GoN urges US to pressurize Bhutan


Nepalese Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has urged US Department of State Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy R Sherman to seriously think over repatriation of exiled Bhutanese, Thursday.

Nepalese Prime Minister (right) with US visiting diplomat Sherman (Courtesy : Prime Minister's Office, Kathmandu)

During a profiled meeting with the visiting US diplomat in Kathmandu, the Prime Minister has mentioned that his government was thankful for America for accepting thousands of Bhutanese citizens for resettlement but has been expecting serious exercise from the US government on repatriating exiled Bhutanese, Parsuram Kaphle wrote in one of the dailies published from Kathmandu today.

PM Bhattarai has informed Sherman that involvement of the United States of America and India could bring significant effect in materializing repatriation of Bhutuanese citizens from UN-monitored camps in Nepal, said the report.

According to a press note issued by the PM’s office after the meeting, the visiting US top diplomat also made enquiries about the future course of Nepal’s foreign policy. To this the PM responded, “Traditionally, Nepal was taken as a buffer state between India and China. But now onwards it will transform into a vibrant bridge between these two emerging powers.”

Meanwhile, the US diplomat has also requested Nepal to start registering Tibetan refugees. The Nepalese PM was quoted as saying that Nepal has been treating all refugees based on international norms and principles.

“We want better relations with not only India and China but also with the United States. Our relations with India, China and the US will depend on international power balance,” the PM said.

This is the first high-level visit from the United States in a decade. In 2002, the then Secretary of State Colin Powel had visited Nepal, reported the Kathmandu Post.


  1. hi people,

    i am from usa and i came across your article, i just thought of commenting a bit as it seems interesting. usa was in nepal because to scrutinize tibetan refugees who were believed to be treated badly in the recent years. Secondly to indirectly stop nepali govt. to be puppet of china.
    on the other hand usa and whole world knows that Bhutan has no real refugees, and also we understand that you are home in nepal but started this group after several years of settlement in nepal. so by this fact world considers you all as original nepali groups. on the contrary there are people too who supports you aesthetically, thats why after request of bhutan govt. many were resettle to west, while if nepal was to play the only role she would fetch you none because there is no basis …cheers..and happy sunday..

  2. @Krom Cook. You talk such nonsense that it is hardly interesting to respond. Obviously history, international politics and knowledge about the situations in Bhutan and Nepal are not part of your thinking. You talk gibberish.

    As for the news item. This is serious and positive business. Especially while this statement is made during the Bhutanese deceitful presentations at the UN about Gross National Happiness and the persistent unwillingness of the Bhutanese govt to take it’s citizins back.

    It seems that we’re entering a time with over half of the exiles resettled to the west that the consequences of forceful exile and diaspora will no longer remain unnoticed by the public and governments. Simply because the history and issue of the exile can not stay under the hood with so many people gaining access to free press and media in the west. When the exiled Bhutanese use their opportunities for advocating their rights to be acknowledged as citizens of Bhutan it will be a certain thing that western governments who have been funding both the refugee camps as the resettlement will start building pressure on Bhutan to accept responsibilty.

    Thing is, history always uncovers government led human rights violations and that always have dire consequences for these governments who are guilty of the violations. Bhutan will not escape that fate. And looking at history in the Himalayan region it is also obvious that monarchies that do not honor the rights of their people will in the end loose faith with it’s people and take a deep fall. If both monarchy and government of Bhutan want to survive in history in the coming decennia, with about 1/6th of its population thrown around the globe unwillingly, there is only one way to go.

    The international community will in the end not continue to accept the Bhutanese lies. They may only need a little push by unveiling the truth in the free media by film, books and protest. Wether that happens is largely up to the exiled Bhutanese themselves.

  3. krom cook, is clearly an agent of JIgme Singye at Thimphu. Do not create misunderstanding and buzz in our people. We all believe, Bhutan, in the name of practicing one nation one people, throws nearly around 1/6th of its population out of the country.

    Still today, Bhutan is practicing the Language, culture, religion, dress-code, and values of Wangchuck dynesty. While other have been neglected or mistreated like a hell.

    This is what most of us understand here at USA. We also know the drama of GNH, but our first priority is to bring Bhutan government under our control, and to allow our christian community to practice freedom of religion over there.

    While our government do have other vested interest, but let us make it simple here.


  4. Do you see krom cook’s comment above. He says- cheers..and happy sunday.. on his post on April 6, 2012 at 9:56 am. Is not he retarded to say he is in USA. Coz April 6, 2012 is not Sunday here in USA, but would definitely be already Sunday night there in Bhutan right now here is still saturday morning.

  5. Krom cook (Another Wangchuck), do you think you wangchuck were in Bhutan before stone age?

    You still believe that your pound is your universe. Your king make you isolated till 1990. No television, no transportation, no means of communication. So, how could you know more about this huge globe? How could you know what is going around the world?

    Do you know those Bhutanese refugee from your country(Bhutan) would soon be US citizen ? Do they had to came to US before stone age to be American ? Is so, you are still in jungle.

    Get out and see the world, it is dam beautiful!


  6. David! I am humanitarian and i am research in whole Europe covering some parts of northeast and south east Asia too. I don’t stay in same place and don’t get me wrong for my identity. I posted this when i was in Japan for some research. Also i have already finished my research in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Burma.
    I have rooted my intentions on the historical facts during the time of old stone age…don’t take me for jungle-man for I know your Nepal’s status. Cheers, i don’t intend to hurt you people for I know the history well. sorry, i will soon have presentation on this later this fall.

  7. How come a researcher could post this crap and non-scense comments here at BNS. This person so called Krom Cook (Wangchuck’s grandson), is manufactured product, whose intension in earth is to lie people and make confusion.

    My friend Cook(Wangchuck’s grandson), you are polishing your own status. You are self crediting yourself. Who the hell in earth, would say I am a researcher, and I move around the world, going to do a presentation, and finally write a useless and non sense comments in publication media?

    Are you kidding me?

    To be honest, as Mr. David Brown stated above, ” You better educate yourself and your Bhutanese community about the fact that had been hidden since long time. You better make your mind broad and fresh to understand the gravity and value of diverse community and multi-culturasim. Other wise as said above you will continue to live in jungle with out exploring the beauty and the gifts of mother nature.

    Love to respect other’s culture, religions, custom, values, language than you will be considered as a Homo sapiens of 21st Century, other wise your attitude would no difference than a chimps.


  8. yes i do respect others religion and culture. I respect Hindu in India and Nepal , Buddhism in Tibet and Bhutan, Christians in the west, Muslims in middle east.
    Oh Black and White—–you are getting me wrong man…I am not Bhutanese , if i were I would be luckiest man in the world. I have seen Bhutan where she doubled her neighbor’s (India) GDP growth in recent times. She as a most peaceful and happiest nation in the world. Bhutan is least known in the world (besides Buddhist countries).. because there is no problems, terrors, wars, poverty and people are so mild, soft and kind. They have strong culture and tradition which large group of Asian countries do share. I am just an Christian but once learning about Bhutan one cannot stop falling in love. I JUST COULD NT BLAME GRAVITY FOR FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN AND AGAIN, OVER AND OVER…


  9. Do not feel shame on you! People are dying in pain, no pain medication in Thimphu also. Value of currency is slopping down with rupee crunch. Youth violence is sky rocketing. Richer are getting reacher and poorer are still under poverty line.

    Your Wangchuck uncle is still working hard to preserve his own language, culture, dress code. What did he ever do to prosper the Sharshops and Lhotshampas community. Where is the freedom of cultural diversity? Where is the respect for freedom of religion?

    If you Google- Bhutaneserefugee.com you would see about how Bhutan is known to the world. It is know as number one country in the world to have largest number of its people refugee compared to its total population. This is what Bhutan is Today.

    krom cook, you better stop being funny to all of us. You better start to think about those people in problems inside bhutan. Do not ever do any thing nonsense like Jigmey Y Thinley by preaching the Happiness to world, while more than 60% percent population is stressed and unhappy with today Bhutan’s economy.

    I am sorry for you my friend krom cook, do not try to be westerner with out holding the sprite and value they have over Human rights and freedom.

    You might fell uncomfortable, but it is the bitter truth of Bhutan.

    Find more at Bhutaneserefugee.com