H1N1 hits Bhutan once again


Days after government’s claim that Bhutan is H1N1 free,  Damphu Lower Secondry School In Tshirang has to be shut down  since yesterday due to Swine Flu outbreak.

One student tested positive for Influenza A yesterday and 40 others showed influenza like illness. About 280 people with the flu like symptoms visited the Damphu hospital since July 22 and 10 people have been tested positive so far.

The school first noticed  H1N1 when one of the students was tested positive for influenza A followed by other 40 students who had flue like symptoms. Damphu hospital has remained crowded since July  22 after the flow of over 280 people with flu-symptoms. So far, 10 people have been tested positive.

The H1N1 outbreak was confirmed by the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) in Thimphu last Saturday, after three out of five samples tested positive.

Although, the NPHL  had earlier reported a gradual decrease in the number of people who have been coming there to get tested for H1N1, this has been the second time that the country has seen the swine flu spread . Earlier, schools in Samtse district had to be closed for sometimes in the second week of June  due to the same reason.