Georgia community sees first radio prog in diaspora


Sept 25: Resettled Refugees in Georgia has started to broadcast a two-hour long radio program Bhutani Awaj (meaning- voice of Bhutanese) from Sagal Radio Services-Voice of New Americans 1420 AM ( in Atlanta city in Georgia.

Mahendra Dahal, one of the active members of the program, informed BNS that the program went on air since August 21.

According to Dahal, the program was started in coordination with the Radio Services that mainly broadcast in the issues relating on Bhutanese community.

DJ Khaling, a social activist of Bhutanese Community in Georgia informed BNS that the radio program came into shape after continual talks and lobbies with the community in the city, the immigrants and in particular with the Community Program of Emory University since early 2009.

Khaling further added that the Radio Services accepted the program after they submitted the proposal for it with assistance from the University.

The program, aired every Friday from 6 to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time, includes at least four segments viz dharmik karyakram, yuba prativha, Bhutani sandesh and the news section that covers the current events.

The program can also be listened in a cell phone in USA dialing 712 432 7228.

Meanwhile, the 2-year old BNS-run radio program Saranarthi Sarokar from Kathmandu will go live throughout Nepal, some regions of India and most parts of southern belt in Bhutan from the first week of October.

By Tri Bikram Adhikari/BNS


  1. I m glad to hear and thanks so much for the nepali radio program of Nepali speakers of bhutanese. DJ has been playing important role for the bhutanese communities from the latest almost 15 years. The seniors should forward for the promote of the society not only the self progress but also for the community

    Devicharan Adhikari
    Lexington, Kentucky
    former: Beldangi 3 A/3 70

  2. Everything that makes pleasure to live is the same voice that had spoken out torture,same mouth that had burst out with gentle outcry of fury for one’s entity,same fellowmate that had shared bittersweet memories in a tiny hut..the same passion for new hope,the same unity and same fello-feelings and bhutanihood,,,Awesome!We stand with what we do and that is how we revive own ancestrial tie of nepali-speaking bhutanese culture and life in all! You all deserve good respect..Tribrikram i remember u still as my good college mate..thnx for posting your news on to this google platform!