‘Go to private sector for jobs’


Sept 15: Addressing a program of graduates, Prime Minister, Jigmi Y Thinley has said that jobs vacancies in the government were going down every year.

Prime Minister also urged the 1330 graduates to look for possibilities of searching for jobs in private sectors rather then in the government.

According to the PM, the government is already very big, it can’t expand and therefore, the job opportunities should be searched in in the private sector.

The huge number of graduates was attending the orientation program in Thimphu yesterday, where PM also said that the government will require only a smaller number each year and that number is going to come down increasingly in future.

PM further said the government was unhappy about the four percent unemployment rate, but it was committed to creating employment opportunities for the vast majority in various sectors.

PM Thinley addressed the mass for almost four hours and responded to several questions asked by the graduates.