Funeral rites of Purni on Thurs, AZ mourns


A meeting organized by the Bhutanese Community in Arizona (BCA) yesterday to discuss on  contemporary issues including the election in BCA expressed condolence to the bereaved family of late Purni Maya Tamang and mourned for a couple of minutes.

The meeting also announced the financial aid collected from the community members for the funeral procession of late Purni. An estimated $ 527 has been reportedly collected so far to assist the bereaved family of late Purni. According to the relatives of late Purni, the dead body is still in the hospital.

Late Purni, 17, who was found critically injured in a swimming pool on September 7, died in the hospital during the course of treatment.

Addressing the program, Manorath Khanal, chair person of the BCA, has urged the Bhutanese community to extend possible helping hands during emergency situations such as the death of fellow citizens.

According to our Phoenix correspondent, Case Manager at the Catholic Charity Community Service, Khagendra Baral, has been actively involved in garnering financial support of the resettlement agency for the funeral processing of late Purni.

Meanwhile, an estimated $ 278 has been collected solely by the Bhutanese residing in the same apartment complex where the bereaved Tamang family dwells. Around $ 500 has been collected by Dhana Sanyasi from Burmese refugees from the same apartment complex.

The dead body, which will be released from the hospital on Wednesday, shall be kept at the funeral home from 5-7 pm for the purpose of condolence exchange.

It is reported that the funeral processing will be carried on in accordance with the Buddhist culture and tradition on Thursday at 8.30 am.

Meanwhile, the BCA has formed an election commission headed by Dillip Mishra. According to Mishra, they will hold the election on November 21. Currently BCA is run by the interim board.

Addressing the program, Dr. Purna Chhetri, chairman of Association of Bhutanese in America informed the mass that attempts are underway to form a single platform of Bhutanese in America.

(Based on the reports received from our Arizona correspondents Nandita Khanal and Ganga Neopaney)