

If Haryana reaches an agreement with the Bhutan government, it will be the first time that a state has done so.


  1. As if there is no rivers in India with hydro power capacity. Northern part of India has the same topography as Bhutan with numerous rivers. Indian people oppose hydro projects be ause it desplces large number of people. Environmentalists in India also are against such projects because it affects the ecology. Indian Government doesn’t want to face this while they can easily build such projects in Bhutan.
    Bhutanese, like fools don’t care about its empact on environment as long as they can become rich quick. Indians are taking them for a ride.

  2. I agree, Maya. Morally speaking, the mass murder of the Bhutanese populace is on ongoing in the name of various DEVELOPMENT Programs, mainly the HYDRO-POWER that takes away our ancestral properties and rights. I do not know why the Bhutanese public is sleeping so far. It is already time to rise up and protect our beautiful society, culture, customs, natural environment and ecology, taking revenge against the murderers that killed us on the broad day light making wealth from the exploitation of the Bhutanese public!