Gelephu Dungpa, Pema Wangdi detained


As an administrative head of the sub-division of Sarpang district, Gelephu Dungpa has served as a notorious feudal lord since his taking in the office.

At the orders of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the Dungpa was arrested on June 13 based on number of complaints received against him.
He has been involved in corruption and embezzlement of government funds. He could embezzle Ngultrum10 millions of Losel cinema hall in Gelephu. In the case of a gecko that he ordered to fetch for him, he could manipulate the forest officers to charge and arrest the caretaker of Gelephu hot springs, Harka Bahadur Subba. He kept the valued Tokay Gecko which the caretaker brought him from Bhangtar, but the forest officials were fooled to arrest the caretaker and make him to pay a fine of Nu. 100,000. Alleged Pema Wangdi was reported to have misused the office pool vehicle to send to Bhangtar for fetching the prized animal. The story was reported by Kuensel in January,2014 but no authority had clue about the Dungpa’s malfeasance. Kuensel dated Jan 11, 2014 reported the Dungpa saying, “I have never sent him to look for geckos.”

“We have constitution. We have democracy. But, if we imagine how ruthlessly Pema Wangdi treats people whom he dislikes makes us feel Democracy and sense of Human Rights for people living particularly in Gelephug is long way to come”, said one of the Gelephu residents requesting anonymity to BNS over phone.

People made to stand the whole day. (Photo: Facebook page of Kelzang Delkar)
People made to stand the whole day in front of Gelephu Dungkhag Office. (Photo: Facebook page of Kelzang Delkar)

The latest of his arrogance and atrocities were seen as vengeful punishment of common people for minor offenses. He made people to stand in front of the office, at the flagpole all day in the scorching heat of Gelephu. A photo exposed in the Facebook depicting one of the worst acts of Wangdi followed numerous comments condemning the act. The people are seen standing with gho and kabney.

Several commented on the facebook post of Kelzang Delkar Yudeen on June 7 as an open abuse of authority and clear lack of wisdom in the administrative function of the Dungpa, which led him to his arrest.