Goldhap camp completely inundated


Kathmandu, August 20, 2009: The continued torrent for the last 12 hours has completely inundated Goldhap camp on Thursday morning, reports from the camp say.

According to the residents, overflow of river Deuniya and a rivulet Baiterni led to inundation of the camp from both the sides.

Since the water does not have force, no houses are reported to be washed away. Residents say, the increasing level of water is likely to wash away the camp.

By the time this report was filed, water level inside the camp has reached as deep as waist. People have rushed to safer side leaving few members at hut to look after the properties.

The river started pouring into the camp at around 1:00 am and is continually rising though the rainfall has stopped. Due to darkness, people do not have much mobility and are unable to know the complete situation.

Similarly, reports from Beldangi II extension say that a woman named Dhan Maya Magar from sector B4 died when she was washed away by the Mau river on Wednesday morning. She was returning home after collecting firewood.
Her body was recovered some 200 m down the river crossing area, police said.

Details to follow.

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