Gearing up for Miss Bhutan USA 2014


 An annual event, Himalayan Festival, is gearing up to hold the ‘Miss Bhutan USA pageant contest’ from June 13-15.

 The contest will involve Bhutanese models between ages of 18 and 26, said a statement issued by the festival committee. msbhtnusa

The organizer said they also completed the first promotional event under various entertaining programs such as model photo session, dance, music, and comedy show in a DJ party held at Ashiana Restaurant in Houston, Tx on Jan. 5.

 “The performances under various genre by local and guest artists from Fort Worth, Dallas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and California dragged every audience to rock the stage throughout the entire event session,” said the statement.

 The contest, which is first of this kind by resettled Bhutanese, is aimed at empowering and promoting today’s young ladies and their talents by creating a subtle platform for young ladies of Bhutanese origin and providing opportunity to work with others to become positive role models through fashion, intellect and beauty.

The festival, which is said to take place annually in the United States, will also feature the talents of the contestants to compete under the categories of Miss Bhutan USA, dance icon, singing icon, interclub soccer tournament, interclub volleyball tournament and Himalayan art competition, added the organizer.