Handshaking of 51 hours ends in Jhapa

Neel Hari Upreti (left) shakes hand with Dik Man Gurung (Picture : Tilak Niraula/BNS)

A continuous handshaking of 51 hours ended earlier today in Beldangi-II of Jhapa.

Neel Hari Upreti and Dik Man Gurung successfully completed the 51-hour-long handshaking at AMDA Hall at 13:00 hours on Thursday, declaring their determination to set a new record of 70 hours in the Guinness World Record in near future.

Neel Hari Upreti (left) shakes hand with Dik Man Gurung (Picture : Tilak Niraula/BNS)

The duo, who staged 24 hours and 36 hours handshaking earlier in Timai and Khudunabari respectively, said they gained a lot of experience and would set a new record following their final demonstration in Kathmandu sometime later this year.

“We have already challenged the existing record of 44 hours by two Nepalese brothers,” Upreti told mediapersons after the event. “However, we are to officially register our record.”

Over three dozens of judges from different background monitored the handshaking program on rotation basis at AMDA Hall, informed Shekar Rizal, one of the organizing team members.

According to Upreti’s claim, their attempt to register names in the Guinness Book was first of its kind in Jhapa and Morang.

“Our attempt has revealed that refugees do have hidden talents. Indeed, we aim to represent the entire refugee community in the Guinness World Record,” expressed another youth Gurung.

Thousands of fellow-countrymen expressed their support and solidarity for the event.

“However, the support is still insufficient,” Gurung further said,” We want our people to assist us financially to meet our expenses for the final demonstration yet to be staged sometime later this year in Kathmandu.”

According to the duo, several resettled friends and relatives have assured them of supporting financially.

“We are hopeful that we’ll be able to garner the sufficient funds for registering our name in the Guinness Book,” added Upreti.


  1. hey folks, I am ashemed by your act. This is second time reading this peace of article. What a non-sense idea. Do something which is worth in registering in the “Guinness Book”. Let no non-bhutanese know this fact, it is a madness.

  2. what a mad act you guys are displaying. What do you wanna achieve by this act? It may be strenuous but what will be the end products? Will your hand sake bring any special skills in you and the community? This is a shear waste of time. Why don’t you do something else better than this. This made me ashamed to know that you guys are undergoing sheer useless thing. You better study and be a useful citizens. Don’t show चर्तिकला . I am also fed up to see this kind of annoyance thing.
    Why do you want to waste the resources of your friends and family by indulging in non productive activity. Come sense folks.

  3. What the hell they doing .shaking hand doesnot make any sense. They don’t have to do any work in camp .so the way of spending time.that is just more stupid than funny lol. Do another stupid and get record for next . Plz do something creative boys

  4. Every commenters above me were aginst Neel Hari Upreti and Dik Man Gurung eforts to keep record in Guinness World Record . This sounds stupid to them. But I am on their side. First of all most of the Guinness world record were stupid like,
    Farthest Squirting of Milk from the Eye
    Largest Collection of Clocks
    Largest Collection of ‘Do Not Disturb Signs’
    Most Married Person
    Most People Brushing Their Teeth Simultaneously
    Most Snails on Face
    The World’s Loudest Burp etc.
    If you guys do google search on above topic you would really laugh looking at this stupid record, embarass yourself and say Neel Hari Upreti and Dik Man Gurung go ahead guys you are doing good job.

    It is well known that to keep Guinness World Record one has to perform uniquely or break previous record. These guys are trying to break previous record and moreover, they are only the Bhutanese in exile to try for Guinness World Record. So lets encourage them. To stay for 51 hours shaking hand is not a metter of joke dude,,,and I think you haven’t think of it before these guys. Ironically those who are against them are seemed to be stupid for me.

    Hence, I wish good luck for Guinness World Record to Neel Hari Upreti and Dik Man Gurung .

  5. The steps your guys are taking is awesome and I would like to wish you all the best for future programs.
    But regarding financial issue be clear that there are no any financial trees that grows in the countries where refugees are resettled.It is easy to earn money in Nepal rather than in third countries…. No money bearing trees…suckers…

  6. Thankyou Mr. Shyamber and Mr. Bhim for making me laugh by your cheap comments at someone who wants to do something! I am sure by updating yourself from this website you must be Bhutanese. Tell me if you did anything better than these two boys when you were in the camp? Well no one has told you fellows to be ashamed of….infact do you guys have any good quality that you feel ashamed by these young boys? I am sorry to say this but I wished you did something better that them and showed to the world the way they are trying to. You might have helped the world know about refugees being chased out of Bhutan but these two young gentlemen are trying to show the world that even a refugee with hope can do something that no one dared to do!! Oh I forgot something! If you feel that they are wasting their time, how about you not waste your time giving funny comments. Or how about you using your time learning english so that atleast you can write something grammatically correct. I laughed at your english more than your comment too…hahaha…
    Mr. Gopal its sad that you have only picked some of the “stupid” guiness world records. There are thousands of them and you chose the ones that sounds “stupid”. By the way for your kind information you dont need to google it. For Guiness records go to its website and see how famous it is in the world and to register your name in it is not a matter of joke.
    Lastly, congratulations to Neelhari and Dik Man and wish you all the best to write your name in the Guiness Book of records.

  7. For anything to be creative, primarily two things need to be fulfilled: novelty and effectiveness. what these two guys did seems to have novelty anyway but is lacking effectiveness. So their act being challenging is worthy enough for the record but not the same in terms of if it is a creative idea.

  8. Mr. Jiwan, do not comment anybody if you do not know much, your english is poor enough. I don’t say, I am smart in english,but I can write better than you. I did not laugh with your english and grammer, but I highly appreciated you, because have made a good effort to your best. Read again your english, check grammers and punctuations, there are plenty of mistakes. Firstly, you need to learn, there is no any particular rule for writing comments for news paper articles. You can use any symbols, dashes, arrows, stars etc. or even slangs, informal english etc. If you feel you are smart, and know rules for news paper articles comments, cite some references. Let you read some other news paper aricles commments and tell me wether they are grammertically correct or not. This is not a right palce to make correction, but as you have stated as if you make no mistakes. Let me find few mistakes out of plenty. The first word of your first sentence of the above comments itself is a mistake, “Thankyou”. Let me point out your mistakes in the your first sentence only. “to do something! I am sure” check this. There is unnecessary exclamatory sign which is not correct. You need to learn where to use exclamatory sign. The first sentence itself is not correct, it isa vague sentence. What does it mean? A good and a correct sentence have two parts; a subject and a predicate. Does “I am sure by updating yourself from this website you must be Bhutanese” gives any sense? Here you have missused the word “updating”, probably you do not know its meaning. “website you must be Bhutanese” if I have to talk this part only, you have missed a prepostion if front of the word “bhutanese”. There should “a bhutanese”. Well, there are too many mistakes in your above comment, I do not want to waste my time. I would like help you
    rewriting your first sentence in accordance to english grammer rule. If I were you, I could have written in a better way. let me write. “Thank you, Mr. Shyamber and Mr. Bhim for making me laugh, by your cheap comments at someone who are trying to do something. ” I am sure by updating yourself from this website you must be Bhutanese.” this part does not have any sense.
    Mr. Jiwan, by now you should have found the difference, wether your english is better or mine. Mr. Jiwan, you are far behind. Can you guess, how did I do 17 years in refugee camp? I did not simply waste my time shaking hand.
    Thank you

  9. Dear Mr. Bhim,
    You know what, I really appreciate your effort for clearly reading my comment. I furthermore appreciate you for pointing out my mistakes. Firstly I feel sad because while you were so voraciously searching for errors in my comment you have missed the meaning of it. So I recommend you to read it once more. Secondly I did not know you were so good in correcting English. Since you show your interest in helping me, how about correcting some of my articles? I will pay you good man!
    Anyways I never meant to hurt you! I am sure had you not been hurt my conscience says you would not have taken so long time correcting my English so discreetly. Job well done boy. How about not wasting your time and applying for a post of an Editor in this website?
    Lastly, you might have already started searching for errors in this comment, so please don’t forget to read my previous comment. haha….
    Oh yeah one more thing…Congratulations..now I came to know that you have not wasted your 17 years in the camp. Instead you have learnt a good English. Is this another Guiness world record that I have not yet updated???

    Well brother, let me tell you one thing. People have different talents. Some are good in sports, some are good in painting like you are good in correcting others’ English. All are not born same and everyone doesn’t think alike. Or else world would not have been the same and we would not have been refugees! Similarly, your thinking might completely differ with those two young budding boys. For you it might be a waste of time. But for them they have spent sleepless nights to make it a history and it can never be a waste for them. They will remember it throughout their life. I will definitely be proud of them and will be happy to tell my colleagues that someone from my background too has set a record. Its in fact a joy for me. But I appreciate you too because you think it as a sheer waste of time. But even if I was in your place with your way of thinking, I would have surely congratulated them and wished them luck instead of showering curses on them because they are aiming for something that I never thought of and never dared to do.
    Anyways it is all upto us. I just felt bad seeing your comment that is why I gave a bad remark. I am sorry if you are hurt in anyway.
    Since you are a person who doesn’t like “wasting time”, I would appreciate you more if you not waste your time again correcting my grammar!

    With love,