Genetic test to confirm Tandin’s deportation


Munich (Germany), August 7: The German authority finally agreed to carry out genetic test for Tandin Wangdi, who continues to remain in prison for the ninth week.
“We were granted to conduct deoxy ribonucleic acid (DNA) test on August 5”,said Tshring Penjore, Tandin’s father told Bhutan News Service. However, the result of the DNA test has not been announced.
Penjore, who looked more optimistic with DNA test result, expressed his gratitude to the German authorities for granting this option. 
The result of DNA test would grant political asylum thereby proving their relationship.

There was a reason for the German authorities to have doubt on granting asylum as Tandin presented different dates of birth in his interviews.
Durga Giri associated with Bhutan Peoples ‘ Party based in Germany has stated that given the provisions of the National Security Act of 1992 anybody involved in the movement has no chance to return to Bhutan.
Article 4 of this act states that whoever engages in treasonable acts against the TSA-WA-SUM or attempts to do so, either within or outside Bhutan shall be punished with death or be subjected to imprisonment for life.
Druk National Congress president, Rongthong Kuenley Dorjee from Delhi has commented that Tandin would face severe threat of his life if he is deported to Bhutan.
Tejman Rayaka Mongar,
Munich, Germany