Funeral of deceased schedule for Thursday, names of injured identified


The funeral rites of late Kharka Chhetri Bhandari (49) and Tula Ram Chamlagai (44), who died in a van crash in Georgia yesterday, is scheduled for tomorrow.

According to Kamal Dahal, who has been reporting about the incident to BNS from Georgia, the funeral processing will be organized in accordance with the Hindu culture and tradition.

Late Kharka Chhetri Bhandari. Photo source/family

BM Khaling, quoting some employee friends of those who met accident, identified the names of those injured in the accident, which include Ugen Mongar (formerly from Beldangi-II extension), Bhim Bista (driver of the van, formerly from Sanischare camp), Gagan Kammar Chhetri (formerly from Beldangi-II camp), Nar B. Magar (formerly from Sanischare camp) and Amber Ghaley (formerly from Beldangi-II camp). Buddha Maya Monger, Birkha Monger, Devi Niroula, Lok B. Monger, Balaram Khatiwada, Khadga Khatiwada, whose former address either in Bhutan or Nepal unconfirmed yet, are among others injured.

The two African nationals, who sustained injuries in the accident, are identified as Rebicca and Carlos, whose condition is not yet known.

Khaling further informed BNS that among the injured, Nar Bahadur Monger and Gagan Kammar are undergoing treatment in critical condition while Bhim Bista has been discharged after primary treatment.

Late Chamlagai. Photo courtesy/family.

A 15-seater van carrying 13 Bhutanese and two African nationals bound to Perry from Atlanta in Georgia had crashed last night at around 9:00 p.m. leaving two dead and all passengers injured. The passengers were traveling from the Atlanta area to work at the Perdue chicken processing plant in Perry.

“A tire blew out,” reported one online portal, quoting Allison Selman-Willis, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, as the cause of the incident.  According to Sheriff’s office, the Chevy 3500 15-passenger van traveled off the road near mile marker 197 in the southbound lanes and overturned.

Late Bhandari, a permanent resident of Samchi district in Bhutan, is survived by his wife and two sons while late Chamlagai, a permanent resident of Tshirang district, is survived by his mother, wife and two children. Both of them were refugees from Beldangi-II camp resettled in Atlanta, GA.

With inputs from Kamal Dahal from Georgia.


  1. I am extermly sad at the sudden demise of late Kharka Bhandari and Tula Ram Chamlagai, when the mini van that they were traveling crashed yesterday. My condolence to the bereaved families. At the same time my mind and heart goes to all that injured, who were traveling in the ill fated van yesterday.Let the almighty give the families enough strength to endure the irreparable loss.I wish for speedy recovery.
    DB Adhikari
    Tucson, Arizona

  2. I am deeply sad to learn the news of deaths of two innocent Bhutanese who lost their lives in a van accident. My condolences go to the families of the dead.

    I am glad to learn that Bhim Bista who was injured in this accident, has been discharged after primary treatment, and other injured are feeling better.

    The van was traveling off the road and one tire blew out. This suggests the driver of the van was not being careful.

    I admire local Police and emergency officials for using a helicopter to send all of the injured persons to the hospital immediately, and for saving many lives.
    Bhutan News Service is doing a great job of keeping its readers informed of latest developments. However, the readers need to know more details on this accident and the actual reasons that caused this major accident.

    Readers need to know why this van was traveling off road, what speed the van was traveling, what was the condition of the tires, and, were all the passengers wearing seat belts? Normally, just one damaged tire alone cannot cause deaths of two and injuries to all of the passengers and the driver. So, I think there is a lot more than to what Bhutan News Service has informed us.

    Somewhere in Massachusetts, few of Bhutanese workers were coming home from work on a car, one day, and the driver hit a parked car on a street, from behind with his front side of his car and damaged the parked car. Some passengers in his car got hurt. What I have been told by my other Bhutanese friends that the driver was drinking alcohol that day. They also told me that the driver drunk almost every day, but none of his passengers ever raised objection, but they themselves drunk alcohol. Obviously, if that was the case, all of the passengers were responsible, just as the driver, for the accident, because they encouraged the driver for drinking, by drinking themselves and by not raising any objection.

    I suggest Bhutan News service that it should try to get to the bottom of this matter for the sake of its readers safety, so no other Bhutanese ever has to suffer in the future ever again.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Massachusetts, USA.

  3. just one damaged tire alone cannot cause deaths of two and injuries to all of the passengers an………..we can’t exactly say this way. bcoz any vehicle travelling above the speed of 85 gets either overturned, swirled or crashed and crumbled(u cant imagine the fate of the passengers here) if incase one of the front wheels gets flatened suddenly. anyways, RIP deceased and sad to hear it…

  4. Our assumptions and reasoning for the cause of accidents may not substitute the ‘value’ that we lost. Deviation from theoretical principles of motion during accident is not our focus. Things will turn and fate will rule. I think CARITAS Director; Late Ahish Gurung met the similar fate. A tire went out during the motion and ended, thereby leaving us all alone.
    Sorry for the loss of life. Let’s be grateful for the emergency relief and other timely intervention. Let’s join hand to wipe out the wounds and suffering.

  5. Dear JBN:

    I agree with you. That is why I used the word, “Normally”, meaning, in normal situations like traveling at normal speed limit, traveling with good tires, traveling with an inspection passed sticker, and traveling with seat belts on, and other normal conditions. I repeat, “Normally, just one damaged tire alone cannot cause deaths of two and injuries to all of the passengers and the driver”.

    If a driver is driving his vehicle off the road, meaning, not on the road, but outside of the road, that also makes a difference. Road area is normally nice and smooth but side area (Shoulder) of a road is normally very roughing, uneven and sometimes mudded and sometimes has a lot of trash including nails and other sharp objects.

    I also want to make very clear to all readers that I was not blaming the driver in my previous statement, in any way. At present, nobody knows what went wrong with that unlucky van. We just do not know if the driver was driving too fast or if he was sleepy and tired, or he was a new and inexperienced driver, and there could be many other reasons for that accident, so nobody should blame the driver at this point.

    Here is another example of another accident that took place just a few days here in Massachusetts, USA: A speedy car lost control and overturned many times on the highway. Two passengers, who were wearing seat belts, survived and had just a few minor cuts. The driver and another passenger died instantly because they were not wearing seat belts.

    This example alone proves that wearing seat belts does save lives, even in situations like overturning or hitting another vehicle or other dangerous situation like this.

    Let us pray to God for those who died for their eternal peace, and let us also pray to God for those who survived for their speedy recovery, and let us not blame any one at this point. Police and auto insurance investigators and other officials are trying to get to the bottom of the matter, and they will know exactly what went wrong, in next few days or weeks.

    I would like to remind Bhutan News Service its moral obligation of keeping its readers informed of the results of that inquiry, soon after it becomes available for the public. It is very important to know the actual and exact causes for the accident, because nobody wants to know another accident like this one in the future again.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Massachusetts, USA.

  6. Dear friends, lets not blame any one at this time.Everyone of us is new driver here we dont have experience but we always like driving 5-10 miles more than the posted speed.We dont know anything about the parts of the vehicle we drive and their malfunctioning.The only ways to avoid this type of mishappening can be:
    Make a habit of visiting your mechanic on regular interval of time
    Inspect your vehicle on ones best knowledge everytime before you start
    Pull-off yourself the road if you notice anything unusual,never ignore anything minor
    Avoid driving people in your vechile, may sound weird,but doing this you save others life.

    I have had similar accident last fall,though not fatal luckly but severe,while I was driving to work five other people in my car for no business.

  7. we are very sad about the uncertain death of our beloved uncles(Kharka Chhetri Bhandari and Chamlagai)from our home town GA. we want to express heart felt condolence to their family and relative. we also pray for the victims of the accident to recover soon. let almighty Liston our prayers and make u all feel better soon ………..God Bless u all
    Trishna N Sarda (GA)

  8. “The Tire blew out” and van went off the road ! It was not traveling off the road. Imagine the injury when people fall off the bed. Here the situation is, the van was on the speed of not less than 75 MPH. Minimum speed limit on that area is 55 MPH.
    What has happend is going to be a lesson for the whole community after this devastation.
    None of the passengers in the van has fasten seat belt. The whole catch is education of safety measures.
    Make aware that every one wear seat belt while riding on anykind of vehicle.


  9. I am extreemly sad to the sudden and untimely demise of Late Kharka Bhandari and Tula Ram Chamlagai and express my heartfull condolence to their breave families and also pray to the almighty god for those injoured during the accident.

  10. I just couldnot figure out how could a tire blow end up being in such a massive accident. I hope those folks would have been safe and had returned home safely for the next day if Bista to me have been serious about what he is doing. I hope the family members gets the courage to lead the life.

  11. We are very sad about uncertian demise of our beloved bhutneses an accidented. we want to exprese heart felt condulanc to theire family and relatives.we also pry for the victimes of an accedent to recover soon.Almighty god may gives peace soul in heaven and god might gives strenth those victimes from an accident .

  12. First of all, I am so much sad and depressed when i heard this news about the accident of our beloved community people.It was the first dangerous accident that had happened to our people since their arrival to the United States of America. When I heard the news that two of our people were killed i was like fallen from a high hill. i felt like not doing anything after all. And after seeing the other victims in the Medical Centre Of Central Georgia in Macon GA, tears fell out of my eyes. It was the first time ever i saw a victim of such a dangerous accident happened ever in my life. I used to hear the news some media or other people before. But this time i saw some of the victims by myself. I was so much depressed after seeing them.

    Now I Pray and want all to pray that let the injured people get well soon.And I internally express my deep sympathy upon the untimely demise of our beloved bhunatese community members Late Mr. Bhandari And Late Mr. chamlagai. I do want to appeal all other people to fasten up the seat belt while travelling through your vehicle.If our people had fastened the seat belt then most of them had not been injured seriously.
    And lets not blame anyone for this accident. In my opinion this was one of the pure accident happened.I i guess the van was not in the speed above 75.And the driver was conscious too. He tried to control the van when he felt that the van is out of control. BUt unluckily the accident happened.BUt no one knows what would happened in a moment ahead. Sometime despite of our good condition of the vehicle accident may occur.No one can stop from such the incident.
    Therefore i would request everyone not to blame anyone for this Accident. So lets pray together for all the victims to get well soon.

    Bhutani Shuvachintak

  13. I am so sorry to hear massive van acciendt and the sudden and untimely demise of two bhutanese. I express my heartfelt condolence to breave families and pray almighty that thier departed soul rest in peace in heaven.

  14. Dear Tara Dhungana:

    You have stated in your comments that, “Everyone of us is new driver here we dont have experience but we always like driving 5-10 miles more than the posted speed.We dont know anything about the parts of the vehicle we drive and their malfunctioning.”

    I think you have expressed your own personal opinion, otherwise, I personally know many new and inexperienced Bhutanese drivers, who drive very carefully and do not like to drive 5-10 miles per hour over the legal and posted speed limit. As a matter of fact, some of my new Bhutanese drivers always like to drive 5-10 miles per hour below the legal and posted speed limit for their safety and for the safety of others. Another thing you have said that you do not know anything about the car parts. Well, only car mechanics know everything all about the parts of the vehicles, and nobody here expects you to know all about car parts, but all of those who passed their written exams and road tests, were given all the basic knowledge about cars and their parts, and were taught what to do in case a tire blows out, before they were given driver licenses. So, in my opinion, none of new and inexperienced drivers should use these kinds of excuses.

    And who says that the only new and inexperienced drivers get into an accident? Sometimes, those drivers who have been driving for over 10 or even 20 years also can get into an auto accident, due to their own negligence.

    A person I personally knew him, had atleast 10-year driving experience, died in a car accident, due to his own fault. He worked all day at Wal-Mart, and left for home at about 5:00 p.m. He crossed yellow line while was text messaging, and died instantly as a result of head-on collision. He was taxting, he was driving at least 10-15 miles over the legal and posted speed limit, and he was not wearing seat belts. Not that I am blaming him and finding faults in him, who already has lost his life, but these are the facts, and we all need to learn lesson from other peoples mistakes. Of course, nobody wants to die and nobody purposely makes mistakes, but sometimes people become careless. Sometimes it is just a matter of luck, and I think, when God wants someone to die, God makes that person become careless, blinds him or makes him lose his senses.

    I also thank Sital Jee for correcting me. Initially, I got an impression that the van was traveling off the road, but now I realized the fact that it was not traveling off the road before the tire blew out, but it went off the road after its tire blew out.

    All of us should pray to God for the speedy recovery of those Bhutanese and non-Bhutanese who were injured in that van accident in Georgia.

    All of us who drive, and all of us who ride a car or van or bus, must learn a lesson from this fatal van crash, and must wear seat belts, while driving or riding a vehicle.

    I have observed some of Bhutanese mothers, resettled here in America, keeping their infant babies in their laps while riding a car, and do not use car seats for the safety of their babies. This practice is not only very dangerous, but also can get those mothers in trouble with the law, because by not putting baby in a car seat, they are endangering the welfare of a baby. They simply assume that nothing bad will happen, but we all need to admit the fact that anything can happen to any one of us, at any time anywhere, and can change our lives, in just matter of few seconds.

    I am sorry if some readers feel I am being too critical of Bhutanese friends, but God knows I care about my Bhutanese friends, and want to see them safe and happy, and even when I do criticize, I do that in a sense of helping them, not hurting them.

    I wish I could go to homes of those two Bhutanese who lost their lives in van crash, to offer my condolences, but we all living here in America, are very busy with our jobs and other responsibilities. I want the sad families of those Bhutanese to know that their loss is not only their loss, but it is human loss and not only Bhutanese community members are feeling sad but many non-Bhutanese people like myself also are sad over that great loss of two good citizens and two hardworking persons.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Massachusetts, USA.

  15. “Good Bye, Good Bye”

    Good Bye, Good Bye as this only word we said
    Natural Life couldn’t said,when is your time for
    Human don’t know anything, But God Knew everything
    Life is enternal Weapon, and love is immortal even affection
    and death is only a Horizon
    and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.

    “A human life is a story told by God, No one knows who Live how much theis old?”
    Mother said.

    We always wisdom your faith,Nevertheless rememberance your soul. May God Blessed protect you.
    Sympathy By Rabin Acharya

  16. I am extremely sorry to go through the news of van accident and untimely death of two Bhutanese. I extend my heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family members. May the departed souls rest in peace.
    Dugra Giri.

  17. Dear Mr. Pasa,
    You are right on your way, but remember u will also dont know what will happen. It is in the fate of god or either it is a technology so it can happen unknowingly. Plz gather some folks and give ur lectures. At this time give the sympathy to those who are in sorrow, dont make the debete and want to be popular. you will also even dont know about ur fate, ur opinion may be good but dont put salt in the wound of injured.
    And sital the speed limit is 70 so it is necessary to be at the speed to catch the job.