Improving democracy index: EIU


The 2010 Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) democracy index has ranked Bhutan in the 102nd position out of 167 countries. The country has scored 4.68 points contrary to 109th position in 2008 with 4.30 points. The scores in political culture and civil liberties have remained unchanged from 2008.

Bhutan has seen such an improvement in the ranking due to better scores in the electoral process and pluralism and functioning of the government.

Siok Sian Pek Dorji, the executive director of Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy said that it was too early for Bhutan’s democracy to be pitched against other democracies around the world. She further added that Bhutan’s democracy was different as it did not come out of a crisis but was a gift from the monarch.

According to EIU, an economic and research branch of The Economist, most of the answers used for the survey are expert assessents. For some answers, public opinion surveys were carried out in the respective countries. But the report does not indicate what kind of expertise was used and how many experts were involved.

Norway, Iceland and Denmark are the top three countries on the index scoring 9.80, 9.65 and 9.52 respectively. Among SAARC countries, India has been ranked 40th, Sri Lanka 55th, Pakistan 104th, Nepal 108th and Afghanistan 150th.

The report highlights that there has been a decline in democracies across the world since 2008.

This is the third edition of the EIU democracy index.


  1. Siok Sian Pek Dorji is a naive and has no shame in saying there was no crisis in Bhutan and democracy was gift from king. What a shameless and baseless statement! She should know democracy dawned in Bhutan as a result of those Bhutanese citizens who struggled for it, who went to jail, lost their homes and sacrificed their lives. Read the UN dossiers on human rights in Bhutan, read the reports published by Amnesty International, EU resolutions, reports by various international human rights groups and the reports by US State Departmnet. Former king JSW had no choice but to declare democracy on the conditions Bhutanese who were exiled would not be allowed to return to Bhutan and that his dynasty is safe by making JKNW as the next king. If democracy was a gift from JSW and if he was so concerened about his people then he should have allowed return of people who were kicked out from Bhutan on his orders. Democracy was never never a gift from king JSW, in fact he hated the very idea it’s why he uprooted those who voiced for democracy, freedom and equality. Now stop such stupid statement and tell the truth. The truth is democracy is the inalienable rights of the people and it is a big joke to say somebody gave it as a gift. I don’t understand how they run the Bhutan centre for media and democracy with people like Pek who still think and propagate democarcy could be a gift from a human being to other human beings. Democracy is not something you give out as a gift, it is not a commodity nor a reward but it is a system of governance where rights and freedoms of people are secured and protected by LAW and kings like JSW will have no guts to violate them.

  2. Siok Sian Pek Dorji is a Singaporean married to Kinley Dorji, former Editor of Kuensel. She is right to speak for the palace, because she needs to stick to the job to make her life for her children and future generations. For her democracy for Bhutan is a gem from from the palace.

  3. Very well argued Kailashjee. Even the junk Jigme Thinley after his party’s victory on the general election very lightly used this phrase ‘democracy is the gift from king’ and dedicated his victory to the king. He was never gratified with the votes from people. It is their understanding level. These bagas are very tactical in gaining the sympathy and this is how they survived till date. They are parasites.
    We need to teach them the lessons. Lessons of democracy and its value.

  4. Mr.Dorji seems to be Jigme regime- feded.He seems to be speaking with great partiality supporting the cruel autocratic wrong-ruler.His sayings are anti humanism.He forgot 120 thausand bhutanese citizens soughted for human right in bhutan.He was deaf and blind when RBA and RBP shotdead the citizens,rapped the women and girls and burnt the houses and ordered arbitrary physical punishments and threatinings to the citizens to leave the country with in the ordered date.