Government asks for pay hike


images bhutan currencyAfter completing hundred days of reign in power, the PDP government, much appreciated for taking he austerity measures, now revert to the ‘pay rise’ agenda. The government has asked the pay commission to review the salary of Prime Minister and Ministers on November 13.

Although the pay rise for ministerial posts was recommended by earlier government, Tshering Tobgay’s cabinet decided not to benefit from the increase when the country was going through economic turmoil.

To a question why the government has to review the pay scale, Home Minister, Damcho Dorji answered, “it is left to the pay commission to decide.”

The opposition leader of the national assembly, Pema Gyamtsho said it was the prerogative of the government to ask the pay commission to look into it.

Dr. Sonam Kinga, the head of National Council is of different opinion to this agenda. He said that it is necessary to narrow the gap of income inequality to move towards a more equal society.

According to him, it can be achieved by increasing pay and allowances to people in lower income brackets and make more meaningful increment in the minimum wage.

“Moreover we need to control the escalating rental price and price of consumer goods,” he said.

Some parliament members who preferred to remain anonymous were of the opinion that it was contradictory step to have cross-cutting measures to address the crisis in place and asking to review the salary.

According to the constitution, the recommendation of the commission will only be implemented if the cabinet approves based on the modifications and conditions imposed by the Parliament.