Giri elected to lead UK community


Durga Giri, a senior community member who has recently shifted to the United Kingdom from his country of asylum Germany, has been unanimously elected to lead the Committee of Bhutanese Welfare Association (CBWA), UK.

The newly elected team of the Committee of Bhutanese Welfare Association

Announced with an ad hoc committee in July last year, the committee also elected KN Pokhrel as Vice-Chairperson, Sunita Rai as Secretary, Anup Budathoki as Treasurer, and three central committee members – Dup Tshring Lepcha, Sabitra Giri and Jasu Subba for a tenure of two years, according to a press statement circulated Monday.

The statement issued by Secretary Sunita Rai also mentioned that senior members, intellectuals and academicians in the community have volunteered to remain in the advisory body of the organization.

“However, some individuals have abstained from attending it and expressed their reservations,” said Rai.

The newly elected body has also appealed all in the community to come forward with the attitude of mutual respect, compromise and positive thinking to discuss the problems in the interest of the community.

“We are in a transitional phase and in the process of integrating in the new society. We are practicing democracy and should respect the difference of opinions,’’ said newly elected Chairperson Giri.

The statement further said that a meeting of its central committee on Sunday discussed and identified various programs necessary for the resettled Bhutanese in the United Kingdom.

The CBWA has been running vocational trainings and intensive English learning programs in the community with an aim of enhancing capacity and competence.


  1. Congratulation to the chair person and its intire team. This is a great achievement for entire bhutanese community in the U.K. it is great to hear as Iam one of the Bhutanese community member recently resettled in the U.K. Hope to hearing this type of achievement in near future. Well done!! Keep it up!!!!!

  2. Dear Bhutanese friends in the UK,

    I short, but landed long. Congratulations to you all for being able to come up with a unit. We were divided in Nepal. We are trying to take our ideas of division to all the countries of resettlement. The Netherlands is not an exemption – but as of today, luckily, we are under one unit. I think this is how we failed in our struggle. This is what made us accept our division. If we were united, if there was a strong force (party, organization or community – be it a faith based or a well-fared based) to take stand against distribution and physical separation of ours, we would have been very strong and one. Instead, we helplessly saw distribution coming and we also accepted, though unwillingly. Very pathetic and very helpless and quarreling among ourselves, we kept looking the phenomenon – some countries accepting sick, some preferring the torture victims, and some craving for capacity – the physical force and the intellectuals.

    In Dagapela, this is how the villagers in a ring around a slaughtered goat used to wait for their share – at the end of day not all manage to get a share. Today, though the fingers of social-welfare of resettled Bhutanese refugees point high, many families are helpless. For instance, many families in the Netherlands are denied visa to meet their parents and relatives, due to visa regulations. Only reason for this is that we proved to be divided and we are today – on name of groupism, on name of religion, because of caste, line of thinking, politics, family ties, etc. We told loud that we have no unity. Like the story of 4 oxen and a lion where a fox came in with vested interest to take a share – the oxen were set apart and tiger dinning royal. Beside the majestic lion, a fox biting bones.

    Durga daju, I remember your assignment that we form a team at European level. My effort failed because many of our colleagues were skeptical then. Following the failure, BAF was established. Unfortunately, BAF was not welcomed in the Netherlands; where the BAF team projected me as a default. Additionally, following establishment of the Foundation, we lost our contact. You are senior in many respects; you have qualities. Your experience and service to our community shall only be held high by Bhutanese in Europe, if you could bring all Bhutanese in the UK in mainline and avoid formation of another unit (which is in coming, as per my knowledge). If you let formation of another unit because of differences of opinion (also on false assurance), other countries like the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark; etc shall be encouraged to follow your footsteps – making another Jhapa. Therefore, please exercise all means to make one unit. Otherwise, we are losing our identity. Hope, a day shall come that Bhutanese in Europe form a single unit.

    To those friends who are not in the team, I think Durga daju and his CC are for 2 years. If you react and demonstrate constructive and responsible; in 2 years time, you will have no options than to lead the team. If you remain away, if you boycott the programs (like some people did in the NL, till their mission of abstinence failed); like TCR excluded “Bhutanese leaders” in decision-making process, you will be left out. Give time, let us be one. If divided – we need to develop units like BTTRC, UFFD, EUA, etc, to get united in Europe.

    Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal
    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  3. Congratulation to the entire elected members of the Committee of Bhutanese Welfare Association (CBWA), UK ! I wish successful tenure for all.

    Bhagirath Khatiwada
    Concord, New Hampshire, USA

  4. Our best hope is to strengthen as rich a diversity of social types as possible and to maintain the vital diversity, which is very essential for the survival should be our bottom minimum understanding irrespective of geographical attributes. Let there be uniformity in the vision and let such institutions that are established or on the verge of establishing work to create the environment for such attainment, through passionate concern for choice, unity and social trust.

  5. I congratulate Durga Daju for getting elected to the post.

    With your seasoned leadership, our community in the UK cannot fail. I believe everyone will understand that uity is the greatest strength; but please be cautious in rowing the boat at the same time. The Bhutanese community for unknown reasons have always shown a tendency to function under disunity. No big surprise, even if it goes that way. Just take it cool and do what best you can, to serve the people.

    All the best.

    Rp Subba.

  6. Dear Durga Daju,

    Many congratulations for being unanimously elected as the Chairman of CBWA. I wish you good luck for the assignment ahead and believes that during your tenure as CBWA chairman our community members could flourish more progressively in UK.

    With Regards,

    Ram Karki
    The Netherlands.

  7. no congratulation ,what to expect from such a man ,who do not have any weightage in bhutanese community

  8. Congratulation for bringing all Bhutanese in UK together and electing community leaders focusing peace,progress and prosperity as well as encouraging everyone for integration in this transitional period.

    We in the US wish each and every leaders and community members to be an example and build good reputation by resolving every difficulties and problems with full understanding,co-operation,wisdom, good leadership and commitment!


  9. Congratulations to the newly formed Bhutanese organisation. However I would like to point out a few things not in condemnation but to brighten up those who don’t know what is actually happening in the UK.
    Durga Giri wasn’t elected unanimously as the chair person. More than half of the Bhutanese who have been recently re settled in the UK are not part of the association. And from a very reliable source I also came to know that there aren’t any intensive English classes or trainings going on. I along with many other Bhutanese around the world would benefit or rather say would like to read the facts and not exaggerations.
    Having said that I am not surprised that the article is full of lies- the chairman has been doing it ever since the Bhutanese struggle started in the 90s. It was in the name of BPP before and now in another name. If he was a leader what happened in Germany? Aren’t there many Bhutanese?!!
    I don’t know how far it is true, but my contacts in UK say that there is already an association called Takin Association UK, formed prior to this and apparently Durga Giri, Prem Giri (previous chairman of co called Bhutanese Welfare Association) and others were involved in dividing the community and eventually formed another association. I don’t know if there is another Giri to be the next chairman. So I would say to the readers that more than Durga Giri the concern of the people counts. It looks like jhapa’s politics has engulfed UK. I would like to hear from Takin Association’s members as well and not only from Durga’s supporters!!

  10. Shame shame to kancha chhetri for his nonsense comments.Hiding his face behind the mask and writing such type of comments is his sick mind.

  11. I wish the UK Bhutanese Community a big success under the leadership of our most respected and wellknown figure Mr. Durga Giri. He is known by all the Bhutanese both inside and outside as a man of integrity and farsightedness. He deserves appreciations by every Bhutanese for his integrated leadership and hope all the Bhutanese in UK will cooperate with him to cherish his goals.

    UK Bhutanese are the most lucky people to have Mr. Giri with them. Badai cha tapai haru sabai lai.

  12. Congratulation to the entire new team. Forget the past differences and work unitedly for the welfare of our people in the UK.

    Best of luck!

    Raghu Osti

  13. All the best Durgaji. You deserves not only the post of UK based Bhutanese community head but the head of global Bhutanese community. You have earned enough reputation and credibility in our community globally. I repeat RP subbas statement to go ahead with your good work worring least for the negative comments as we are used to do.

    Birkha Tamang

  14. True leader shall be respected all over, with out oposition there is no meaning of leadership, would be like Burma
    Regarding Dr.Dhakal statement, would be nice to use your farsighteness to consolidiate Bhutanese in Holland and bring in one platfome, shall be saluted your vession rather to comments othere deeds.

  15. Congratulation friends in the UK,

    You all are going through the main stream of democratic life there that we dreamt back in our country in 1990. If I am not mistaken Great Britain’s Ruler might be the first who set such values for mankind in this earth, enjoy the history of Great Britain by which our community will profit and learn. Again aspiring is the friends positive motives to elect Daju Durga Giri to lead the community.

    Our Best wishes.

    McKar and Santoshi.


  16. Congratualation Durga Daju , I am sure your leadership will definitely take the organization to next level.

  17. Congratulation/badai cha Uk+ Europe ma basney sathi haru lai.Especially to Durga Giri Dai for being in the post
    Hope, we shall all work for our cause.

  18. Dear Bhutangay friends
    It seems that all of the big sorts have only intention to form the organizations and elect president and vice president. Other rest of the folks who work for 12 hours a day have to salute them for nothing.It is just the Bhutanese way of life. More than 6o thousands are resettle all over the world and now talking for the unity,diversity,identity,causes and what else other? I bet you everyone neither Durga nor Durga’s ….. does nothing for resettled bhutanese or Jigme keshar.Better don’t waste your time for following all of these nonsense activity. Do your job and think what you can do yourselves and your families. It is too late to regret. When mice are out of the holes they try to come inside but they don’t find they the same hole and when they are in the holes they fight each other and borrow another hole to get out of it.Shame to you all!

  19. it is the fresh beginning of a new generation. make the ideas and logic grand success. is there any unified theory that can bring unidentified, young, vibrant and smart youths to think of future Bhutan?” Or” Do we need to think of the prosperity of a country where we are resettled? What would Bhutanese communities look like after say 4, 5 or 10 years latter? In my opinion, we can just predict the result using the probabilistic theory. Until an event occurs, we are unsure of the result. We all play with uncertainty. This is also an opinion with uncertainty that may predict the experimental result more accurate.

  20. dear durga dai and group.
    congratulation !!!!
    It is our pleasure that we have the community in uk also.
    Dai and group, We need to promote our artist (cultural team) for the cultural program around the globe.
    Dai please send me your address so I can send you the bhutan magazine.
    manoj rai

  21. Why still these Bhutanese are not learning about their past mistake? Come on “there is not a thing greater and vibrant than Unity”. Clean you mind and attitude of fractionnism which will eventually benefits your enemies.

    Learn from your mistakes, if not you will soon disappear in this wild community of western society.

    By the way congratulation to your effort to bring all Bhutanese into a single circle. There is still need of correct to go ahead!

    Good Luck!

    Your well wisher.

  22. Congratulation!!!! Durga Daju and the dedicated Team of CBWA UK. We look forward to hearing more ambitious and contributive progress of Bhutanese in UK.

    There is no limits to what you can achieve.
    All the best!!!

    Adelaide, Australia

  23. Dear “Bhutanese” now i can see how coward you are, talking behind the asses.
    If you wanna say that formation of any association prior or anything about your association why din’t yuh come in mass? what’s wrong with that? your showing your womanity not humanity in fact. How the hell its come more than half of resettled bhutanese are not the part of association, we the bhutanese in UK don’t have the sense like yuh all, yuh never wannt to see the progress of Bhtanese to be honest. We are not arsed with your flipping comment, if you want to comment more about your association why don’t you give news in BNS saying we are the first association in UK. And if you want to know whether our intensive english learning programme is going or not, pop in to the BRImrod Community Center.

  24. I take it as my responsibility to clarify some concerns raised by ”Bhutanese”.

    Firstly we have not said that all the resettled families were present in the AGM. Out of 27 resettled families 17 families were in the meeting who have elected the new committee of BWA.One-three families are in the middle who are not sure of joining either group.5 households belonging to same family plus two other families are not in the association.Hence the unanimity in electing the chairperson was from the 17 families who are in the association.

    It is not a false news about the program-mes brought by BWA (UK). Among others three members from my own family are attending the intensive English course in Rochdale. Security Guard trainings are about to start.
    One organization has assured to provide BWA (UK) the used 20-30 desktop computers but in good condition for the first time users in the community.Few other programmes are in the pipeline.
    Well, about the formation of BWA, every Bhutanese in the UK is aware of it.The problem of disunity has its origin with the Bhutanese who have been settled in UK from before. Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK is established through the support and guidance of Refugee Action the resettling agency.
    We agree that peoples concern is the priority.We can always sit down with the attitude of mutual respect and sort out the differences democratically.

    Sunita Rai, Secretary, BWA.

  25. Hahahahaha now this person called BHUTANESE prove his/her attitude. How nonsense minded is this. This is so called leg pulling. Coating his/her comments from the beginning he/she advice we reader to keep working and not to participate in this nonsense activity like comments and organisation. But he/she forget to advice him/her self.

    I am pretty sure this person called BHUTANESE would write the same comments who ever elected in an organisation. This is our Bhutanese nature not to see others progress and not to do by self also. But I advice BWA team to work together and prove those people who defend for the prosperity of Bhutanese community.

  26. Sunita ji, you seem really transparent and I guess you want to serve the needy and not rule them. You’re trying to clarify about your newly formed non-profit community organization. I personally stress not for the position or chair but for the commitment according to the need and which gradually give shape that there is an existence of small community of nepali speaking from Bhutan in the UK. As Nepali saying goes – “suru ko tito pachi ko mitho” discussion, arguments,talks,etc.goes on but we should not forget the sentiments of the public and responsibilities as a community worker.

    A person is known by his deeds not by speech.

    I apologise if I am mistaken.

    Bhutanese in USA.

  27. The Team

    Downright rude. You could have rightly said why 9 Bhutanese households in the UK with an average of 5 family members (approx.) were secluded rather than writing some individuals have abstained from attending. I believe the difference of opinion have cropped up because the principle of association formation to guide the community had taken the root of dark political game which is an irony to the whole world seeking democracy. In my perception, it is worth mentioning here to reflect the two subsequent messages sent by L. N. Sharma to the team to get rid of obfuscation to our Bhutanese compatriots in Diaspora especially to the commentators. In addition, I have never ever expected the discriminatory motives of some of your team members phoning repeatedly only to few selected individuals to participate in the meeting after his 2nd mail dated 11th January in response to the instant message of ex-chairman.


  28. I would like to further clarify to the valued readers about the confusion brought about by ”Bhutanese” with ragards to Takin Association.
    The concept of Takin Association was brought to the community by some of our seniors in the UK after we arrived here for resettlement. From the layman’s point of view we did not feel that we would be represented by this name. We wanted our organisation to represent our identity. Something with Bhutanese identity.The name was not accepted by majority and it frizzled out after two meetings one in Rochdale and the next in Bolton.
    Eventually, after few months time, Refugee Action the resettling agency proposed the need of a community organisation for us.Three options were floated.
    1. Join the existing Bhutanese organisation if there are any.
    2. Join any UK based community organisation.
    3. Launch a new Bhutanese community organisation.

    The Bhutanese community then took the third option of launching a new community organisaqtion. Two names came up as proposals from the community 1. Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK. 2. Blue Puppy Association.
    Head count vote was done in the meeting hall of the RA at which 29 out of 32 voted for BWA (UK) and 3 voted for Blue Puppy.Through the concent of the majority BWA was launched.
    The ones who were in favour of Blue Puppy association landed up with the tendency to revive Takin . If Takin association did exist prior to the launching of BWA why did not a single community member raised the concern of joining Takin association in the meeting of RA.I hope I have made it clear. Sorry for taking the precious time of the readers.
    However we are optimistic that we will sort out our differences democratically and live as one Bhutanese community in the UK.

    Sunita Rai, Secretary,BWA (UK)

  29. CONGRATULATION to Durga Dai and the Team for being elected to lead CBWA – UK.
    I know Durga Dai as a genuine and credible person amongst the senior leaders in the Bhutanese Movement. He is a selfless person with integrity and honesty. I am confident that the new CBWA Team will find in him a great stewardship who can strengthen the community organization as well as serve the interest of the community in a best possible way.

    Wishing a meaningful and productive tenure to all the members of the newly elected CBWA Team.

    With warm regards,
    Always, Jogen

  30. Dear Defender,
    If you represent an organization, things will have to come formally. Since you have not mentioned your last name, we cannot trust your comment as a representation from “Takin Association”.

    -Editorial team.

  31. I wonder why these guys bargained,and justified his/her opinion! Its ridiculous to see fraction in mere 27 families. Guys, leave dirty politics, and unhealthy arguments aside!Be positive, and don’t be demanded in rarely populated area of Nepali speaking Bhutanese.Don’t ever try to be differentiated as Bhutanese in Europe, or Usa…

  32. For Kashi, BWA had never intented to seclude anybody. Ad hoc committee had served the invitation to each and every members with a notice of two weeks prior to the date of AGM.
    Sunita Rai,Secretary BWA (UK)

  33. Explanation and the clarification given by Sunita Rai(secretary, BWA) looks like enough for someone to believe to the people concerned about the formation of the new team of BWA, UK. It can be understood that the this activities have been completed democratically. Therefore, there comes no any meaning of asking for more clarification than to extend good wishes to the new team to render the service to the community.

  34. Note that your comment is marked as “offensive”. We accept both negative and positive comments: however, the use of language matters. We accept comments with healthy thoughts, not those with personal attacks and or unhealthy in nature.

    – Editor

  35. Though the number of Bhutanese in the UK is smaller in comparison to other countries in Europe, its strategic location and history attracts everybody. We in Holland are aware that a lots of homework had been done to form an organization in UK. When Prem sir was in Amsterdam, we knew how difficult the process was going and differences. The explanation of the secretary of CBWA tells the process and also her positive intentions. As I mentioned in my previous reaction, Durga daju has taken a big challenge. But at the same time he has capacity. I hope, other colleagues there come together cooperate and go ahead.
    Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal

  36. Sunita,

    I am not sure whether you have read our combined response to the invitation sent by ad hoc committee. It was clearly stated in the message that we should create a platform for consensus building where each member from every household could meet to express their views for unity. If you are not aware of it you can request your ex-chairman to forward the mail and trace out why we were barred of taking part. Whether you like it or not, I would rather say that we should respect the good deeds of some senior Bhutanese who proposed for the formation of Takin Association (UK) and endeavoured to organise a welcome party to all newly arrived Bhutanese in October, 2010 in Manchester and contributed a lot to some Bhutanese youths and the team who released the film “Life Beginning” in May, 2011. In the pursuit of extending help to our community, around 30 members including Ex-chairman and present Vice-chairman of so called BWA have signed for the formation of Takin Association (UK) in October, 2010 in Bishnu Gurung’s house at Rochdale. I cannot remain without repenting when I go through the meeting minutes along with the printed name and corresponding signature of all participants and think that too much of good things can sometimes become overwhelming has now been proved.

    Kashi Pokhrel
    Bolton, Manchester, UK
    Mobile. 07909468812

  37. It is a high honor for me to get elected as the leader of Bhutanese Welfare Association in the UK. I thank and pay deep respect to the community members who entrusted me with this responsibility.I equally feel responsible to take care of the sentiment of those in the community who have not joined the association.

    I on behalf of myself and the newly elected committee would like to thank all from far and near who have sent their concerns, suggestions and best wishes for our service to the community.Your suggestions and wishes are highly regarded.

    We pledge our commitments to do our best in the service of Bhutanese community in the UK.

    We look forward for cooperation from all corners in the community.I am optimistic that we can resolve our problems emicably provided we are democratic in addressing the issues.

    Thanks to the valued readers for your precious time.
    Durga Giri,

  38. Isn’t it very interesting to see that some of the comments made by some of our friends are either not published or taken out after a few hours of existence in the page? What should we understand from this action? The editors, whoever they are, have briefly written that the comments were offensive. On what grounds? Can’t the writers express what they feel about a particular topic? The editors claim themselves as democratic who value the contributions of the commentators but at the same time they cannot digest the truth. And especially if the truth is directed to a person/organization who/which is close and dear to them, they just say that the write-up is offensive. If the editors find a particular comment offensive why would they publish for some hours or for some days and remove it? This shows that they are remote-controlled by those people who are hit by the true comments. The editors are very biased. They blindly support the neetas of the camp-era and ignore what the reality is. If the bunch of editors want to really disseminate the messages of the people in diaspora they should remain equidistant from all. If they want to embrace true journalism respect what it says. Don’t make a mockery of yourself. People who control may think that they are very smart and educated. A frog in a well thinks the same. Grow up, mature and learn to respect ideas. It’s good for you and good for all.

  39. Kashiji, you are aware that based on your joint response on invitation, AGM was postponed and the desired meeting was called on the following Sunday.You all failed to attend that meeting sending an email with the reason of personal exchange of chat messages between you and Prem Giri.

    As per the report from the community members it was 28 not 30 who had met in the house of Bishnu Gurung,Rochdale after a month of our arrival at which proposal of Takin association was floated.The signature given was to confirm their participation in the meeting not on the formation of so called Takin association. Please note that it might become a legal issue if you are using those signatures as the members of Takin association. Bishnu Gurung himself is a testimony to it.To avoid further complication please treat those signatures as nullified as the signatories do not comply to it.

    Sunita Rai, Secretary, BWA (UK)

  40. Life indeed would not be more interesting and enthusiastic if there are no oppositions or supporters but we as a human being need to salute the good attitudes and interest and congratulate for highly responsible position. Let everyone hear that Mr.X did great things and appreciated by all. Action speaks louder than speech as we know. We in the diaspora need greatest example of our ex-leaders or seniors by repenting their faults and win the heart of all. New generations need to follow what is truth and which accommodates all Nepali Speaking Bhutanese around the globe. Bygones are bygones,we experienced the bitterest part of our lives in the camps and still need great lesson or experience for our integration. Our time is to guide younger generations,illiterates,elderly, the joint efforts and commitments. Where ever we are resettled,everyone expects to hear to good news. Our colleague,Mr.Laxmi Dhakal shared sad part of his story but we try and try till we get succeed in life. Nothing is impossible in life. The IMPOSSIBLE is written only in the fool’s dictionary as said by Napoleon Bonaparte. United we stand divided we fall…..

    Victim of Jigme Singye Wangchuk.


  41. Hello”a well wisher”Durga Giri was a leader 20 years back and shall continue to uphold his duty as a responsible Bhutanese in the community till the last day of his life, nomatter whereever he is based at.Your statement is a complete defamation campaign and a personal attack.

    It is true, unlike you, from the day one of my joining the movement I have worked in the public domain ”always for good”, senior citizens and younger generation who know about the Bhutanese movement know of my intention, sacrifice and dedication to the community.What do you want to dig of my history when you even do not know of my activities and involvement with the community in the most disasterous days.Dont generalise and be taken away by assumptions.

    Keep your baseless allegations to yourself, time will tell if I have poked my nose in to the UK community or I have taken up the responsibility entrusted by the community based on my past service to the people.

    Come up with intigrity,good intentions and hard work in the interest of the people, undoubtedly, you will also be entrusted with such responsibilities.

    Lastly, I would like to ask the editorial board to disregard the comment shooters who pose themselves in disguise and defame individuals and institution. This is absolutely a distructive culture.
    Durga Giri, Manchester, UK.

  42. start printing membership forms…..encourage the folks to be the member…..start discrimination between member and non-member…….. run a donation drive…SAFE JOURNEY

  43. What a war!!!!!!!!!!!! everywhere. Here in America also same thing going on. In California and Chicago and Georgia. Everyone fighting for kurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Congratulation Durga daju !!! that is the result of your selfless contribution to the Bhutanese community so long.Hope to see CBWA and the team will be able to contribute a lot under the leadership of selfless,dedicated leader like Durga dai.Congratulation again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Ohhhhhhhh hello! It is no thing to debait with the name of an association along with personal attact. It is clear two organisation are on the street and it is even more clear who ever are qualified to run an organisation are involved in both organisation. Do not look same post on the both organisation. Who can say I am not youth. I put my hands up for Durga Giri with others my youth friends. Who says youth are not involved in BWA.

    Be practical. We decide to form an organisation expecting some vulnerable people may can get help form you qualified people but not to see this bullshit comments. If you really want to do for the people, come forward and see those people who are in need of help and prove yourself as qualified. Hiding your face on black mask, giving this stupid comments do not prove you as a qualified and even more we do not rise up our hands for those from whom we can expect nothing. prove yourself, win the heart of people, work for community progress but do not to dominate others is I called qualified person.

    Be clear, is not Durga Giri form an organisation and himself decide to be on the post. We(who are in an organisation) including me decided to figure the post of an organisation and include Durga Giri as a chairperson by all the people who attend AGM. Now how the question comes about Durga Giri and related members.
    you not only defending Durga Giri but also we people who are involved in this organisation. As I mention before two organisation are are on the street and you can go with any you like but do not interrupt others. We work hard for this organisation and we decide ourself what is best for us.

    Lastly, we do have mind to decide what is good and what is bad and we do know even more who lies us and who betray us.

    Amit Budhathoki
    Member of BWA

  46. This is a public forum.I apologize for discussing our personal issues.

    Having gone through the debate,I request all the Bhutanese in the Uk to be responsible to create an environment to come together and discuss our problems. We can present our difference of opinion with logic and try to understand one anothers concern. There are many ways to solve our problem,in the interest of the community, if we do not hate each other and agree to come for a joint meet with mutual respect and positive thinking.

    I am sorry, but to me, the comment shooters in anonymity, be it be in any issue, are like dead souls. We should come with true identity,put our opinion,take responsibility of our statements and have free and frank discussion in a civilized manner. Resolve what is best in the interest of the community.

    I would like to recall RP Subba’s statement above”The Bhutanese community for unknown reasons have always shown a tendency to function under disunity”.Somehow I conclude the reason could be that we all(including me)lack democratic culture seriously.

    Let us all look back in to our mistakes,refrain from the past and put our efforts in building a vibrant Bhutanese community in the UK through proper discussion.
    Thanks to the readers and all who took part in the debate,
    Durga Giri, Manchester, UK.

  47. Dear negative commenters,

    As I have gone through all the comment above and discovered amazing facts.
    1) Firstly started argument with Durga Giri and his pasts,
    2) secondly gone through editor of BNS that they are remote controlled,
    3) Blamed BWA members saying folks.

    Now, I want the clarification from those commenter’s (whoever they are only an almighty and has ability to run the association). Is there anyone left you want to blame for? Have a look on your past and think about, may be it flash back your bladdy face too. If You are likely to be Bhutanese from next time come with your real identity( Full Name) not with fake one. you’re hiding your black mouth. We do appreciate comment on our weak point but not the personal attack and something about past and history.
    Being practical and ability to challenge fact and truth will be the best did on this situation( as we are now).
    As being young person, I would like to recommend to our elders in our community, we have to learn from your task and forthcoming generation will do same.

    Dilla Vai

  48. Dear “a well wisher’’, from your comment, it seems that you are against peoples’ unity, whoever or wherever. May be that is your best personal character. Your comment is based on personal attack, again from behind. How dare you to say that Durga Giri and Prakash Subedi are responsible for dividing the community. Whose community are you talking off? We all are in unity and shall be in unity, definitely you and your few right hands, who are associated with an unidentified tail of so called “Takin Association’’, don’t want to see the progress of others. Have you read the clarifications from BWA secretary? If you really a well wisher of Bhutanese community in the UK, why not you open your mask and sleeves up to talk with the people like Durga Giri and Dr. Prakash Subedi for the benefit of whole Bhutanese? They are the proud members of BWA and we are proud of getting them in our legally established Association, who recently conducted 1st AGM. What have you done for the so called “Takin Association’’ and its fellow members? Don’t you feel shame to come up with lies on fake face?
    ‘One can lead a horse to water, but no one can make it drink’, isn’t the same in your case? If I am not wrong, the word” unity’’ becomes headache for you. If not why did you abstain from open discussion even after several appealed from BWA’s Committee. Dear a well wisher, try to understand this, to be a smart in a media and to be a smart in a community are two different actions.
    I am regretting a lot in the case of value reader and I would like to draw the attention of BWA Committee members to take measure steps in shorting and fixing out unexpected back attack on members and institution. Everyone has a right to choose and live. This is what we practise.
    Lastly if you are really the ‘son of father’ why you are shaking to keep your precise name while posting comments and it is also well known that you are spitting up which fall down in your own mouth.

    Proud member of BWA

  49. In contrast to past indifference and unawareness, the Bhutanese exile populace is always famous for choosing a leader no matter in which country they are in. I have often seen them talking about somebody credible, whom to choose and whom not to. Everybody wishes to elect the “best leader” – who would be capable of maneuvering their collective aspirations to the desired destination with adequate buoyancy and optimism. But how many leaders have we elected, who are credible and carry our aspirations?
    Have we not chosen leaders for the last 20/ 21 years? Have we also not known how many of our expectations were respected and saved? Despite this, we still are a bunch of much unsecured people needing protection. We need leaders! Who can be our leaders? Right from our normal chit-chats on dinner tables to fiery fights in gatherings and discussion forums we are often gone berserk with a detectable confusion between choosing new leaders versus so-called experienced products of the last most unproductive 20 years!
    Interestingly, adding to the new wave of political attentiveness, the technology available, the consciousness developed, convenience and security, new age groups are keen to spread our political awareness in various forms. But do we not need more of adeptness, principled idealism, and political vision rather than having a leader for its sake? As somebody said above that they have capable leaders in the UK’s community. If we have these qualities, is it not time we started making our leaders? Do we not want to send these capabilities to such positions who could then not only strengthen, but also revolutionize the way we characterize our leadership. Why can’t our next leaders be headstrong youths who could churn our political goal depending on the situations rather than we choose leaders more involved in making hay when the sun shines?
    Are we still immature not to be able to weigh “experienced” and the “inexperienced”. Do we not realize that going by the conventional wisdom; the old and the experienced have the advantage of gaining more support and eventually pocketing more vote counts! Not because they are capable or have done anything good to the community BUT just because they are known faces who pretend they are honest and care for us. Were they capable enough, had we not received something good till today?
    For me, it could be dangerous to our communities if we remain always stubborn giving “experience factor” more values than anything else, and as a result the capabilities are unexplored and uncared for leaving with us a perennial state of dismal incapable community, an ethnic Diaspora with the strongest cause ever but with the weakest leaders! I would certainly prefer new leadership, who can among other things, maintain peace and unity and orderliness among us. Or should experience be the only criterion in selecting our next leader? Or is it better to give room for new ones to “learn and lead” us into the next coming years? The choice is ours.
    I am not implying anything to daunt and dampen this prevailing spirit of discussions that have been taking place here (actually around the globe) on this recent election, but in my best hope I am just trying to figure out an answer to that one pesky question, and find ways to piece together two divergent judgments of our community. I am as much confused as many of you are, but that does not stop me from wondering aloud who should get my vote, and who should not. So instead of choosing the same old people who have hardly brought any difference to the community, I would rather try for a candidate with new ideas and new promises for change and development. We have hardly enjoyed anything from the past “unsecured political period” by choosing our leaders and emphasizing more the ‘experience factor’. And, it is indeed a pity that despite the discernible shortage of leaders in our communities, we have never given enough opportunities to the younger lot to prove their mettle except in a few cases. While keeping no undue grudge for the failures of our old leaders, we must strive to widen our view concurrent with the changes of modern times and places. I feel it’s time we gave a chance to the new faces so that we can train them for our future leadership-bank as well.
    Having said all that, I have to also say, I do not have any reservation against those who prefer old wine in a new bottle either! I would only say — be wise in deciding. After all, we need a leader who knows some basic principles of being a leader.  

  50. “Something is better than nothing”.

    The claims of unanimity as well as support sounds hollow in the one hand but are half filled on the other. I have no objection either way – for I am not interested in being a so called LEADERRRRRRRRRRRR!!! or else a MEMBER of an organization which would not keep up to my expectations of proving the Government of Bhutan wrong, exposing the misdeeds of people like Jigme singye wangchuck, Jigme Thinley, Dago Tshering etc who made a hell of our life for the past 20 years and being in a position to physically involve myself in the new fairer democratic process in Bhutan.

    I don’t think there was enough notification or else unanimity in the above process as claimed. It might be that things were rushed through to protect the interests of some vested interests……GUYS come on grow up! Learn from the past mistakes!! Why are you repeating the same mistakes??? for GODS sake!!!

    Leadership is not a personal property of anyone of us! Be open – anybody among us who has the vision and knows what we are trying to achieve and has got the guts to deliver, can be a leader.

    However, the most important thing that you all must understand is – know who is playing behind the scene to keep us divided, what benefit that person,organization/institution or government / governments get from keeping us divided?

    And most importantly, know that we are very capable people of accomplishing our goals if it were not for the above. Three Cheers! Tashi Deleg!!


  51. Firstly warm well come n good afternoon to all the readers of BNS n urs precious time of this 21 first century.Now we hope its the right time to raise voice against the kancha chhettri,bhutanese, a well wisher and core member of unborn Takin Association who never try to understand the basic need of most venerable people of bhutanese community in the UK.To say frankly hiding your face behind the asses and hitting from behind you never hesitate to slap the core member of BWA and the entire Bhutanese community.This clearly helps us to draw a sketch that you wont be back to slap your parents to bring fraction to Bhutanese community in the UK.We are so sorry to you all as in the very beginning we had taken off a mask from your face in front of entire Bhutanese community in Bolton and all Bhutanese in the UK have clear sketch of you and your intention.So beside bringing fraction through phoning , commanding ,blaming the entire BWA, pulling others hands and making them to leave hall from open discussion while we are trying to bring unity in the Bhutanese community. Have you ever tried to respect and understand the need of most venerable Bhutanese community?Did you attain any open discussion and respect our opinion? we are not youth, yours team youth can be count on your both hands fingers what you mean to say you have no way and no more reason to raise voice against BWA. Its a great matter for around 50 BWA youths and we are proud to have Durga Giri as a chairperson whose dedication , hardwork, and his leadership is highly appreciated around the globe rather than anybody you might think of .Lastly from above comment of KASHI,I want to make you clear that we had signed just for attending the meeting but not for setting any association.

  52. I was not expecting to read so many comments – but here they are – as always – we do this every time.

    I think, forming an organization in the UK was the right move. The election of Durga Giri has been endorsed by the number of comments going in his favor. Thats an international vote for Durga Giri. The people who congratulated Giri come from all age groups and different backgrounds. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Durga Daju, please note – positive work, not arguments is the way to go. Arguments waste time and worst of it all – it produces no results; even if you win. So focus on your work.

    Nilik’s concern is right. Only thing is that the youths must come up and start leading by example. People like Durga Giri will be more to see that happen. And me too.

    Rp Subba.

  53. Kudos to Nilik for such a balanced comment. To add a few more things, I want to take all our readers back to the camp life. If we had fought under one banner as Bhutanese we’d have by now well settled in Bhutan. But these self made leaders NEVER wanted the unity of the refugee Bhutanese. It’s very embarrassing to think of the number of parties that mushroomed in the camp dividing a handful of innocent people with false hopes and failed ideologies. we all know these leaders have failed badly. Why do we still nominate/elect/select them as leaders and again dance to their tunes?we have better things to do than listen to their failed ideologies/philosophies. Had they been true leaders they wouldn’t have left the camps, some years ago, in pursuit of comfort and wealth and ignore the same population they represented. Good luck everyone.

  54. Let me put my points these way:

    1) Durga Giri’s victory

    I truly respect this gentleman’s contribution to the society. He is one of the exceptional selfless leader, at least in my eyes/heart. He is, not a foul player, as claimed by some in the comments but rather is a committed figure within the society. The only mistake he did was to accept the “chairmanship” position of the newly formed group. Statistically, UK do not host more than 200 individuals (Bhutanese). Mr. Giri’s potentialities/caliber, as I had always assumed, is far beyond than what has been prevailing now in UK. He can lead the entire Diaspora; I wish he could have not accepted the position. That said, now that now is elected, there occured no major errors. As long as he will play the ball fairly, everyone should extend their helping hands. If I were Mr. Giri I would definitely not stick to the position after a year or so from now; rather I would think of leading the entire Diaspora.

    2) Blaming media (BNS in this case)

    Some of us are blaming the media for becoming “bias”. I have not seen bias-ness though. As long as people attack someone personally, it should be the role of media to filter such comments. I have read a number of comments against Durga Giri in a thought provoking styles too: this is a proof that the media should not be blamed. Media friends in BNS should not get frustrated. Please keep up your good work.

    3) Giving leadership to younger generation

    I wish that “Nilik” has mentioned his identity. Yes, now is the time that all our old leaders stay away from taking major positions in the org/associations etc but rather guide young leaders from within the community to take-up the challenge.

    4) Takin Association

    If this org really exist in UK, as mentioned by some in the comments, someone, specially in-charge of the group, should come forward and have things explored before public in the way Giri’s group did. I hope the media group will certainly give it a coverage. If they don’t, we will together blame BNS. If in case you are fewer/less than minority, better stay off the debate for you live in a democratic society; respect the democratic norms, guys.

    Good luck friends in UK!!!

  55. Wish u good luck for all UK team under the better personality.
    Vhuknay khukur lay toknay hoina.Vhuknu dinu hos.Do good
    and be good for all, you deserves salute from all.
    Those who want to come in media or in the front line
    please come in front with your ideology and name.
    Let us utilize the democratic norms and rights now.

    Tashi Delek.

  56. Hello Beldangi my neighbour do you realise me I am Ghana Shyam Pokhrel from Beldangi sector c/2 hut no 47 now resetled in the UK.Also one of the proud member of BWA.Actually I am not sure is that your real Identity or fake as like that of Kancha chhetri,a well wisher,kishmat sharma, Bhutanese and so on. I too agree that if we had fought under one banner we would have by now well settled in Bhutan. but its mine and your equal responsibility to do so rather than to blame and make foul to those who had done great for the entire Bhutanese refugee before the re-settlement process takes place. Actually this is not the line that touches me and the entire BWA member but the sentence these self made leader never want unity of the bhutanese refugee really touches our heart.As a proud and responsible member of BWA DURGA GIRI was not elected himself and take this as personal atack to durga giri, BWA an entire bhutanese unity in the UK. I too consider every person thought differ from other but they should try to judge the reality and to take up their responsibility as a responsible person of a community. As I am in the UK and you might be my neighbour , fan and may be my relatives so I don’t want to go further on this subject beside that I will give my personal detail and have conversation that might help you to get further clarification what is going up in the UK. MY details are as follow name: Ghana Shyam Pokhrel, Email: [email protected] ; phone no; (+44) 07901299316 . finally we do realise the role of media for awaking people to fought for their right , responsibility and identity. I too regret and realise to give explanation and my personal detail to all BNS readers but I WAS BOUND TO do so as a proud member of BWA.

    Ghana Pokhrel
    Proud member of BWA
    Bury (UK)

  57. To Amit.

    I am not really surprised that you have full heartedly supported Durga Giri because you are a supporter historically and we have nothing against you. Good luck. We are also not really bothered that you have split from Takin Association UK and formed another organisation. What we are bothered is that you include us in your association, so hence forth be more specific and say that half of the Bhutanese re-settled in the UK have formed the organisation and not so and so elected unanimously to lead the UK community!!

    And your explanation of qualified person is right!! Have you won the heart of people? Of course not you kept fluctuating- one time you whole heartedly signed to form Takin Association and the next moment you are the Treasurer of another organisation- do you mean everyone should be like that? If you claim yourself to be a true youth you should have come forth and explained rather than hide behind Durga and Prem.

    Anyway all the very of Luck and hopefully these two organisations can run side by side and fulfil the purpose of their formation. And to quote Durga, yea, it’s good to learn from our mistakes but I can’t stop thinking that the mistakes were done on purpose. ‘We’ should have not created the problems in first place rather than finding ways to solve it. I honestly wish you and your organisation all the very best of luck.

    PS thanks to ‘a wel wisher’ for throwing light on the issue and making it all clear.

    member of Takin Association(UK)

  58. Those who work among the people must earn both criticisms and appreciation. It does not matter whether you are earning criticisms or appreciation. The point is, which one are you earning more? That makes the real difference. And, in this case, it is crystal clear.

  59. Yeah, lead a horse to drink and can’t make it drink, but you must know where the water is! If you lead it to a desert where there is nothing but poisonous creatures, you don’t expect it to drink the sand do you? Truth is always bitter. I don’t think ‘well-wisher’s’ comments are personal attacks, rather they are the real events that have crept up over the past years. The full form of AGM is, Annual General Meeting, not a meeting you call because you thought about it where you were in the toilet. Few of you guys have pushed everybody because you wanted it. Why couldn’t you trust your previous leader even for a few months?
    You haven’t done a lot other than nomination and AGMs now and often, and we don’t have to answer you as to what we have done- definitely lot more that your words.
    And like you have said ‘a father’s son’ is the one who points out when something is not right- not like you all, shifting your loyalties from Taking Association to something else. Were you not a signatory for the formation of Takin Association in Rochdale?
    Dilla Vai -is that a real name? I would just say to you that please implicate it to yourself for what you say and stand for.
    Nilik’s comments are in fact a slap on your face for what you have been up to.
    Last but not the least, these are my arguments and I don’t carry any personal grudges against you. You very well know that you have excluded those people you don’t like!! I will give an example. When you formed your association a handful of you self-nominated yourself as leaders and you tried to call only a couple of people who wouldn’t recognise your association. Do you think you will go to an AGM where you are not a member or even not considered a part of it? That is what used to be 20-21 years ago not now. Everyone should be consulted with proper manners and respected – and that was what happened in Rochdale in 2010- everything was made crystal clear and everyone was happy. But now you say that the signatures were to confirm the attendance- shockingly two faced!


  60. To bhola
    why you not agree with BWA. This our nationality abd we have keep it. This is the reason for rid us from bhutan, bhutanese people also done know what is takin, ask old people they done know that and also young people. May be you also done know that before keeped name of association. Say true me ok.

    Your, mind and all

  61. I had hoped to see comments that would address the pros and cons of having an organization in the UK. Comments that would debate whether it was the right time to start an organization. Comments that would debate if it made sense to continue/expand the old organization (Takin?) rather than start a new one. I had hoped for comments that were professional, practical and civil. I had hoped for discussions on whether Durga daju was the right person to lead it and the reasons for and against, I hoped, would have ranged from him being a part of a political party or his perhaps losing hope as he has been in this struggle for such a long time. Something that addressed his skills, his availability to lead, his ability to understand the young generation, for example. Not pathetic shots at his personal life. Not unlimited hatred.

    However, as usual, all we saw are personal attacks, ‘he said she said’ accusations and down right childish allegations and moral high grounds. From everyone. Including Durga daju and others who consider themselves intellectuals in the Bhutanese community. The list of our sad days keeps getting longer. The tone of our high-faluting verbiage keeps getting shriller and we keep crawling farther into our usual lunacy every day.

    To start an organization is one’s right. Durga could have started an organization with support from no one. And no one has the obligation to support him. We establish organization to do a particular work. When we do that, we should have a plan. I hope those who started BWA have a plan. If you do not like BWA, you do not need to support it. Similarly, if you think you should have been respectfully invited to join the organization (and if you were not), then start one yourself. Just do not make a spectacle of the Bhutanese community here in public. Have some sense of shame. An organizations is not like claiming a share from your parents against your siblings. It is not your ‘angsha.’ It s the creation of those who create it. No one, NO ONE, needs to consult you to start an organization. And similarly, you are not required to support anyone. Just say no, if you do not like it.

    Please please do not make a joke of the community here and elsewhere in public. And save some decency for yourself.

    And lastly, Durga Daju – Please do not respond to these comments here. That is not how you want to spend your precious time, I am sure. Focus on why you and your team launched the organization. Start the work you have decided to do. There is a saying – kaag karaudai garchha, pina sukdai garchha. Please pay attention to the pina, not the kaags.

    Good luck. Do the work you have given yourself and when done with the work, dismantle the organization. An organization has meaning only as long as it has a live purpose.

  62. sewaro!!What’s Durga Dai doing there? He should be working with his peer group to form an International Bhutanese Forum to raise our genuine but almost forgotten issues at the International level but not fighting to lead a group of a dozen or two households. I know he can easily lead the resettled folks in Uk, but I think he has bigger, better and graver issues to deal and discuss with. A man of his personality, caliber and vision should think beyond CBWA.

  63. If you are afraid of pursuing higher education anywhere around the world then politics is the best platform where you can borrow knowledge from smart people.

  64. Dear Bhutanese in UK,
    Congratulations to Durga Giri and all the Executives of the newly formed org in UK, and wish you all the very best of Luck for the unity, hope and Progress of Bhutanese people resettled there.
    It will be of great help to Bhutanese in general if those of you who comment kindly separate the Social issues from the political agendas, and deal with them separately at appropriately.

    With Best wishes

    Dick Chhetri

  65. Kedar Chetriji, thanks,but your compliment is too heavy for me.However, it is your personal opinion,I will always dedicate and try to do my best in the service of the Bhutanese people in whatever ways possible.
    Nilikji,your line of thinking is correct. It is my dream as well that the youths should build leadership qualities,come forward, feel confident and take up the responsibilities.As a senior person it will always be my pleasure to help and guide the younger generation.
    Ramesh bhai,it is up to you how you interpret ”we””our”in my statement.
    Bhola bhai, great,that is how it should be ”no personal grudge” in your statement.
    Lamgadeyji, Sewaro hai,sewaro,given the complex situation in our community in the UK I have been made to take up this responsibility. This is purely a transitional phase and with time the leadership of the community shall go to the right person.My prime responsibility now is to bring peace and unity in the community. This will be possible if everybody in the community realize their responsibilities and think positively.

    My point to the UK Bhutanese:
    We are here not for a short period. We are settling down in this country for ever.Friendship/or enemity planted now shall have a bearing in our day today life and for generations.
    Our friends and relatives in other countries can not be of help at times of difficulties.”taro ko dewta bhanda nazikko bhut nai kam lagcha”

    Shooting comments will only narrow down the space of our mutual co existence.It is just the matter of time. There is no option but with maturity both the groups should sit down together discuss our problems and resolve what is in the best interest of our small UK Bhutanese community.
    Durga Giri,Manchester, UK.


  67. To Bhajgain Bhola,

    Dai was that you writting that all comments in fake names? and why you pointing out to me about implementing your own name or whatever. Dai i do know what is best for me or not? i have never talked about you in this website and least Dai don’t ever try to shoot comment to me nor talk about that association. coz we all know whats the truth behind our dividing so, please stop all this shit about 2010 and association and stop shooting at me? i don’t want my name in this website, if you have any questions and want to ask about anything you all do have a number and we could talk. i hopwe you all going to implement that .

  68. First of all Congratulations to UK based international community who endured and sacrificed their energy,time and money for resettling the hopeless and helpless people in the most developed nation . This is the greatest commitment or achievement ever made in the history of Bhutanese nationals by the International agencies. We always thank them wherever we are and never forget their kindness. We need such great commitments with utmost co-operation,understanding and co-ordination. We need to have selfless commitment which brings strong bond of relationship,peace and harmony in the community. We are really lucky generations on one side but need to be really cautious and conscious in every matters realizing our past history.

    Secondly, Congratulation to all who are resettled and got opportunity to enjoy the environment of modern society in UK having re-birth.

    Thirdly or lastly, congratulations to volunteers who are helping the community by forming community based organization for helping each other.

    Lastly, Congratulation to UK based Bhutanese community leader Mr.Durga Giri sir who has been elected to guide and help the community with coperation,understand-
    ing and Commitment.


  69. Dear valued readers,

    Please note that we no longer accept comments on this article. If you have anything genuine to share to public on the same topic/issue, please correspond at: [email protected]. We regret for any inconvinience caused due to this. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

    Editorial Board, BNS.

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