GBLO launches Global Post monthly


The Global Bhutanese Literature Organization (GBLO) launched a Nepali monthly bulletin – Global Post – amidst a cultural and literary program in Khudunabari camp on January 28.

Local artist Prakash Angdambe presenting his creation

The organization said the paper will carry various literary voices of Bhutanese writers and creators from across the globe.

Various writers and creators from Bhutan, Nepal and India presented their creations during the event titled Brihat Antarastriya Srijanatmak Anusthan on Friday.

Bimal Rai, editor of the Himalayan Darpan, a daily newspaper published and circulated from Darjeeling of India, was the chief guest of the program.

The Organization also felicitated teachers from Druk Model School and Sun Rise Academy of the camp during the event. Various local artists and sexagenarian doctor Bhampa Rai were also honored.

Meanwhile, Khabar Yestai Cha, which is a compilation of various creations by Dawa Biswas Lama resettled in Canada, was also released during the program, informed the organizers.

Reported by Deo Kumar Tamang from Khudunabari camp for BNS


  1. I am confused what actually GBLO and BLC means? are they same or different. Ki shaitya ma pani party gat huna thalyo?? sambandit pakshya le uttar denu paryo hai?? if not we shall band every publication from both the organisation being a true pathak. Let this situation shall not come.

  2. I’m glad to read this article and like to appreciate the historical work done by the hopeless refugee people in the camps and around the world who are in search of durable bright future. it’s good to learn that the desperate people are re-organizing their hopes in different ways and medium. It’s also good to realize that our literature can be the best way to re-build our-ness among us.

    Here, with due respect I want to reply the above comments written in the name of Chirang, please just do have a positive vision. It’s easy to obstruct, comment and to pull down but obviously difficult to construct, push-up, build or re-build and rear the destroyed infrastructures. Please here go with positive understanding for what I mean.

    Next, literature and Creations are natural phenomena and move with time. It should move with time, otherwise they themselves will be discarded, nobody need to discard them. It doesn’t sound worthy to say I band/discard this and that… though there’s freedom for criticism.

    For being a well conscious person of the community, I supposed, it’s the right time for us to join hand in hand and build healthy, competitive, constructive and creative global network among us.

    So, do well come to all, our up-rising creativities and give inspiring-constructive comments and suggestions which may constitute the establishment of our community as a world class society.

    A. K. Rana Sampang ‘Ekalabya’

  3. Chirang bhai are dictator king? Or supporter of autocratic government?i don’t think u have a rights to band or discard publication,pen is stronger then weapons,i want to ask you what u have done for the community?what creation that you have written?if u have hidden your name then plz come infront and have healthy discus,i m not the member of both organization but i support it as it write the suppering of all bhutanese refugees,

  4. This is really historical event in Bhutanese Literature. I appreciate great contributions of GBLO representatives and active members. I find GBLO of 2009 and 2012 very differently according to the progress done by it.There was a time when Bhutanese literature was not found in any search engine but now its found in every search engine and people have better source of information. This also made world known about our literature . This is progress. I want GBLO to move forward like this.