GBLO concludes third convention with book release and awards of recognition

Book release by distinguished guests
Book release by distinguished guests/photo source: GBLO

Global Bhutanese Literary Organization(GBLO) concluded its third convention in Georgia on December 26, after having lengthy discussion on Bhutanese literary issues, designing Nepali syllabus and by appointing Dr. Kabita Lama of Sikkim as GBLO Goodwill Ambassador 2016.
The day long convention was conducted in three different phases, in two separate locations.
In first phase, anthology of Gajal, “Punarvas” written by Lucky Rashi was released. The book release was jointly done by chief guest Mrs. Manikala Basnet and Chairman of the program Birkha Guragai. Young Bhutanese writer, A.K Rana Sampang gave an overview of the book.
The organization honored prominent Nepali poet Viplav Pratik recognizing him as the “International Guest Senior GBLO Advisor.” Another litterateur Surendra Pradeshi was awarded with “International Coordination and Nepali Literature Advancement Executant” honor for his contribution in promoting Nepali literature worldwide and playing an important role of inclusion of Bhutanese literature in mainstream.
Press and Publicity Secretary for GBLO, Karna Gurung, told to BNS, “Main agenda of our convention was to discuss on present situation of our Bhutanese literature and to come with the steps in building stronger relation with international communities for promoting our art and literature.” He added, “At present we have four GBLO chapters within United States, we have chapter in New Zealand and representative from round the globe. We are convinced that this convention will help us widening our boundaries in furthering our aims and objectives.”

During the program, members from the respective chapters were awarded with the certificate of appreciation as the best member of the year.
Bidur Poudel from New Zealand chapter, Chhatra Dangal representative from Australia, Dawa Biswas representative from Canada, Liladhar Adhikari(Patalo Antare) from Texas, Diyalo Susan from Austin Texas, Sourav Timisina from Ohio, Lucky Rashi from Kentucky, Karna Gurung from Nebraska were recognized as the “best member of the year”.

The second phase of the convention was full of hard talks on the issue of dominance and subjugation claimed by amateur writers that has emerged in the literary forums. The intensity of discourse and deliberation on the issue consumed major part of participant’s wisdom and intellect. Termed as “GBLO Sambad(संवाद)”, productive interaction took place among several of literature loving individuals and writers. Some of them to name are Binod Poudel, Bhim Timsina, Leela Nisha, Pashupati Timsina, Amber, Jidan Rai, Sarman Samal, Dambar Kharel, Manoj Rai, Manikamal Dhimal(Khalti Pidit), Manikala Basnet, Narad Pokrel, D.B. Kulung, Sukman Subba, Jitu Basnet, Ram Gurung, Birkha Guragain, Kiran Subba, Arjun Khapangi, Deepak Giri, Raj Baral, Arjun Rasaili, Purna Narjale, Acharya Narad Sudhama, Dharmandra Timsina, Sanju Giri, Mamta Moktan, Ran Khadka, Netra Acharya, Yadunath Adhikari. The interaction was moderated by GBLO President Denzome Sampang.

Discussion was also held with respect to developing an appropriate model of Nepali curriculum for children to learn the language. Talking over the phone with BNS, Denzome Sampang said, “Interaction and discussion with Literary Council of Bhutan’s president is in forward move to come up with appropriate planning to design Nepali curriculum in the US.” “But major part of the discussion centered around in confirming the issue of amateur writers being kept under the thumb by another group of publishers and editors,” he clarified.

The convention concluded with “LITERARY NIGHT” in the third round.

Literary figures from various states-Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Texas, Kentucky- recited their literary creation. Music and singing accompanied the event. GBLO released their literary e-publication, Creator Review.

“It was the heart and attraction of the convention,” said Karna Gurung.

With a sumptuous grand dinner by the stroke of midnight, the convention came formally over.
The one day convention organized by GBLO was hosted by BCAG.

With inputs from Karna Gurung, Nebraska