Govt, Caritas provide cash assistance to fire victims


The District Administration Office (DAO) under the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal and Caritas Nepal, the educational caretaker of Bhutanese refugees, provided cash assistances to Beldangi fire victims, Wednesday.

A government team lead by Chief District Officer of Jhapa, Narendra Sharma, distributed Rs 2,000 each for every burnt hut and Rs 1,500 for each dismantled hut.

The Caritas Nepal also donated the same amount for the affected exiled Bhutanese earlier today, according to Beldangi Camp Secretary, Dhan Bir Subba.

Secretary Subba said, both the units provided cash assistances to 66 burnt and 24 dismantled huts. However, the camp management committee hasn’t finalized the data of all affected huts, he claimed.

An unidentified fire on Tuesday displaced over 400 individuals belonging to various 85 huts of Sector C3 and C4 in Beldangi-II.