Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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G.P Koirala in Bhutanese democratic movement

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Preserving culture in Diaspora

In the first part, you will listen to Norway-Bhutanese talking about their effort for keeping up with the culture...

Talk about repatriation-Kharel

In the first part, you will listen to a coverage on the missing youths in Washington. In the second...

Luital highlights BR issues in Geneva

In the first part, you can listen to an interview with Parsu Luital who has reached to the Netherlands...

In the first part, T.N Rizal expresses his sorrow on the demise of  Koirala and  Durga Sitaula, the  GS of the Bhutan State Congress talks about his  contribution to the democratic movement of Bhutan. Second section of the episode plays an audio record of  Koiral’s emotional and sentimental expression of his attachment to Bhutan.



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